Episode #173 David Dee On Selling More In One Day Than You Sell All Year.

by John McIntyre

It’s the podcast with the two Daves.

Both with roots in the magic community.

Dave Dee grew up aspiring to be a performer.

Everyone and I mean everyone…

dissuaded him.

“Get a real job”

“What’s your backup plan?”

You know what disappoints him most?

He listened.

He spent years following other paths and jumping around trying to be things he wasn’t.

When he decided to stay late at a motivational event…

everything changed.

He went from magic pauper to booked like crazy.

In the process, he kept increasing his ability to SELL.

When he sold $575,000 in 45 minutes he’d found his next level.

He can help you get to yours.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The whopping amount of money he made with a promotion to sales manager in an early selling job.
  • How Dave took his performing business from three shows a month to an average of 25 – in 90 days flat. (This works no matter what business you’re in).
  • These two key ingredients separate the winners from the losers in business. (If you can’t do these two things…nothing else matters!).
  • Where to start if you want to create a business and life changing sales presentation. (Dave is giving away his slide-by-slide template to listeners).
  • Exactly what he’d remedy if he started all over again from scratch…can you relate?

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 173


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David Allan: Hey everybody, it’s David Allan of makewordspay.com and we’re here with another exciting guest today and this guy is someone I’ve been looking forward to talking to because we have a very strong commonality where both come from the magic community the sleight of hand community. David Dee Welcome to the show.

David Dee: Hey thanks so much for having me. Yeah I don’t think there’s a lot of people with that commonality by the way.

David Allan: No I don’t think too many make it out of that rabbit hole. Oh yeah.

David Dee: You know I suck at sleight of hand so that’s why I do mentalism just so you know so much more talented than I am when it comes to that for sure.

David Allan: Well I heard a friend of mine, Paul Vigil, once say that mentalism is for people who don’t like the practice. So anyways great to have you on the show. I’ve been following your career for many years from as far as I got into marketing to a new sort of seemed to have taken me earlier yet same trajectory.
And of course seen you on a lot of Dan Kennedy products and stuff which I am a huge fan of. So let’s go back to the very beginning Dave maybe even before you were a magician I don’t know how you got into that and we’ll take it all the way up to the present.

David Dee: Yeah it’s an interesting story about the evolution and there’s a lot of lessons in it. So you know when I was very very young like a lot of kids I got a little magic sat by the way this is a really we start out talk about magic but this isn’t by magic this is really about this show. And I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I there was no doubt in my mind about it. There was no question and if that’s what I wanted to do and now my parents thought that was kind of cute.

Right when I was eight when I was nine when I was 10. But when I got to be 16 17 18 and they no longer thought that was very cute.


So they gave me all of that. You know they’re the best parents on the planet. My friends call them Ward and June Cleaver with Oprah. They’re really young folks will see this school just look up Ward and June Cleaver on you. So my parents are and they wanted the best for me and they just had no idea about anything about being a magician or being an entertainer.

And so I got a lot of negative programming. You know you can’t do that.

It’s not practical. You’re going to have to get a real job. All of that have a backup plan.

All of those kind of things. And so I went that route. You know I went to University of Massachusetts graduated with a degree in communication got a job in radio.

Then I noticed everyone who was making any money in radio making really all of the money was not the on air talent but rather the salespeople. And so I said this is interesting. So I got into sales and I sucked I was like probably one of the world’s worst salespeople of all time and I really didn’t want to be doing that I really wanted to be a performer.

So I eventually quit that job moved to where I live now in Atlanta and got a job working for a company called Magic Masters. Right. And the magic yeah magic Ken Fletcher’s company is the owner and Magic Masters is a chain of upscale magic stores that don’t cater to magicians but rather cater to conventioneers So basically they were in the convention hotels where obviously conventioneers would go and so we would stand up there and we would pitch magic tricks all day long. So that’s where I really started to learn how to sell what I call sell one to many sell in front of a group gather a group of people

around do a demonstration for them and then close them on the sale. So I did that for a while I became the number one salesperson for the company. And then I was made sales manager and now I don’t want to be jealous about the number on my ticket.

I’m not saying to impress anybody. OK. But as a sales manager being number one of the company I made a whopping $23000. Oh yeah. Nice. Yeah I know I know I know there’s a lot of your listeners right now are going my God I cannot wait to hear this guy’s secrets to how he could possibly do that.

What’s really interesting today is when I go out and speak less than a day’s pay.

And so that kind of I mean it’s kind of a neat thing.

And so I eventually left that job actually got fired for that job because of my entrepreneurial spirit really and wanting to open up my own stores. And I did that for a while but I was still skirting around my real passion what I really wanted to do and I was felt deep in debt. I was $80000 in debt. I lost. I got fired from my job. My wife was pregnant.

It was it was a nightmare. I mean it was one of those nightmare stories. And I had to make a decision.

The decision was who was I going to actually pursue my dream as a performer really go for it or was I going to get a regular job and I knew if I got in a regular job that was it. Right. I’m not coming back. And so I went to a motivational seminar that came to town in Atlanta in the Peter low success seminars maybe some of your listeners will remember. Yeah. Zig Ziglar blades Zig Ziglar was one of the speakers and I think General Norman Schwarzkopf was the speaker. And so and then the last guy in the program was it was an entity.

And I never heard of him before but he was after Schwarzkopf. Everyone’s going up and leaving I sat down and I watch and he was talking about marketing. And then it really hit me right there as I’m sitting in my chair that this is the whole secret to the whole game.

It doesn’t matter what a great entertainer I am if nobody knows about me if I can’t generate lead then I can’t close sales.

It doesn’t matter how good I am because as you know and it’s not just in magic it’s in every profession.

It’s what they train you want it to get good at your craft so the warrior is trained on how to be a good lawyer. The dentist is trained on how to be a good dentist chiropractor a good chiropractor.

We’re not trained in school about how to run a business or how to market how to sell which is the key. And so a major key shift in my mindset was I went from thinking of myself as a magician to thinking of myself as a marketer of entertainment services.

Right. And yet with that shift everything changed because it focused my energy on the correct part of what I should be doing. Right which is marketing. And so I got Dan’s course I started studying that I implemented it immediately and I just bought books and I just I did massive implementation right. Massow not bad. By the way reading and studying is not implementation. A lot of people mess that up they think that they’re actually accomplishing something as they finish the book. Does doesn’t matter if you finish the book. What you do with the book is what you do with the course that makes a difference. And so a lot of people say yeah right. They buy the

course right. They get the high from buying the course and they go and buy the next course but they never implemented. I just took Macs. I had to make this work right. No if ands or buts this had to work.

And no choice. And so I just did massive action. Most of it most of the marketing stuff I created sucked.

I mean sure but I just did massive stop. I did everything I possibly could do everything I could do and the bottom line is this. I went from doing three shows a month averaging 25 shows a month at less than 90 days. Yeah. In my fourth month I did 57 shows in a month.

Yeah. And by the end of a year. By the end of the year I paid off all of my debt.

I had bought a new house I had bought a new car everything changed and I really never looked back. That what happened was other I started speaking at seminars not for magicians just were business people and other business people smart business people started asking me Well how did you do it. Because they understood that marketing is marketing and selling is selling. It doesn’t grow and it’s all relatively the same height regardless of what your business is. You know you have to generate leads you’ve got to close. You’ve got to get referrals get deliver the service so it’s the same thing. And so I started doing coaching and training and things like that.

And today I you know I run my own business out of my home. I love it.

Kicking butt taking names and helping a lot of people and my real focus right now is on teaching people how to sell one to many how to do webinars how to do seminars. Just did a tell a seminar right before a call with a large franchise company. You’re like how or how could you do a tele seminar for a franchise company. Well really the motto was we generated leads and obviously we’re not selling a $50000 franchise. Tell us on a 60 minute seminar but we had people sign up too for a call right. So we had thirty three people on and 12 people signed up

to get on a call to learn more about buying into the franchise. So yeah. And also teaching people how to sell from the stage fright how to get up on a platform in front of a group of people and sell. So for example I’ve trained dentists who have these little INS been in office seminars. OK. So that’s one of the best ways. So if you if you’ve got if you’re a peer or a dentist or in that kind of thing hey bring people in.

Talk to them about Invisalign talk to them about whatever it is you have to offer. I work with obviously a lot of financial advisers who are doing dinners seminars and things like that. So that’s what my focus is now. And it’s absolutely fantastic. I mean I’m living my passion so it’s great.

And you can really tell by the enthusiasm with which you speak about it.

I absolutely love it because I just know the impact that that learning how to sell is so interesting there’s so many business owners that are such a negative connotation around selling right.

That is because of all of the garbage all of the old fashioned hard core closing techniques that are still being taught today which are highly ineffective especially for keeping customers in the long term. Right. And and they just feel creepy. Feel lousy to use. Right. So the dentist wants to be a dentist you just want to be a salesperson A FINANCIAL ADVISER Well he may want to be as bright. But the point is they want to be professionals as well. How can you present in a way where you actually engage the customer and client get them to buy clothes to sell. But at the same time do it in a subtle way that is

integrity based as opposed to hey I’m going to really hard close or close this person.

That’s what I think yeah maybe let’s talk about some of the things that allowed you to sell $300000. Sure. Five hundred and seventy thousand dollars that means that some people in this world their own mindsets and stuff that sounds like you know it’s probably five or six years salary for some people was. So you know this is this is real.

So yeah it is definitely real. I don’t give the impression that I made five hundreds but I sold 500.

I mean like when I sold 300000 I made 150. That’s right. I don’t want to give the wrong address. They’re still really really big numbers right.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

But but really it really comes down to this concept which we started with about one to many selling. So if I’m selling one to one. Right if I’m selling one to one I’m limited to how many people I can sell to in a day if I can put together a weapon or a live streaming presentation or get in front of a group of my ideal prospects right now and gather my ideal prospect together I can then create a presentation which sells to the masses sells to all of that.

And so I’m now I’m making money for lack of an elegant term and big chunk. Right. I’m creating a sales stampede.

I’m creating a bit filling up my appointment book for the entire month with a single presentation. Right. And so that’s the power of one too many selling. There is there’s three major aspects to this. Number one is obviously the generation of leaders.

How do you get people to watch your presentation. Whether it’s a weapon or a seminar or an in-person whatever it is or your idea whatever it is. So you have to know how to generate leads. We talked a little bit about that. The second is the actual presentation itself. What is the structure of your presentation. And I do have a gift for your listeners that also actually give them my structure. I mean like literally my slide by slide structure every time I create a presentation.

Slate So what is the structure of your presentation and then of course its the actual How do you present it.

So quite frankly there’s a number of people out there who are I will say modeling made now modeling me and giving away their templates their structure for their presentation and thats not really the be all and end all though because now I need to know how to present it right.

I get the proper structure but if I dont present it properly its going to come across not well so lets take the magic example right.

I could learn the mechanics of doing the trick. And as you know theres a lot of magicians who are really good mechanically but they can entertain with crap.

They dont know how to. They dont know how to fix them. Right. You don’t get it right.

You’re not going to close. But the biggest piece of advice I could give you and give your listeners in very limited time left is that Stephen Covey said We begin with the end in mind and that’s where you start with your presentation.

Most people when they create a presentation start at the beginning and work their way through it. No you start at the end. You start with your offer. You create your offer first. I mean incomplete. You create your clothes. Everything that you’re selling and you create that. And then you loop back around. Because here’s the thing. Everything in your presentation that you say every gesture you make. Everything that you do needs to lead to that sale need to lead to the offer. And so if you begin at the beginning and you don’t know what your offer is then you can’t construct your presentation. So it leads to the sale and makes

it very natural for people to want to buy. And so where you come up with an irresistible offer where you come up with the irresistible offer like getting deep inside your prospects heads not just surface level not just OK you’re selling a How To Make Money product not just that the prospect wants to make money but rather what do they really really want on a deep emotional basis. Right. And if you and when you not if you because there’s a strategy for getting to that end when you get to that you get to that core and then you construct an offer which gets them what they really want. And the deepest emotional level that offer

becomes almost irresistible. And one final thing on this I get all excited about talk for hours. This is it. People don’t sell people what you think they need. Don’t sell people what you think they should want. Tell people what they want. Find out what they want not what you want to sell them not even what they need but what they want. Right. Right. So for example when I’m selling a coaching program what almost everybody need me. You everybody is the mindset aspect right so we need a coach or a program that’s going to help us with the mindset. Right. So all of that. But that’s really really really tough to sell.

Tony Rother really tough to sell but they need it right.

So I don’t sell that when I’m selling a coaching program I say hey we’re going to get together three times a year. We’re going to work on your business re-integrate market mature generation material. We’re going to look at different models that are working. Right. And so that’s what I’m selling because that’s what people want. And then though I guess what happens at the meeting you know we do all of that but then we all do it.

Yeah that’s right. So here’s what you do.

You create an offer around what people want what they ardently desire. And then as you deliver what they want you also give them what they need.

Right. Beautiful. Excellent. Very good advice. Very good advice timeless advice now and that’s that’s an amazing amazing concept that people hopefully can grasp.

You know maybe talk a little bit more time we have remaining. You know if you are starting from scratch today you know and probably you are just going to go straight into it or you just go straight into what you’re doing now. I presume you know what sort of things looking back were like maybe stumbling blocks or dead end roads you drove down. So you can shorten the learning curve. And people listen.

Man that’s a great question. That’s one of the best questions I bet. Thank you. And yeah. And here’s my answer. This is going to sound all airy fairy but it is. And that is really follow your heart.

All right. So I danced around my passion for years. It wasn’t until I knew when I was eight years old what I wanted to do and I let all of the other people totally influence me to such a degree that I never went for it until way later in life. So do what you want to do. Go for it. There has to be a reason that you’re going to the market right. There’s got to be a reason why are you in the market what what are you going to provide that someone else is not already providing. But follow that passion. And once you really have it I’ll tell you one of my biggest the biggest mistake that I’ve made that I’m only

honestly rectifying now is jumping from one thing to the next thing to the next doctor hey. So I knew I always knew that I wanted to be a professional magician. I did that. And then I fell in love with information marketing which I loved even more than Patrick and I was very successful selling to other entertainers. Right. And then I took that model and I tried different things. And so and so I became the e-mail guy.

So for a little while I was the e-mail guy was selling e-mail courses. And then I became the the guy that teaches people information marketing. And then I went to something else. I never stuck with Hey what I what am I really freaking good at.

Like what am I the best on the planet right. I never asked that question. I went to whatever I thought was hot. This is like a big damaging admission.

Right. But it’s true. It’s the truth.

I think a lot of people do that. And so today I focus on one thing one thing only which is teaching people to sell specifically how to sell one to many because I’m the best on the planet at it. Right.

And so I’m not teaching the generation could I teach regeneration. Yeah. What am I the best on the planet at it. No there’s people way better than me. There’s no one better than me. That’s all I want to get right. There’s no better.

And so and there’s nobody that incorporates what he used in his mind reading show into it right. Right into the presentation. So it’s really figured out what you’re really good at. Right. What you want to do by the way. You don’t you i i i.

The good fortune of having lunch me on stage but also having lunch with Barbara Corcoran from shark tank. And we were talking we had a really really cool. We had a private lunch. We were we were sitting there talking and she said she said this one thing she said passion is really overrated. She said everyone’s passionate when they get started. Right. Right. Everyone’s is passionate when they get started. But then when they hit the roadblocks that passion waits. Right. So is is not necessarily passion that you need but a strong desire a strong desire and most people that are listening to this so they do have a passion they do have something they want to accomplish

and go for that. What are we waiting for. What what what are we waiting for. What is what’s going to change right now is the time to do it.

I’m not saying quit your job and all of that but I’m saying go for it. My favorite all time motivational speakers Jim Rome.

You know it he says Find the thing that keeps you up late and get you up early to keep you up late because you’re so excited you get you up early and and do that thing that those were.

There’s a whole bunch of different stuff there. But if I say that stumbling blocks that was it not going for it earlier right. Understanding that marketing and selling is really the foundation of a successful business.

Yeah right. One hundred percent.

And and then jumping from thing to thing.

The thing as opposed to laser like focus which I have now very very good examples from your own life and I’m sure people can relate because I can listen to you. I can relate to exactly what you’re talking about revenues.

So for exactly the same things to eerie Dave you know it’s been great having you on the show if people want to get in touch with you. And I know you mentioned you had something for our listeners so maybe you just give the roll down of all that stuff.

Yeah it’s really cool. So if you’re interested in one to many selling and using ethical mind control you know my big hook is I can teach you how to sell more of your products or services in a day than you now do all year with a single presentation.

And I can sample one of my clients Michael Rosby book sold four hundred thousand dollars worth of his product with one live video broadcast that we put together for him.

So we really can’t. There’s. Yeah. So we really do.

But if you’re interested in one too many selling then you can download my seven figure sales presentation template. Literally there’s nothing that I go through slide by slide by slide. What should be on every slide in the proper order.

You can download that if you just go to the dot com that the D E dot com. And then I also send out a daily e-mail. They’re fine or entertaining but they really can take with regrets about how to close sales. And again an ethical sales the way there’s free video training and if you’re if you’re a subscriber and you will be once you download the template I do a lot of free training for my folks and things like that that’s not available unless you’re on my list so go download the template a day dotcom and more importantly more importantly use that template download it actually and actually use it.

Yeah. So you get a result too great.

And that’s amazing and it’s you know I have downloaded template myself I am on DVDs listing everything you just said is 100 percent accurate and I just really want to thank you for taking the time to come on the show and educate and entertained our audience.

Man I had a great time.

Thank you so much for inviting me. All right just to come alive for a bit there and for everyone else listen to this of course that was fantastic.

You should listen to that many many times because there’s a lot of little nuggets in there that you may have glossed over. Upon first listen hopefully we’ll be back with another as entertaining and educational guest next week on the podcast.

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