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David BraunPro Website Creators

Your podcast is the best one I've ever found. Others blather on. You don't. You get right to it. I listen and study every episode. I owe you!

Chris FaradayVenturosity

You have an amazing, no-BS, kick ass podcast. I mean... really kick ass - every fricken' show - gold. Congrats on your success with the big names!

Jason StapletonTrade Empowered

One of the BEST podcasts on iTunes. I listen every week. Amazing guests and an awesome host. Definitely a must-listen.

I've got hundreds of testimonials like this, but you get the point.

Listen in and discover for yourself why business owners, marketers, and copywriters love The Email Marketing Podcast.

Most Popular Episodes

Episode #74 – Russell Brunson on How To Generate Boat-Loads of Cash With A Multi-Million Dollar Email List (and manage it like a BOSS)
Russell Brunson is a wealth of knowledge... ...literally. His information products and his know-hows have made him a very wealthy man. Russell's signature Seinfeld[...]
Episode #53 – Perry Marshall On 80/20 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Bottom Line
Congratulations! You can eliminate 80% of your to-do list. That's right. Find the one or two tasks that "move the[...]
Episode #36: Michel Fortin’s Two Secret Formulas to Writing Blockbuster Copy
Michel Fortin certainly has a way with words. At age 21, Michel had already filed for bankruptcy... ...until a single[...]
Episode #35: John Carlton on 6 Key Elements Of Powerful, Profitable Email Marketing
In copywriting, there is nothing more powerful than your words. John Carlton was living in his car... ...until a REMARKABLE[...]
Episode #6 – Andre Chaperon On Why Storytelling Is Like Crack Cocaine To Email Subscribers
Andre Chaperon is one of the best email marketers I know. He's also a badass email copywriter, despite never learning[...]
Episode #3 – Ben Settle On Why You Should Be Sending Daily Emails
You should send emails every day and sell in every email. Well, that is... according to Ben Settle. Ben believes[...]

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Daniel Throssell on How He Dominated Drop Dead Copy’s Black Friday 2021 Bundle Promotion
In November 2021, I ran a special Black Friday promotion on Drop Dead Copy. 16 world-class copywriters contributed 2 products[...]
Carline Anglade-Cole on Why Your Copy Sucks But You Don’t
She's one of the TOP copywriters in the world right now. She won AWAI's prestigious "Copywriter of the Year" award...[...]
Rob Marsh on How To Earn Double What Most Copywriters Earn
Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club says he's a simple guy. Just a dad who writes words for a living.[...]
Daniel Throssell on How To Break All The Copywriting Rules And STILL Win Big (Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart 😱)
His client calls him "Australia's best copywriter". He's one of the most innovative copywriters in the game at the moment[...]
Kim Krause Schwalm on Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects and The Coming AI Revolution
Kim Krause Schwalm is a hell of a copywriter. She beat the late, great Jim Rutz in a head-to-head battle.[...]
This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China
Worried about the coronavirus? Don't know if you can trust what the media says about it? Want to find out[...]
Protected: Copywriting Retainers: Shiv Shetti on How To To Rapidly ‘Level Up’ And Land $3k-$5k/Month Clients On Demand
Copywriting retainers are awesome. They make life easy. My coaching client Shiv Shetti taught me a thing or two about[...]
Episode #208 – Stephen Somers on Irish Direct-Response Strategies To Find “Boring” Pots Of Gold.
Stephen Somers was young (23) and in need of direction. He didn't want to take the corporate job route… and[...]
Episode #207 – Nick Carpenter on Mastermind Secrets Of Companies Who Dominate Their Niche
Nick Carpenter comes from a military family. He went into the air force because college had no appeal. 6.5 years[...]
Episode #206 – Chris Orzechowski On The Quick & Dirty Gateway Drug Into the World of Copywriting
Chris wanted to be a school teacher. It took him precious little time suffering through 12-hour workdays to understand... teaching[...]
Episode #205 – Jeff Kronenberg On How To Set Yourself Free With A Tax-Exempt Retirement
Straight out of college... Jeff wanted to dive into the lucrative field of pharmaceutical sales. Then he discovered the only[...]
Episode #204 – Steve Sipress On Stepping Out On A Limb. How to Attract Business To You With Authenticity
His father left a sales job to start a business of his own. His mother was a school teacher... who[...]
Episode #203 – Scott Ayres On Killer Social Media. Opinion-Free Practices Based On Testing & Data
Scott has had a diverse career. From a minister... to shipping cars purchased online... to a bounce house/waterslide business... he's[...]
Episode #201 – Erik Stafford On Overcoming The “Secret Sadness” of Business.
I conducted this interview with Erik back in November of 2016. Intended to release it under the Takeover Tuesday banner,[...]
Episode #200 – James Schramko On Super Fast Five-Year Update. Evolved Email Strategy You Can Use Now
It has been five years since James was last on the show. After recently catching up with John on his[...]
Episode #199 – Gabriella Rapone On Get Into The Inbox. Secrets Email Service Providers Will Never Reveal
I first heard about Gabriella Rapone on a Facebook comment. It was a thread involving two friends, marketers and former[...]
Episode 198 – Matt Yanofsky On The Truth Behind The World’s Most Taboo Industry
He was 16 when he started getting the marketing bug. He attained a bachelor's degree in marketing and found his[...]
Episode #197 – John McIntyre On The Silent “Cancer” Ruining Your Dream Life
For the last few years, McMethod founder John McIntyre has been on a journey. He hesitates to call it a[...]
Episode #196 – Reekita Gala On The New Marketing Tsunami Crashing Down On Your Business
In 8th grade she made her intentions known. She told her father she wanted to leave India and go to[...]
Episode #195 – Joel Ray On The Magic Of Direct Marketing Fundamentals
Joel began to wonder early in his life... ...what separates people who make a living doing magic and those who[...]
Episode #194 – Lauren Delaney George On Tiny Steps To Online Business Success
Lauren went to school in NYC for costume design. When she finished, she found no one was beating down her[...]
Episode #193 – Dennis Demori On Digital Nomad-ism Beyond The Hype
Dennis found himself in advertising a few years ago. Working on marketing strategy and branding for Fortune 500's and Non-Profits.[...]
Episode #192 – Courtney Blair On Business Building Secrets From A Podcast Queen
She was pregnant and needed work. Her father wanted to get on podcasts and tasked her with the outreach. One[...]
Episode #191 – Kevin Rogers On Your Path To Freelance Success. Simple Ideas To Get Out Of Your Own Way
Kevin Rogers is a fellow performer. For the better part of 10 years, he was a hardcore standup comedian making[...]
Episode #190 – John Anghelache On 3 Steps To Supercharge Your Copywriting Career In The Next 30 Days
John started in real estate. Unfortunately, they were no longer doing in-house sales training. In the end, he felt he[...]
Episode #189 – Jesse Elder On Find Your Frequency For Success
Jesse Elder was a martial arts practitioner and gym owner. When he was a part of underground no-rules "fight-clubs"... ...he[...]
MK Feeney On How To Use Email Copywriting As A Force For Good
Mary Kate Feeney is not your typical copywriter and marketing consultant. Instead of taking the well-trodden copywriting path, Mary Kate[...]
Episode #188 – David Deutsch On How An A-List Copywriter Gets Inside Your Mind And Persuades You
A copywriting living legend returns to the podcast. If you go back to Episode #44, David gave great advice on[...]
Episode #187 – Sean Mysel On Keep It Simple, Human. Direct Sales In 3 Easy Steps
I interviewed Sean over a year ago (originally for my Takeover Tuesday Podcast). Although he has moved on to other[...]
Episode #186 – Bond Halbert On Legendary Marketing Lessons The Halbert Way (Part 2)
We're back with Part 2 of my interview with Bond Halbert. If you enjoyed Part 1 we're going to step[...]
Episode #185 – Bond Halbert On Life Lessons From A Legend. The Gary Halbert Way To Success. (Part 1)
This is a different kind of episode. You could say it is about family. More than a year and a[...]
Episode #184 – Perry Marshall On How To Become A King (Or Queen) In A Frictionless World. (Bonus Investments Tips From A Billionaire)
Perry Marshall Returns. If you listened to Episode #53... then you already know about Perry Marshall and his book 80/20[...]
Austin Lee on How To Become A 6-Figure Freelance Copywriter
Austin Lee is a surfer. He's also a damn good copywriter. And today, you're going to discover how he went[...]
Episode #183 – Tony Zarembski On Scavenge Opportunities To Land Your Dream Clients
Tony's Mom was a first grade teacher who taught thousands to read... including him. Tony's Dad was a technical writer[...]
Episode #182 – Joe Kashurba On Charging What You’re Worth. How To Raise The Roof On Your Mind And Your Money.
Joe had a hilarious start into entrepreneurship. He would videotape his friends... who played in a band. Then sell those[...]
Episode #181 – Joel Erway On 3 Simple Steps To Selling Millions With Webinars
His father was an engineer, so Joel followed in his footsteps. It took him only 8 months to realize he[...]
Episode #180 – Jon Buchan On Cold Emailing Strategies To Make People Open, Read and Reply. (Even Massive Brands)
Jon Buchan's first cold email... a bulleted list of his skills... landed him his first digital marketing job. When word[...]
Episode #179 – Bruno Domingues On Using Facebook Groups To Build Your Network. Generate Leads And Sales Now Through Listening.
Bruno was in IT when he was 18. At 19, he was freelancing and making an easy $3500 a month.[...]
Episode #178 – Rohan Kale On Building A Company One Relationship At A Time. With Clients And Collaborators
In India, it is customary to work 12 or 13 hours a day. A year and a half in, he[...]
Episode #177 – Vince Palko On Cartooning Your Way To Unbelievable Conversions
His parents provided the distinct foundation for what he does today. His mother was an art teacher. In college, his[...]
Episode #176 Harlan Kilstein On Becoming An Overnight Copywriting Sensation
Harlan Kilstein was in education and switched to entrepreneurship with a hypnosis clinic. Which is where he first saw direct-response[...]
Episode #175 Trevor Crane On If You Do Nothing Else This Year…Take Action Now On The Advice In This Podcast!
Trevor Crane grew up poor and struggled when he left college. He couldn't seem to figure it out for himself.[...]
Episode #174 – Jay White On Do You Need A Niche? Controversial Client Secrets From A Freelance Copy Warrior
Jay White answered a newpaper ad looking for a radio writer. Turns out he had a knack after listening to[...]
Episode #173 David Dee On Selling More In One Day Than You Sell All Year.
It's the podcast with the two Daves. Both with roots in the magic community. Dave Dee grew up aspiring to[...]
Episode #172 – Liam Martin On Google Analytics For Human Beings. Boost Growth And Productivity With Systems.
Liam Martin discovered through experience teaching wasn't his "thing". When a third of his 300 students dropped the class he[...]
Episode #171 – Erika Taylor Montgomery On Social Media & PR Secrets. Discover Your Audience In One Hour A Week.
Erika's career started in on-air broadcasting in the Bay area. With a young son in tow, she switched careers to[...]
Episode #170 – Michael Tonello On Becoming The Houdini Of Handbags. 5 Years Flipping One Of The World’s Most Sought After And Exclusive Accessories.
I read Michael's book "Bringing Home The Birkin" after having it on my wishlist for a couple years. Finally, when[...]
Episode #169 – Katya Sarmiento On Automatic Minions! Deploy Your Own Army Of Messenger Bots With Personality, Flair And Wild Success.
She had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts for a long time. To the point of cutting on a daily[...]
Episode #168 – Bedros Keuilian On How I Raised Myself Up From Dumpster To CEO. Founder Of World’s Fastest Growing Gym Chain Tells All
His family escaped communist Russia in 1980 for America. Between dumpster diving and gasoline showers, his father instilled the entreprenuerial[...]
Episode #167 – T.J. Rohleder On Persistent Success Secrets Of The Blue Jeans Millionaire
Nobody thought he had any shot at all at becoming wealthy. A high school dropout... ex-welder... factory worker... with an[...]
Episode #166 – Ian Dunlap On How To Guard Your Freedom By Adding Another Relentless Profit Stream To The Mix
Ian's dad was an entreprenuer and it rubbed off. When he was first introduced to the marketing rabbit-hole through A[...]
Episode #165 – Ewen Vile On A 3-Step System For Targeting Your Ideal Customers
This episode is experimental. So bear with us. New Zealander Ewen Vile has had a recurring direct-response bug throughout his[...]
Episode #164 – Kurt Elster On How A Reformed Designer Raised His Client Standards…And His Fees!
Kurt Elster is a recovering designer. He thought he'd quit his job and start his own ecommerce platform... until he[...]
Episode #163 – Dan Fagella On How To Structure A Business So One Day You Can Cash Out On Your Terms.
Dan Fagella was a prior guest on the McMethod (Episode #62). He's back a couple years later giving us all[...]
Episode #162 – Ian Stanley On Email Discoveries OF An Online Batman (And Water-preneur)
Ian once lived in an RV and made money with what he calls "sports investing". He's written dating books and[...]
Episode #161 – Paul Kortman On SEO That Works. Freelance Your Way To Freedom And The Open Road (Even With A Family!)
Paul stuck his nose into SEO after seeing his employer's proposals. He was a systems administrator, but they challenged him[...]
Episode #160 – Mike Abramov On What The Best Clients Need. Become A Full-Service Copywriter And Write Your Own Ticket.
Mike laid in his bed with a horrible stomach flu surfing the 'net. His passion for hoops and NBA dreams[...]
Episode #159 – Big Jason Henderson On Shortcut Copywriting Secrets Rides Again! The Legacy Of Scott Haines (Plus Email Dogma Holding You Back)
BIG Jason Henderson (He's a 7 footer) was a professional basketball player down-under. Sensing the limits of that career he[...]
Episode #158 – Justin Goff On What The Best Copywriting Clients Want. Lessons From A Former Freelancer Turned 20 Million Dollar Business Owner.
He started selling websites to settle a $1000 gambling debt. Then he became a "just-skating-by" freelance copywriter. The real turning[...]
Episode #157 – Ryan Stewman On No More Excuses! Take An Elevator To The Penthouse By Demonstrating Your Skills
Ryan Stewman, AKA. the "Hardcore Closer" was one of the first guests on my (David Allan's) Takeover Tuesday Podcast. He's[...]
Episode #156 – David Garfinkel On The 11-Step System Which Generates 40 Million Dollar Home Run Sales Copy
He's the mentor to some of the most prolific and celebrated copywriters alive. Devouring every book... Attending every seminar he[...]
Episode #155 – Nick DiSabato On Research And Testing No Online Store Should Be Without
Nick got his start in the design and usability world. Now he works with Ecommerce and software companies on their[...]
Episode #154 – Carlos Redlich On A Simple Strategy Which Makes Copy Clients Beat Down Your Door – Every Single Day!
Carlos Redlich is a life-long martial artist turned copywriting and marketing black belt. Carlos and I (David Allan) once did[...]
Episode #153 – Craig Simpson On A 46 Billion Dollar “Secret” To 5X Your Business In 18 Months.(Bonus – A Client’s View On Low-Class Jackass Copywriters!)
Craig Simpson started making fake rocks in his parents garage. What he learned first from a marketing book and then[...]
Episode #152 – Carline Anglade-Cole On How To Assemble Million Dollar Copy Start To Finish
She's been AWAI's Copywriter of the Year. She's appeared on Dr. Oz! She among an elite few at the top[...]
Episode #151 – Abbey Woodcock On Easily Imitating Your Client’s Voice (And Smooth Systems Every Freelancer Needs).
Her mother thought it was a complete scam when she was flown to a live event by Derek Halpern. A[...]
Episode #150 – Bnonn Tennant On Going Backwards To Move Your Copy Skills Forward
He started by building a website for his friend. Realizing that "something" needed to actually fill the design he created...[...]
Episode #149 – Kim Schwalm On Control-Busting Secrets To Freelance Copywriting Freedom
She worked her way up inside a marketing company... Using what she calls the "stair-step" approach. After working on shorter[...]
Episode #148 – Terry Dean On The Freelance Copywriter’s Best “Client-Finding” Friend
He was a delivery guy back in '96. Then he bought computer and within a few months had already eclipsed[...]
Episode #147 – Doberman Dan On A Freelance System To End Neediness Now
The Doberman is back. Once upon a time he lived with Gary Halbert... In Costa Rica. Aside from working alongside[...]
Episode #146 – Jeff Beale On Revving Up Your Digital Marketing In 3 Simple Steps
Mr. Marketology has risen through the ranks by proving his know-how to his superiors... Both in the military and the[...]
Episode #145 – Dave Miz On Game-Changing Email Software Every Marketer Will Kill For
His boss laughed at him when he quit his high-stress broker job in 2000 to "make websites". After finding gurus[...]
Episode #144 – Ben Settle On Slacker-Preneur Secrets Of A 10 Minute Business Lifestyle
Ben Settle is one of my favorite business badasses. He is brash and contrarian...hence why his podcast used to the[...]
Louie La Vella on How To Craft A Magnetic Personal Brand (So EVERYONE Wants To Work With YOU)
Guess who gave Lady Gaga her first TV interview? This guy... Louie La Vella, music marketing BOSS. Louie's works in[...]
Episode #143 – Josh Muccio On Pitching Secrets From The Podcast “Shark Tank”
Josh Muccio is an entrepreneur with a few notches in his belt. Including a couple previous podcasts. When an angel[...]
Episode #142 – David Allan On Deliberate Fast Tracking Of Your Copy Skills
Becoming great (or even better) at a new skill requires a plan. Outside of copy, John and Dave have used[...]
Episode #141 – David Allan On Tried And True Ways To Find Amazing Freelance Clients
As a freelancer working with clients, finding great ones is usually a trial and error process This can be especially[...]
Episode #140 – David Allan On Mindset Secrets To Trump Your Fears
Love him or hate him... Donald Trump has been successful. Whether convincing people to give him unprecedented breaks while building[...]
Episode #139 – David Allan On How A Street Magician Copywriter Seizes Attention And Positions Himself To Make Money Appear
David Allan has been traveling for almost three years nonstop. He used street magic to create freedom while he found[...]
Episode #138 – Laura Bell Greeno on Getting More Leads And Sales Through Attraction Marketing
Laura Bell Greeno started in sales, helping companies like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch brand themselves. She quickly realized sales was[...]
Episode #137 – Craig Ballantyne on How To Own Your Day & Control Your Destiny (practical steps & advice)
Are you waiting to make sense of this crazy thing we called life? No need to wait, Craig will tell[...]
Episode #136 – Alex Genadinik on Gaming Search Engine Recommendation Algorithms To Rank (and bank)
How would you like to learn several ninja secrets to gaming search engine recommendation algorithms (so you can sell more of your products at fractions[...]
Episode #135 – Dan Lok on Achieving True Wealth and Leaving A Legacy
Technically, Dan Lok mentored under Gary Halbert. Enough said. Well he actually mentored under someone who mentored under Gary Halbert.[...]
Episode #134 – Clay Clark on Creating Happiness Through Business Success (5 steps every business owner needs)
You know those guys who are naturally funny and entertaining? Clay Clark is one of them. He's also one of[...]
Episode #133 – Leon Jay on Tapping Into Your Inner Drive and Not Caring About Money
Leon Jay is back on the podcast, ..95 episodes later. And he's back with another doozy. The takeaways in our chat alone[...]
Episode #132 – Josh Felber On How He Uses High Performance Methods To Smash All Goals
Attention High Performance Seekers: Serial entrepreneur Josh Felber is on the show today. Josh has owned over 15 businesses since he[...]
Episode #131 – Patrick Tripp on Powerful Email Marketing With Adobe Software (plus outrageous email statistics)
When you hear the name Adobe... What do you think? Video/image editing softwares and PDF stuff? Did you know that[...]
Episode #130 – Dan Meredith on Sacrificing Everything For Rapid Growth (how to put your money where your mouth is)
lf you're spinning in circles, wallowing in your entrepreneurial stress, you need to listen to this episode. If you're discouraged[...]
Episode #129 – Bryan Kreuzberger on Becoming a Superman Sales Person Overnight with “Breakthrough Emails”
If you are a sales person, If you are a business owner with a sales team.. ..this episode is for[...]
Episode #128 – Mike Fishbein on Getting Tidal Waves Of Traffic and Sales For FREE (insane guest-blogging tactics)
How would you like to be featured on, The Huffington Post and The Content Marketing Institute among many others? Imagine[...]
Episode #127 – Nick Quick on Landing Clients and Sales With Enticing Daily Emails (learn how to write them)
Nick Quick is on the show today to talk email marketing. He uses his skills to make email marketing work[...]
Episode #126 – Peter Awad on Conquering Entrepreneurial Manic Depression with The Slow Hustle
Who better to tell you about your entrepreneurial-triggered manic depressiveness than a serial entrepreneur whose been through it already? Peter[...]
Episode #125 – Corey Ferreira on How To Go From Freelancer To Successful Info Marketer
For the freelancer looking for something more. For you if you ever wanted to be free of bosses, deadlines and the[...]
Episode #124 – John McIntyre on The 7 Step Checklist to Automated Ecommerce Email Marketing Success
Did you know right now you are giving away money for free each year in your ecommerce business? This sizeable chunk[...]
Episode #123 – David Anderson on How To Become Great At Sales In 3 Days (even if you hate sales)
Do you love to sell? Regardless of how you answer that question, The fact is that you need to love[...]
Episode #122 – Gary Young on Revolutionary New Ways to Build BETTER Profitable Campaigns
Today we have the highly talented Gary Young on the show. From freelance copy, to paid ads expert.. bulletproofing-campaigns[...]
Episode #121 – Peter Shankman on Using Public Relations To Gain Business Authority
CNN. John Oliver. Al Jazeera. FOX. These are but a few of the networks that have featured today's McMethod Podcast[...]
Episode #120 – Kavit Haria on A Highly Advanced Campaign and Launch Strategy That WORKS (action plans included)
Kavit is no stranger to the McMethod podcast - He only had one of the most popular McMethod episodes ever[...]
Episode #119 – PPC Professional Rob Andolina on Google’s Latest Business Growth Tool… Click To Call Advertising
Five years ago you could successfully spend two or three bucks for your Adwords clicks, No matter what industry you[...]
Episode #118 – Joe Webb on Using Online Marketing To Increase Brick and Mortar Sales
Have you ever seen House Of Lies? It's a TV show featuring witty marketing consultant Marty Kaan and his razor[...]
Episode #117 – Josh London on Using Magic and PPC to Grow His Clients’ Businesses
Yes you read that title correctly. How many marketers do you know using magic tricks to land clients? I'm guessing zero.[...]
Episode #116 – Dave Schneider on Highly Successful Influencer-Outreach Strategies
From a corporate cube-dwelling analyst, To a successful online entrepreneur, Dave Schneider realised after 2 long years in corporate america,[...]
Episode #115 – Gaurav Duggal on How To Land Recurring-Revenue High Paying Clients
Get ready for one of the most valuable episodes yet, copywriters and marketing consultants... Gaurav Duggal is here, And he is[...]
Episode #114 – Taylor Pearson on Evolving Worldwide Economic and Business Trends (and its impact on you)
Are you in for a big picture episode? Because this is the one. It's far less about email marketing and[...]
Episode #113 – Dan Ferrari on Being A Struggling Freelance Copywriter & His Rise To Total Success In A Very Short Time
When Dan Ferrari quit his corporate job to declare his new life as a freelance copywriter, ..he took a big[...]
Episode #112 – Shane Melaugh on High Level Strategic Conversion Optimization and His New Software Thrive Leads
Get ready for an insightful episode. What started as a conversation about Shane's stellar new list building and split testing tool, Theme[...]
Episode #111 – Neil Patel on How Spending 162K on Clothes Made Him $692,000
Serial entrepreneur Neil Patel is back on the McMethod Podcast. And this time around he's not here to defend content[...]
Episode #110 – Jon Ferrara on The Importance of Relationships and Social Media In Business Today (turn contacts into gold)
Jon Ferrara is like the Thomas Edison of online marketing. He loves relationships, he loves to teach, and he's invented some killer[...]
Episode #109 – John Keel on Bulletproofing Your Online Reputation (Ecommerce and small business musts)
When someone recommends you a local business or restaurant, what do you do? EXACTLY. If I read your mind right,[...]
Episode #108 – Brian Lim on Launching Your Business Into Outer Space (current business trends and growth tips)
Brian Lim builds space ships. Really. He works with and in the space industry. Ask him what he was doing[...]
Episode #107 – Tammy Camp on Being An Elite Distributor… NOT a Marketer
Ask Tammy Camp if she’s a marketer and she will tell you no VERY FAST. But when you find out[...]
Episode #106 – John Sonmez On Being A Niche (& Rich) Rockstar In Your Industry
How do you market yourself? Have any room for improvement? Lots of room? Marketing yourself is more than just making[...]
Episode #105 – Jeremy Reeves on The Beauty and Power Behind Powerful Cash-Money Sales Funnels (simple vs advanced sales funnels)
We all know how important sales funnels are... How is/are yours holding up? If you don't have one. Or if yours is[...]
Episode #104 – Freddy Lansky on How To Hedge Your Bets & Guarantee Business Success (because playing it safe is sexy too)
Warren Buffet's most important decision is not gauged off profit potential. Shocking huh? The man is who he is because he[...]
Episode #103 – Mitch Lapides on The Email Marketing Trends for 2015 & More (Gain An Insider’s Edge)
Ever wonder how a fortune 500 company does email? Wonder no more, We got Mitch Lapides on the show. Mitch founded Fulcrum Tech[...]
Episode #102 – Kavit Haria on Staking A Claim As A Top-Dog Email Marketer (make your money through email)
Kavit Haria makes his money with email. Who better to have on the show than someone who makes most his[...]
Episode #101 – Megan Macedo on Smashing Goals and Kicking Ass In Business By Being Yourself (develop the ultimate USP and much more)
How would you like to NEVER run out of breakthrough ideas ever again in your life? Imagine how EASY emails[...]
Episode #100 – Ian Stanley Interviews Me on The McMethod Podcast’s Journey of 100 Episodes (discover the mindset & lessons I learned along the way)
A couple years ago Ian was living at his parents house trying to make his first dollars online. Today Ian is[...]
Episode #99 – Rob Williams on Nailing Down Perfect Cold Emails That Land The Best Clients Out There
Have you felt the client search struggle? Do you know that struggle all too well? Has the client search beaten you up lately?[...]
Episode #98 – Matthew Pollard on Rapid Growth and Shining Bright Over All Your Competition (never be a “me-too business” again)
What's one of the best and worst things you can find or achieve as a business owner? Rapid growth. I'll[...]
Episode #97 – Derek Pankaew on Facebook Marketing Ballin’ and How To Go From Zero To Hero
Derek "the level-up master" Pankaew is on the McMethod Podcast today. And we're not talking video or Facebook games (sorry Candy[...]
Episode #96 – Neil Patel on Traffic, Content Marketing, & Getting BUYERS To Your Site (traffic gen at it’s finest)
Does the following phrase sound familiar? "Why Content Marketing Is Bullshit" That's because that's the exact line I have on one[...]
Episode #95 – Jakub Linowski On How To Transform Your Business Into A Sales Machine Through The Power Of Conversions (start testing.. or test BETTER)
You want to learn how to increase your conversion rate? Of course. Well it all starts with testing. Today on the[...]
Episode #94 – Drew Sanocki on Skyrocketing Your Ecommerce Sales With Savvy Email Marketing Techniques (bust out your notebook for this one.. GREAT content)
Drew Sanocki, to put it VERY lightly, Is an advanced email marketer. And it's been a LONG time since we've been in[...]
Episode #93 – Matt Paulson on The Most Undervalued, Unknown, Profit-Piling Email Marketing Insights You’ll Ever Hear
Matthew Paulson. Name sound familiar? If you've been following the show at all it will. Matt laid down the rules[...]
Episode #92 – Carl Juneau On What It Takes John McIntyre To Grow A Popular Podcast (& Turn It Into A Money Maker)
Get ready for your world to be flipped upside down. Or better yet, I should get ready to have my podcast[...]
Episode #91 – Kevin Halbert on Boosting Email Response Dramatically By Simply Using… Moving Images
Before it was Bond. And today we have Kevin on the show. The great and late Gary Halbert's son, as[...]
Episode #90 – Travis Rosser on The Secret To Building Long-Lasting, Profitable Membership Sites (and how you can start one sooner than you think)
The Kajabi-Man... Travis, is on the show today. Chances are you've heard of his killer membership software, Kajabi. Travis and[...]
Episode #89 – AJ Mihrzad on The Selling Machine-Like Power Behind A Good Ole Story
If there's someone out there that can prove to you that you can do anything, That you can overcome your[...]
Episode #88 – Roy Furr on The Fundamentals Of Writing Copy That Converts (because it’s NOT hard to make way more)
Fundamentals people. What makes money? Like every time? Getting down to the basics. ..barebones money making copywriting. Sales... and fundamentals.[...]
Episode #87 – Danny Iny On Tuning Into Feedback & Being An Audience Master To Grow A Successful Business
Danny Iny, The Freddy Kreuger of blogging, The online business creator tycoon. Is taking time out of his day, ..even[...]
Episode #86 – Matt Trainer on How To Make BIG-TIME Money If You Have Email Copywriting Chops
Matt Trainer. SEO extraordinaire before SEO even had a definition. Matt Trainer. A red carpet force in Hollywood, Doing online work for[...]
Episode #85 – Bret Thomson on Hard-Work, Persistence and RESEARCH As Traits That Will Always Keep You Up Top
There's no such thing as an overnight success. Whether success came fast or slow, There's usually always a backstory. that[...]
Episode #84 – Drayton Bird on Using Old & New School Copy Techniques To Trudge Your Way Out Of Corporate Zombieland
Drayton Bird is on the podcast today. And it's a doozy. Drayton's been in the game longer than you'll ever[...]
Episode #83 – Daryl Urbanski on Notching Record Sales With Bulletproof 7 Figure Funnels
Daryl Urbanski has been there. An entrepreneur since the teenage years, It wasn't always easy. He fumbled his way through[...]
Episode #82 – Jon Benson on Striking People At Their Core and Blasting Your Sales Through The Roof
Forget all the books. Forget all the endless nights of Dan Kennedy study. We got Jon Benson on the show[...]
Episode #81 – Jack Born on Cranking Out Killer-Converting Email Funnels (and how to use scarcity correctly to skyrocket your sales)
Jack Born is the creator of AW Pro Tools. It's a powerful tool that transforms your Aweber list into a sales[...]
Episode #80 – Daniel Levis on Crafting Compelling Stories That Make Email Marketing Work (attract eyeballs and convert like a genius)
Daniel Levis is an email marketing legend absolutely brimming with must-have marketing insights. What makes him such a legend? Sales success, check. Copywriting chops,[...]
Episode #79 – Corissa St. Lawrence on Empowering Business Owners With The Power of Email Marketing (insanely actionable tips to level up your game)
Are you focused on running your  business, ...on doubling down on your main skill to give your clients what they[...]
Episode #78 – Jesse Moskel on Living A Total Nightmare To Living The Dream (a copywriter’s zero to hero real life tale)
Ready to be fascinated? Jesse Moskel is on the email marketing podcast today to blow your mind. Really. 99.9% of[...]
Episode #75 – Rob Walling on Marketing Automation Made Easy And Its Mind Blowing Empathy Creating Power (plus its new shocking affordability factor)
If there were ever an Entrepreneurial Hall Of Fame, Rob Walling would no doubt be in it. Almost a year ago[...]
Episode #74 – Russell Brunson on How To Generate Boat-Loads of Cash With A Multi-Million Dollar Email List (and manage it like a BOSS)
Russell Brunson is a wealth of knowledge... ...literally. His information products and his know-hows have made him a very wealthy man. Russell's signature Seinfeld[...]
Episode #73 -David Garfinkel on 3 Copywriting DNA Story Formats That Persuade Anyone To Believe Anything You Say (and buy anything you sell)
How powerful are stories for email marketing? How powerful is gravity on Earth? They're basically an inevitable force that everyone falls[...]
Episode #72 – Jim Clair on Exploding Your Current Business’ Profits Through the Power of the Upsell
Striking out with women lately? What about your online sales? The Email Marketing Podcast has a 2-for-1 treat today - Just for YOU.[...]
Episode #71 – Brendan Tully on The 4 Classic Email Marketing Mistakes Almost All E-Commerce Business Owners Make
Calling ALL eCommerce business owners: When's the last time you checked your email marketing strategy? Has recent success got you thinking[...]
Episode #70 – Ryan Levesque on His Highly Profitable and Unique Survey Funnel Formula
What do you get when you put a neuroscientist, a Wallstreet banker and a highly successful AIG sales professional all[...]
Episode #69 – Matt Paulson on The Seven Deadly Sins Of First Time Entrepreneurship
Matt Paulson is a serial entrepreneur and author who KNOWS how to create business. In today's world of online marketing, entrepreneurs[...]
Episode #68 – Justin Brooke on The Unlimited Scaling Potential of Your Business Through Targeted Copy
Justin Brooke's middle name is paid traffic. So learn it RIGHT from the start, Or change your game-plan now, Because Mr. Brooke[...]
Episode #67 – Craig Simpson on The Crazy Scaling Power behind Direct Mail Campaigns (and yes, YOU should have one)
When's the last time you ran a direct mail campaign? Never? Then chances are you're missing a key ingredient to a concrete online[...]
Episode #66 – Brian Kurtz on Using Direct Response Marketing Through Multiple Channels to Grow a Rock Solid Business
How many marketing channels do you use? Are they ALL online? Brian Kurtz is an offline guy. However, his offline marketing strategies[...]
Episode #65 – Craig Garber on Building Powerful Systems to Create Unlimited Leads and Sales
Craig Garber started as a copywriter years ago under the mentor-wings of Gary Halbert. Fastforward to today: Craig builds systems... Systems so[...]
Episode #64 – Mike Colella on How To Quickly Grow A Monster Money-Making Email List Using Paid Traffic
Want a FAST way to a profitable list? We all know the effective, longterm SEO and quality content strategy. But what if[...]
Episode #63 – John Logar on Creating Massive Wealth as a Consultant
John's held over 900 one-on-one coaching sessions. He runs a highly successful digital marketing agency AND hosts the popular Business Unleashed Podcast... ...John Logar is[...]
Episode #62 – Dan Faggella on Becoming an Email Marketing Powerhouse
Dan Faggella is an email marketing POWERHOUSE. His BOSS autoresponders make most email marketing campaigns look like they're playing second fiddle. How so?[...]
Episode #61- Frank Visciano on The 5 Pillars to Building a Course That Sells.
Think you got what it takes to monetize your expertise? Frank Visciano thinks you do. And he’s here today to[...]
Episode #60 – Rob Hanly on How to Become a Marketing Consultant Using a Simple 3-Step Formula
The Reverend Rob Hanly is here back to back weeks to grace us with his presence... This week he explains how to[...]
Episode #59: Rob Hanly on 3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy is Going to Fail.
Put on your Sunday's best. Reverend Rob Hanly's at the podium to preach... ...about why your marketing strategy is going to[...]
Episode #58 – Damian Thompson on The 3 Email Marketing Campaigns Every Business Should Have
 Damian Thompson is an email marketing POWERHOUSE. He drops so much knowledge on us in today’s episode, you can almost[...]
Episode #57 – Nick Francis on How To Create A Great Brand Through Value Over ROI.
Watch out! Nick Francis is in town and he’s got a controversial message to share: You’re doing it all wrong.[...]
Episode #56: John Lee Dumas On How To Sell High-Ticket Products Through Webinars (and his secret to converting 1 out of every 3 attendees into paying customers)
Did you know that John Lee Dumas sells a lot of high-ticket products through live webinars? ...and that on average, he[...]
Episode #55 – Steven Kotler On Finding “Flow” State and Increasing Your Productivity 500%
What if you could get 500% more done? Imagine. You sit down to write an email. Brilliant copy cascades from your[...]
Episode #54 – Terry Dunlap On How A Hacker Makes $88,312 with Autoresponders
You f***ing rock. That's the subject line Terry sent me. Outta the blue. Why? ...Because the Email Marketing Podcast just[...]
Episode #53 – Perry Marshall On 80/20 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Bottom Line
Congratulations! You can eliminate 80% of your to-do list. That's right. Find the one or two tasks that "move the[...]
Episode #52 – Michael Silk On How to Gain Extreme Empathy In Your Market
Here's the problem with your business. Maybe you can rattle off 15 product features... *Yawn.* You might even have the[...]
Episode #51 – David Dutton on How to Build A Powerful Network of Influencers
Would you like to position yourself as an authority in your niche? Want to connect with POWERFUL influencers - and[...]
How to Pitch in Every Email (and Get Away with It)
  tw In this episode, you'll discover: 00:29 - a surprisingly honest confession I give opt-ins when they join my[...]
How to Write the Most Important Email In Your Series
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:22 - the most important email in your series 00:30 - if you screw[...]
The Snowboarding Strategy to Writing Email Copy
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:31 - why snowboarding is just like copywriting 00:41 - how to keep your[...]
Not Everyone Gets Rich
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:30 - a mad frenzy in Australia with a lesson for entrepreneurs 00:42 -[...]
Episode #50 – Brendan Dubbels on Ninja Tricks to Skip the Waiting List and Get Your Emails Prioritized
Do you use Gmail? News flash: Your prospects do. That means that your emails might be getting BURIED in the[...]
The Power of Storytelling
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:28 - the journey I embarked on in Thailand 01:19 - why I trekked[...]
What Is the Best Time to Send an Email?
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:30 - a great time to catch people - when they'll actually read your[...]
Do You Know the Most Profitable Word in Marketing?
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:37 -  the one word that underlies all effective business 00:51 - a primal psychological[...]
Episode #49 – Marcus Lucas on Putting Your Video Marketing on Email Steroids
I first met Marcus Lucas in Europe at a Simon Black conference. When I met Marcus, I knew I HAD[...]
The Simple Path to Become A Rock Star Copywriter
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:42 - why improving your writing chops is straightforward - but not easy 00:54[...]
Steps to Build Your Email List Today
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:28 - the FIRST step to collect your prospects' email addresses 00:41 - how to[...]
Episode #48 – James Kemp on Staying Out of Spam and Sending 1 Million Emails Per Day
Are your emails going straight to Spam? You spend hours writing your email copy... Crafting an entertaining story. Designing the[...]
How to Bribe Your Customers
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:28 - how to find an opt-in bribe suited for YOUR audience 00:41 -[...]
Inbox Preeminence: How to Become Your Market’s “Trusted Advisor”
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:17 - how often you should email your list 00:34 - a puzzling pitfall most businesses fall[...]
Episode #47 – James Schramko TEARS Apart The McMethod
James Schramko grows businesses SUPER fast. His team helps business owners with SEO, web development, and content marketing... go[...]
Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft: How to Choose
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:40 - how you're likely overcomplicating your marketing 00:56 - one system you NEED to[...]
How to Get Started with Email Marketing
In this episode, you'll discover: 00:17 - the INSANE mistake most entrepreneurs make (andtwi your opportunity) 00:33 - why many[...]
Why Email Is Such A Potent Marketing Channel
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:37 - a HUGE segment of paying customers you may be losing 00:55 -[...]
Episode #46 – Rob Walling on Email “Mini-Courses” that Skyrocket Your Conversions
Rob Walling is the host of the wildly popular podcast Startups for the Rest of Us. He's also a serial[...]
Are You Making This DUMBO Mistake In Email?
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:17 - why one simple tweak can put your email marketing miles ahead of[...]
One Simple Trick To Make Your Emails Recognizable
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:36 - how to get prospects SALIVATING for your next email like Pavlov's dog[...]
Copywriters: Use This Piece of Code!
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:57 -  how to tell if your emails are a pain the ass for[...]
An Easy Hack to Destroy Writer’s Block
  [ptwitowerpress] In this episode, you'll discover: 00:24 - one condition you  MUST meet to use this hack 00:37 -[...]
Episode #45 – Zach Grove On 4 Sales Funnel Tricks Learned Writing for the Autoresponder Guy
Zach Grove is a FAST-rising email copywriter. He writes SIZZLING hot autoresponders. His emails impress clients. do I know?[...]
How to Build Momentum Into Your Emails
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:23 - the K.I.S.S. approach to writing email copy 00:50 - what my typical[...]
Episode #44 – David Deutsch On Uncovering Emotional “Hot Buttons” that Make Prospects Buy
You may not have heard of David Deutsch. He's a Hall-of-Fame copywriter. David's been writing ads for decades... He's sold[...]
What If I’m Not A Writer?
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:26 - why you should NEVER worry about writing good copy 00:29 - my[...]
“How Long Should My Autoresponder Be?”
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:25 - a surefire way to LOSE profits 00:43 - why RELATIONSHIPS form the[...]
Why EMAIL Is Your Biggest Opportunity
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:27 - the mind-blowing way most entrepreneurs leave money on the table  01:15 -[...]
Why Open Rates Don’t Matter
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:18 - how you can PROFIT from defying this status quo of email marketing 01:02[...]
Episode #43 – Spencer Shaw On Entertaining Your Audience Like A Rock Star
What can a musician-turned-copywriter teach YOU about email marketing? Spencer Shaw is a reformed rock star who writes copy for[...]
The Most Important Email in Your Autoresponder
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:51 -  how to start the very FIRST email in your autoresponder 01:00 -[...]
Episode #42 – How to Write F.U.N. Emails that Net 8-Figures with Michael Silk
You read that right. Michael Silk writes email copy for high 7-figure and 8-figure products. Michael has discovered a way to get[...]
How to Pitch Without Being Pushy
  In this episode, you'll discover: 00:24 - the FIRST step to writing killer email copy 00:36 - one pitfall[...]
Episode #41: Creating the Christmas Morning Effect with Jon Myers
Jon Myers is a designer and entrepreneur who has been making things look beautiful on the internet for fifteen years. He[...]
Episode #40: AJ Roberts On How To HACK Into Your Prospect’s Brain (and make him buy more stuff)
AJ Roberts works behind the scenes for some of the world's most powerful marketing geniuses. His expertise has made him[...]
Episode #39: The Seven Steps to Unlocking 80-20 Email Marketing with X Wang
Simply put, X Wang knows how to make email marketing work. X swears by the 80-20 rule in email marketing,[...]
Episode #38: Leon Jay’s Incredible Secrets For Generating Seven Figures in Seven Days
Leon Jay is a veritable Email Marketing mastermind. Leon has been marketing his own software suite that is pushing the[...]
Episode #37: Paul Mort’s Unbelievable Tricks to Writing Successful Daily Emails
Paul Mort is a huge proponent of daily email marketing. Paul was out of shape and working at a factory...[...]
Episode #36: Michel Fortin’s Two Secret Formulas to Writing Blockbuster Copy
Michel Fortin certainly has a way with words. At age 21, Michel had already filed for bankruptcy... ...until a single[...]
Episode #35: John Carlton on 6 Key Elements Of Powerful, Profitable Email Marketing
In copywriting, there is nothing more powerful than your words. John Carlton was living in his car... ...until a REMARKABLE[...]
Episode #34 – How Shayna Oliveira Creates Outrageous Sales Numbers With Her Genius Email Marketing Strategies
Say this out loud: "95% of sales coming from email marketing". Has an amazing ring to it, doesn't it? Shayna[...]
Episode #33 – How To Craft Tantalizing Emails Like One Of The Greatest Copywriters In The World, Bob Bly
After writing 80 books and spending 30 years in a business, you'd probably know your stuff too. That's Bob Bly. [...]
Episode #32 – How Maneesh Sethi Hacks Email Marketing In The Most Unconventional Way
Hacking life is blowing up all over the place. But one guy talks about hacking email marketing! When you hear[...]
Episode #31 – Tim Grahl On How To Have A Monstrous Book Launch
If you're an author, you want to sell books. LOTS of books. You've probably tried social media, press releases, and[...]
Episode #30 – Neville Medhora On AppSumo’s 3 “Profit Pillars” Of Explosive Email Marketing
AppSumo has become one of those iconic companies in the online space. At first glance, it could be said that[...]
Episode #29 – Kevin Davis on Achieving Insane Conversions Using Retargeting, Segmentation and More
When a listener writes in and BEGS me to interview someone because of the massive value they provided in a[...]
Episode #28 – Dan Page on How To Write Headsnapping Headlines By Finding The Golden Nugget Within The Story
First impressions are everything... especially in marketing. Just think, marketing legend David Ogilvy said, "Five times as many people read[...]
Episode #27 – Declan Dunn on How To Exploit Social Media To Build A Massive Email List Of Raving, Responsive Fans
Think social media is a waste of time? Think again. In episode 27 of the Email Marketing Podcast, Declan Dunn[...]
Episode #26 – Richard Geller on A Powerful Persuasion Technique That Shakes People To Their Core
Hands down, THIS is the most powerful persuasion technique of all time. I ain't exaggerating. Religious leaders like Jesus, Buddha[...]
Episode #25 – Chris Hexton from VERO on Behavioural Email (and how we’re standing at the beginning of an email marketing revolution)
This week, I'm excited to introduce another AUSSIE in the email marketing game (from Sydney, just like yours truly): Chris[...]
Episode #24 – Kristina Mand-Lakhiani of MindValley Russia on 5 Rules Of Sky-High Email Open and Click-Through Rates
Ever been to the Warrior Forum? It's one of the most popular internet marketing forums on the internet. Well, this[...]
Episode #22 – Daniel Deyette on How To Beat Gmail’s Promotions Tab (and other email deliverability “hacks”)
Would you like to bump your open rates, beat the new "Promotions" tab feature in Gmail and protect your downside[...]
Episode #21 – Chuck Mullaney on “Email Sledgehammer” Techniques That Smash Down The Wall Of Isolation Between You And Your Subscriber
Don't leave your subscribers out in the cold. Welcome them inside into the warmth, where they can feast themselves on[...]
Episode #20 – Doberman Dan on Why You Should Offend People With Your Email Marketing (and other lessons straight from his Aweber account)
Let's get offensive. Doberman Dan is a well-known copywriter and direct-response entrepreneur. He was mentored by the famous Gary Halbert.[...]
Episode #19 – David Bass on 10 Steps To A 7-Figure Launch (from a guy who worked on the biggest launch in internet history)
David Bass is a guy with a *very* interesting history in internet marketing. He kicked off his internet marketing career[...]
Episode #18 – Vishen Lakhiani on MindValley’s Funnel Analysis Model (how to write the perfect email sequence)
MindValley thinks they know how to write the perfect email sequence. Meet Vishen Lakhiani - founder and CEO of MindValley.[...]
Episode #17 – The Reverend on How To Build A Cult Of ‘You’ With Email Marketing
Ok. So I have to apologize... ...because this week, my guest is a little secretive. So secretive, in fact, that[...]
Episode #16 – Rob Toth on How To Flirt With Your Prospects Like Casanova (simple but effective preselling strategies)
Let's talk about sex, baby. Remember the last time you were in a bar, trying to get laid? What worked[...]
Episode #15 – Greg Rollett on The Art Of The Followup (or, How To Boost Revenue By 60-70%)
Greg Rollet used to be a white rapper in a rock band. No joke. These days, he's the best-selling expert[...]
Episode #14 – Ezra Firestone of Brown Box Formula on Email Marketing for Ecommerce Stores
Meet Ezra Firestone, an ecommerce expert with some serious clout. He has built a bunch of profitable ecommerce stores and[...]
Episode #13 – What Iraq Taught a Highly Paid Consultant About Email Copywriting
Meet Samuel P.N. Cook, a US Army Veteran and high-end marketing consultant (the marketing is a recent thing). Sam served[...]
Episode #12 – Clay Collins from Lead Pages on Creating Irresistible Landing Pages (and lessons from tens of thousands of split tests)
Clay Collins is a boss. He's the cofounder of Lead Pages, one of the easiest ways to create name capture[...]
Episode #11 – Jay White on his Profit-Boosting “Water Cooler Talk” Email Strategy
Meet Jay White, the original autoresponder guy. Jay has written emails for the biggest names in the business including Rich[...]
Episode #10 – Terry Dean on Finding Hidden Profit Centers in Your Business
Terry Dean - an internet marketing "grandfather" - is a 17-year internet marketing veteran. In this episode, he goes to[...]
Episode #9 – Justin Premick (AWeber) on Why Email Marketing Kicks The Crap Out Of Social Media Marketing
Are you sick of the social media fanboys (and fangirls) who won't freakin' shut their snatch about the benefits of[...]
Episode #8 – Jon McCulloch and His ‘In-Your-Face’ Strategy To Making More Sales With Email
Jon McCulloch has spent the last 6 years enjoying the fruits of an "email business". In other words, send emails..[...]
Episode #7 – Derek Johanson (CopyHour) on the Three Ways To Grow A Business (with email marketing, of course)
Tune into Episode 7 of the Email Marketing Podcast and discover the three ways to grow a business. Most people[...]
Episode #6 – Andre Chaperon On Why Storytelling Is Like Crack Cocaine To Email Subscribers
Andre Chaperon is one of the best email marketers I know. He's also a badass email copywriter, despite never learning[...]
Episode #5 – Colin Nederkoorn On Email Marketing for Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Companies
Today's podcast is all about how to be relevant. In today's world, empathy and relevant is compulsory for email marketing[...]
Episode #4 – James Schramko, 95% Repeat Customers Without Affiliates, Promotions, JVs or Launches
James Schramko has been in the online game for over 6 years. Along the way, he's learned a few things[...]
Episode #3 – Ben Settle On Why You Should Be Sending Daily Emails
You should send emails every day and sell in every email. Well, that is... according to Ben Settle. Ben believes[...]
Episode #2 – Kyle Tully’s Unconventional Guide To Email Marketing
If you think email marketing is about writing emails, prepare to have your worldview shaken. According to Kyle Tully, the[...]
Episode #1 – Dane Maxwell On Email Marketing Being The Center Of His Business
When Dane began using email marketing in his business, he tripled his revenue. Tripled. That's 3x mofo'. Cool, eh? In[...]