Episode #29 – Kevin Davis on Achieving Insane Conversions Using Retargeting, Segmentation and More

by John McIntyre

When a listener writes in and BEGS me to interview someone because of the massive value they provided in a FACEBOOK post, you know they have to be awesome. That’s what happened with Kevin Davis.

Kevin’s been in the game since the 2004 AdSense “gold rush”, and he’s realized that the most important metric is conversions.


Because that’s the MONEY METRIC.

An 80% open rate doesn’t mean jack if NOBODY BUYS.

That’s why he’s on this episode – he’s got some killer insights into how to turn your email marketing into a converting machine using sophisticated methods like retargeting and segmentation, as well as refining your split testing and email analytics


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to get clients with BOTH inbound AND outbound marketing (and how I do it)
  • getting good clients on a LONG TERM basis through insane demonstrated value
  • when you should reach out to clients who have unsubscribed
  • an autoresponder outline example for three different markets
  • the McIntyre Method HIPS Framework and how it can create KILLER success
  • why you can’t afford not to use paid traffic
  • how incredibly STUPID it is to not consider the lifetime value of your customers
  • the two different types of systems for email marketing software
  • what list segmentation means to your ability to target customers based on their ACTIONS
  • best segmenting practices when you’re just STARTING without worrying about BURNING your list
  • what it means when someone opens an email, and when they click through, and when they buy
  • text or html based emails? (you’ll be surprised to hear the differing results)
  • how to retarget an audience who has completed certain actions using Facebook ads
  • want your emails tested BEFORE you send them out? how about AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZATION?
  • how to improve your delivery rate using simple text links

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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6 thoughts on “Episode #29 – Kevin Davis on Achieving Insane Conversions Using Retargeting, Segmentation and More”

  1. To paraphrase the last 30 seconds of this “I was going to travel the world but then I got into a relationship so I didn’t” Saddest thing I’ve heard so far on this podcast… Or on any podcast ever really! Also was that chickens I hear in the background?

    • Actually, I had already toured a lot. I was stationed in Germany for 3 years, and toured most of Europe. Started a school in Cameroon, West Africa. Spent a semester abroad in Taiwan and toured mainland China. Spent 6 weeks in India training software developers and then returned to spend my birthday on the beaches of Goa and hopped through Thailand and Hong Kong on that trip as well. Don’t get too depressed 😉

      We have a trip planned for Angkor Wat in Cambodia next year.

  2. Awesome time, John! I was surprised today when one of my clients called and said they just listened to it. Tell your buddy the editing is tight.


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