Episode #145 – Dave Miz On Game-Changing Email Software Every Marketer Will Kill For

by John McIntyre

TITLE ­ Email Marketing Podcast Episode #145
His boss laughed at him when he quit his high-stress broker job in 2000 to “make websites”.

After finding gurus like Mark Joyner and Corey Rfacebooudl, he stumbled down the “internet marketing” rabbit hole.

“There’s got to be a way to make money with this”

A question that changed the rest of his life.

His own internet dating and a later product led to an avalanche sent to him by none other than “David D’Angelo”.

$39,000 on the first day…$100,000 for the month.

He was on his way…

Or so he thought.

Then cancer struck his family…not once but twice.

He neared bankruptcy.

Years passed.

He knew he had the potential to do more and so for the last 19 months, he has fought with a vengeance.

After an entrepreneur worth over a half billion confirmed that his latest idea was worth a shot…

He poured his heart and soul ( and a pile of money) into building the email software he knew the industry needed.

It’s just days away…

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The presentation he saw that first gave him the idea. (What this company was doing with it’s VA’s was nuts!)
  • What to do when a 500 million dollar man gives you advice.
  • How to avoid the horrible mistake most software creators make with developers. (This can cost you years and tons of money).
  • How this software will explode ancient email wives-tales.
  • What this software does is amazing. (How this will punch ROI through the friggin’ roof!)

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David Allan: Hey, everybody it’s David Allan. I’m back with another edition of the email marketing podcast.

Our special guest today I think you’re really going to enjoy because he’s bringing something new to the marketing game. That I think has never been done before and will be a real game-changer. Dave Miz, welcome to the show.

Dave Miz: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

David Allan: I am excited about this because I know a little bit about what you’re up to but I will get up with the details because I think when this podcast comes out it’s nearly exactly coinciding with when you’re going to release what amounts to a new software product. Is that correct?

Dave Miz: Yeah. Yeah. Something totally new.

David Allan: So I’m very excited. Let’s dig into this.

Dave Miz: I was at a seminar and a couple of years back from Greg Davis who’s like a big CPA traffic media buyer. He was in D.C. one of the guys that spoke at his seminar was this guy who was like 500 million dollars self-made. Guy’s name is called Com Mirza. I don’t know all this.

So I was out in the hallway. We were shooting the breeze me him and a buddy of mine my buddy ends up joining his mastermind. He’s doing really well and much better than I was doing and you know he could afford it. So. So he ends up going and we ended up all becoming friends. About a year after you know we have we had traveled all together all of us and stuff and just built a good friendship and we’re at a mastermind Com was throwing in Miami and it were me and him were like the last two people of that night were at the pool area just chillin having a drink and you know just chillin and he said you know like so what else. You know the dating stuff. I don’t really think I can add any value to what you’re doing. You know it’s something that you know you’re you’re you’re just going to make some money but you’re not going to get rich off of it unless you get lucky and hit like a traffic source or something like that. And he kind of echoed what I was thinking. You know like my thoughts were like those those years at that point I was kind of on cruise control I kind of saw that I’d plateaued income-wise and I wasn’t really happy. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do next or how it was going to grow it. You know it was very difficult to grow farther than kind of where I was at. I tried a lot of different things and things kind of just didn’t pan out. I told them I said you know like I bought this domain name for this for this software idea I had. So he said Tell me about it. I told him you know I bought this domain name. It’s called autoresponderanalytics.com and he goes that’s that’s a good name but tell me about the software and I so I explained to him the story that was at a seminar in about maybe 2014 2013. And so this one guy was speaking and I think it was the guy from Mind Valley… Vishen or one of the guys or somebody from Mind Valley and he had this one slide up or he’s talking about e-mails and how they you know keep track of their e-mails and whatnot. And he said you know like here’s a spreadsheet that we use and he goes every day I have like one of our VAs or one of our employees they take like an hour or two everyday and they go through the system that’s just on this system this system and they start putting all the data you know and I was thinking to myself like why I like these dudes do like eight figures a year like 10 20 30 50 million dollars a year. They don’t have like some kind of system that bothers her. And I started digging and I couldn’t find anything. And I was like wow this is mind boggling, like how much how much do you pay a V.A. like every hour even if you just pay like 10 bucks an hour that’s 20 bucks a day you know five days a week seven days a week. That’s like 150 bucks a week you’re paying just for them to collect all this information. Right. It’s 150 bucks a week. So that by a month we’re looking at like 600 but 500 just to do this. So I’m telling this to Com and he’s like OK. Keep telling me so I have an idea for this software that actually does all this for you keeps track of your e-mail that lets you track everything you know optimize everything. Gives you data analytics on everything like that. So he goes actually that’s a really good idea. There’s nothing else like this on the market. And I was like really you know like that’s a good idea. You know what it’s pretty like we had a few drinks. So just to get confirmation from somebody that’s worth you know five six seven hundred million dollars and telling you like hey you that’s a good idea. That was that was like awesome you know that kind of gave me the boost you know that I needed. And he go and he told me he’s like you’ve got to build this thing. So you know like when though like the most the wealthiest person you’ve ever met in your entire life by a hundred times over tells you to… you build it. You know what I mean.

So I never built software before successfully. I tried a couple of times but never had much luck with it. So it took me like a month or two to find some software developers. The first guy I spoke with was a referral from a buddy of mine and he said this is the best software developer I’ve I’ve worked with like swore up and down. So I had sketches in my journal of the different pages of the software what I thought each page would do. So I sent him a pictures I took a picture of my iPhone send it to him and the first question he had for me was what’s an autoresponder?

David Allan: You’re like – this isn’t the guy.

Dave Miz: Yeah. Yeah. That’s where so I had another referral from a buddy of mine. And he said that you know he built his software and they did a good job and so we started chatting with the lead developer or the product manager or I sent them the screenshot from the from my iPhone through Skype. And the next day he got back to me with with questions and I was like shocked. I was like really shocked not just questions but he actually sounded like he understood what my like scribble like sketches and I was like wow this is this guy who actually understands what he’s talking about. He understands what I wrote and what I drew and he’s actually asking me intelligent questions. And we just started going back and forth and he goes yeah we can build this. I mean it’s a big project but you know I feel good with the guys that I have and I have a couple of guys that will be perfect for this. And so we started you know at first I didn’t know how long the product was going to be. We thought it was going to be a few months you know 19 months later here we are. So software always costs more and it takes like you know longer than you than you anticipate.

David Allan: Absolutely.

Dave Miz: So here we are and the the analytics engine on this thing is so complex and crazy it took us a year to build just the the engine for this. Forget about the front end or anything. Just the actual engine that powers this thing. So it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty bad ass man that you know and I figured at the very least I’m going to build it for myself. But if not if nobody else wanted to we’re going to use it for myself I’m the toughest critic you know out of anybody. So you know it had to look exactly the way I wanted it to look. I had to work exactly the way I wanted it to work and if it didn’t I was going to keep building it until it did. I just don’t believe in putting out shit. I won’t sell shit. I won’t put my name on anything that’s crap you know. So here we are with the software. It took forever to build. I was kind of hush hush about it for the first 15 or so months and then like slowly the last few months I kind of like been leaking out hints and you know stuff about it just because I felt like it we were so far into it there’s no way anybody can even touch you know copy or take or anything you know. You know what we’ve done you know so yeah. So we’re we’re just working on the release of it hopefully by the time people are listening to this it will be out. And you can grab it and hopefully use it really well and it’ll make you more money with your e-mail marketing.

David Allan: All right. Sounds great. Very exciting. For anyone that does email marketing. For most people listening to this they’re either involved with email marketing one way or another I’m sure.
So tell us a little bit about what this stuff can do what are what are the…

Dave Miz: You know normally like the big the biggest problem I guess with people when we’re sending out e-mails is you know like we’re sending out e-mails but we have no idea how these e-mails are doing. Right.

David Allan: So basically the response… all the analytics.

Dave Miz: Oh yes. Like let’s say for example you know you’re sending out an e-mail here podcast list right to all the listeners and you’re taught you’re talking about one specific topic but you have no idea if the listeners are actually going to respond to this topic. Right. And maybe you use a certain call to action in this email but you have no idea. That actually worked or not. So if you go to your eat you know like aWeber get response or any of that you know active campaign you know you’ll see clicks and opens or ends and click there right. That’s it. Yeah. Maybe you take it one step further and you use one of these ancient ad trackers you know like it built like 15 years ago and then you’ll see some basics stats on that. And you kind of wonder how accurate it is with a software that’s 10 to 15 years old and hasn’t been updated since. So that’s the next level up. But there’s really nothing else. What this system does is it allows you to track all of your e-mails. OK. So you’ll you’ll have complete marketing data like the data that we need you know and I was frustrated because I use a lot of stuff on click bank. So a lot of my offers are running on Click Bank but I love Click Bank. They’re awesome but they’re they’re reporting and stats system. So not for us you know like I just want to see how many of you know like what my average lifetime value is on this product. I can’t do that. I’ve got to do like some spreadsheet math computations. You know I want to see how this product is doing or how that’s doing. You know what my EPC is or or what not how much is a visitor worth or how much as a customer lifetime value. I can’t do any of that I can. I don’t have that. You know handy so we needed stats that we use you know like us in our industry. So like you know what’s the what’s the conversion rate on this email. You know what how do I know how this e-mail is converting. You know what the earning per click on this email. How much revenue has this e-mail generated. Because normally what we’ll do is you just log into your Clickbank account or JVZoo account or you’re you know or shopping cart you’ll see how much money they make for the day. But you have no idea how that actually the how that e-mail that you sent actually did.

David Allan: You don’t know where they came from.

Dave Miz: Exactly. Or what about your campaigns your… Forget about broadcast for a second if you have like follow up campaigns how do you know how these campaigns are doing and

David Allan: Which e-mail maybe triggered selling best and so forth that we’ve always sort of speculated on which ones you know at what point in this follow up did they decide to go in.

Dave Miz: Exactly like wouldn’t it be great to see like right at a glance. OK. This email campaign is doing being you know converting at you know five and a half percent. I made you know 12 and a half thousand six hundred dollars from this campaign. The lifetime value on this campaign is you know $210 per person. You know wouldn’t that be awesome to have.

David Allan: It makes things a lot easier. A lot ofdecisions would be easier.

Dave Miz: Yeah so the system does that and it does tons and tons of stuff more so it tells you the lifetime value for each campaign. One of the cool things that I added in was how long does it take conversion to happen. So like if you’re buying traffic you’re buying Facebook ads or whatever. How long does it take you to turn a lead into a buyer. So the system will actually tell you once you have it set up it will tell you OK it takes you you know 84 days. You know so if you know that you know how long you have to float your money for you know in order to recover your money.

David Allan: And expectation wise to educate people perhaps on this podcast. This is a freelance business because you know you can just set expectations too. Manage client expectations.

Dave Miz: Absolutely. Absolutely. And then the cool thing is for people that are not tech savvy you know I’m not I wouldn’t consider. I mean I don’t consider myself tech savvy even though I’m a little technical. I have to make sure that this was easy to use and simple to set up. Right. So we actually spent about three months just working on the setup to make it really really easy to use there was like four steps and that’s it. I mean I’m like you can do it but I was hire a programmer. You know if you can make it make a link in aWeber or any of the email providers you can set this up. I mean it’s just simple. It’s about us. Yeah so it doesn’t. You don’t have to be sending out tons of emails. You just have to have a list. You know if you have a list and you’re sending out e-mails any kind of e-mails you know this thing will work. So one of the cool things that it does is it actually scores your e-mails for you. So it’ll it’ll categorize and the campaigns like your best e-mails and your worst emails. So like going back to this podcast the e-mails let’s say you know you try a few different topics or subjects or whatnot it’ll show you what’s your worst performing ones. So you’ll see OK like this e-mail that I sent out yesterday isn’t really performing well maybe that topic isn’t good. Right. So it got to know not use that topic again you know or you’ll go by the best performing e-mails and you’ll say OK like these kind of topics are doing pretty good. Let me just keep writing up these topics because I know that they can work well.

David Allan: That’s great. It’s really easy.

Dave Miz: And then the other cool thing that it does is the demographic. This is where it gets like totally crazy. It’s what it does. So because we have all these smart pixel we call it on your pages we’re able to collect a ton of data on your Buyers. Stuff that you would never even know. So let’s say for example David you’re buying Facebook ads check and you have this campaign running. You’ll just go into the demographics section you’ll you’ll click. You know let’s say USA. And that will tell you your best performing and the worst performing states what you’ll do is you’ll just exclude the worst performing states. Maybe from your current ads or maybe just set up a new campaign only with your best performing states.

David Allan: So you could just hone it right down to exactly who was responding.

Dave Miz: Exactly. And you’re ROI just from the get go will skyrocket and you’ll be age you’ll be able to do this also for for countries you know as well. So we’ve been even able to drill down by city.

David Allan: By city. That’s crazy.

Dave Miz: So I don’t even know if Facebook ads can do it by city. I have a guy running ads for us so I’m really too familiar with the stuff because we can’t do it and dating and do Facebook. So that’s that’s another reason why dating sucks. And I always thought people would always ask me David like you know I want to get into the dating niche and I would always tell them no it sucks. And people always think like you’re being so negative. You know it just really sucks.

David Allan: You missed the wave

Dave Miz: You miss the boat and you’re like 10 years too late and so we can dive in even deeper we can go into the system data so we’ll know your conversions based on like Windows or PC or Mac or PC. We can do it by browser type. So you’ll be able to know which browsers are producing the conversions in the campaigns and even down to the device type whether it’s you know iPhone Android iPad. And then really the whole thing is we’re able to tell you which e-mail provider conversions by email provider whether it’s Gmail Yahoo. You know email AOL or Hotmail. So in this case let’s say you have a lot of you know your list. You’ve seen the e-mails in your list. You know you have a lot of G-mail e-mails but you look at this chart here and you see that Gmail is producing the least amount of sales for you. You kind of know at this point that you have an inboxing issue probably gmail.

David Allan: So you could be somewhat of a email detective this the analytics

Dave Miz: Yeah it really just gives you stuff that we that we need right.

David Allan: That’s what it sounds like. Put a shit ton of work into this.

Dave Miz: Yeah a lot of work and a lot of a lot of money. So yeah but it looks awesome. I’ll show you a demo when we when we’re done with the call with you what we can do a video call if you want. And I’ll show you around it.

David Allan: People should be really excited about this because that sounds real in-depth. Like you said it just collects all the data you wish you had if you were in the internet marketing industry.

Dave Miz: Yeah, like all the stuff you wish you had.

David Allan: Yeah. that people talk about you know in passing. Like I wish – if only we could do this. Yes. So that’s a this could be very big for you. So this is this is your latest project.

Dave Miz: This is my baby. This is my baby.

David Allan: This is your internet dating for the year 2017.

Dave Miz: Yeah right. Like took it to a whole another level. The dating stuff is kind of on autopilot. But golf clubs kind of on autopilot and yeah. So I I wanted to try to swing for the fences with us. You know like you know I have big aspirations and I felt like I wasn’t really performing up to you know what I was capable of and I figured you know what like let me take a shot out with somebody that’s worth half a billion dollars says this is a good idea and it’s worth a shot.

David Allan: Exactly. That’s worth a shot.

So when people – you mentioned the e-mail address probably about half an hour ago, so I assume it’s the same email address autoresponderanalytics…

Dave Miz: Yeah autoresponderanalytics.com.

David Allan: And is there I know this will be released probably around the end of January. Is there a specific day you guys already set for when this is coming out?

Dave Miz: You know I’m real bad with that stuff. It’s definitely like a flaw or character flaw with me. I’m just like a scatterbrain. I think that’s probably all creative people are like that. I need to set a date for it but I just want to make sure that we have all our you know present all the yeah all the ducks in a row. You know all the stuff with the payment system and all these little loose ends I’ve got a page full of notes here that I’ve got to like make sure everything is done. So hopefully at the end of the month or beginning of February we will do like a soft release. We’ll do like 100 spots at first just to bring in a couple hundred users. Make sure everybody’s using the system and is able to use it successfully and yeah it just will get the bugs out if there’s any bugs from the users and then really just get new feature requests. You know I want to make sure that we have all the features. The main one is that everybody needs. And then we can start scaling up the development team. So everything everything that comes in is going right back into development so that you know we can turn this into like you know the go-to platform in the industry.

David Allan: Awesome. Thanks a lot. And that’s really I think people are going to be very excited. I know listen to this. It’s got a lot of potential and I hope it really pays off. It just sounds like you really put the work you deserve it.

Dave Miz: Well I hope everybody gets a lot of value out of that tool. You know I think if it’s it’s it’s an awesome to want to know that it’s going to help. You know anybody that’s sending out e-mails is going to help them.

David Allan: If people want to get in touch with you personally…

Dave Miz: Let’s put it this way just hit me up on Facebook. OK. Yeah just Dave Miz. And yeah I’m on Facebook all day. Just you know shooting the shit while I’m working.

David Allan: Well thanks again Dave. For coming on the show.

Dave Miz: My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

David Allan: And of course we’ll be back again next week with another exciting guess hopefully as exciting as Dave because I think that was fantastic. Until next time

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