Episode #19 – David Bass on 10 Steps To A 7-Figure Launch (from a guy who worked on the biggest launch in internet history)

by John McIntyre

David Bass is a guy with a *very* interesting history in internet marketing.

He kicked off his internet marketing career with an explosive bang. He was one of the guys behind the StomperNet launch… the biggest internet marketing launch in internet history.

Since then, David has done SEVEN 7-figure launches in a variety of niches.

For David, it’s “go big or go home”.

David’s “thang” is creating high-profile online product launches and promotions in the business, health and personal development niches.

Forget 5- and 6-figure launches… That’s child’s play.

Listen to this Email Marketing Podcast and pave the way to your own 7-figure launch.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • common misconceptions with 7 figure launches (you don’t need anywhere near as many resources as you think)
  • 10 steps to a 7 figure launch (want to be a million dollars baby?)
  • 1 simple metric that will tell you what revenue # your launch will top out at
  • do you need a personality to be the “face” of the launch?
  • do you need case studies? (and how to play by the FTC’s rules so you don’t get your ass kicked)
  • how to build a rockstar launch team (who you need and why)
  • how to find a million-dollar affiliate manager (who’s gonna get you all those affiliates, huh?)
  • why email autoresponders are the lifeblood of a launch (generating at much as 90% of the revenue)
  • how to use “scarcity stacking” to drive your prospects into a frenzy
  • the #1 element to successful scarcity elements (how to guarantee that no one “calls your bluff”)
  • an essential piece in the jigsaw puzzle of a 7 figure launch (without this guy, you will fail)
  • what you must NAIL if you want to put at least a million dollars in the bank

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


  • Get coaching: dave (at) reachglobalmedia (dot) com (use subject “Interested in coaching”)

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  1. Killer content as always John.Thanks for taking the time to dig deeply every time. Yours is one of my top 3 podcasts. You’re in good company with Dr. Flint McLaughlan and Joe Polish. Keep up the great work mate. Zamon Kingi


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