Episode #169 – Katya Sarmiento On Automatic Minions! Deploy Your Own Army Of Messenger Bots With Personality, Flair And Wild Success.

by John McIntyre

She had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts for a long time.

To the point of cutting on a daily basis (people had to hide the sharp objects).

She often took refuge in computers…

sneaking down in the middle of the night to use the one in her parents living room.

She found success building websites for her personal trainer and later, others.

When she wanted to level-up, her Grandma gave her $4000 which she plowed into a coaching mentor.

By helping others she met through that experience with their websites and systems…

She became familiar with internet marketing and connected right away with another entrepreneur.

Teaming up, they started a bots company.

Have no idea what a bot is or how to use it in your business?

That’s what this week’s episode is all about.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the spammy pitfalls with bots. (Don’t get banned from the book with a face!)
  • Why the “natural” bot is the way to go and 3 examples of how to use them in your business today.
  • The surprising open and click-through rates people have been experiencing with bots. (What does this mean for the future of email?)
  • Take a little of the sting out of depression by following in Kat’s footsteps with this one idea.
  • One quick-start step you can use to get working for yourself (and get free services for your friends!)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 169


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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