Episode #154 – Carlos Redlich On A Simple Strategy Which Makes Copy Clients Beat Down Your Door – Every Single Day!

by John McIntyre

Carlos Redlich is a life-long martial artist turned copywriting and marketing black belt.

Carlos and I (David Allan) once did a podcast together before he landed a massive retainer client.

He has continued with his freelance copy career since last we spoke…

BUT he has some new experiences to share.

From in the copy trenches.

This one strategy I have heard from a few copywriters (like Ben Settle and Doberman Dan)…

But it bears repeating because it can work almost like magic.

He also drops a very simple and straightforward Facebook system to lure new clients.

So listen and then DO.

The rewards are yours for the taking.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Bruce Lee’s secret to learning anything…including copywriting!
  • How stories endure…the PR savvy of dead celebrities.
  • One angle you can use in your copy that you may have overlooked (leaving money on the table).
  • How to steal your way to the bank (the ethical genius of Jay Abraham).
  • Carlos’ secret to closing sales even Obi-Wan Kenobi would be proud of. (Also – his “Cohones” method to getting money upfront!)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 152


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody we’re back for another edition of the podcast and I have a very special guest. Normally I’d say that anyway, but this is extra special because Carlos Redlich and I started a podcast more than a year ago now I think because I just got a Facebook reminder about a couple of the interviews we used to do and he’s a fellow copywriter who became too busy with his freelance career to basically continue with the podcast. And I ended up doing the podcast for John McIntyre and releasing other ones which was called Takeover Tuesday and Carlos is now on the show. Finally we are here.

Carlos Redlich: Yeah man happy and excited to be on the call as though it’s a long time no see. You know what I mean.

David Allan: Yeah man. We’ve been out of touch for a bit because everyone’s been busy as heck fire. So yeah. So it’s been crazy it’s been a wild ride. So let’s start with sort of you know I can’t remember the last time I talked to you it’s been a lot of months anyways. But at that point you you had landed a massive client for your freelance business. You didn’t cooperate you were doing a whole you’re on retainer you were doing a whole bunch of shit for them. Maybe start from there and sort of you know what’s it all for you. I know you went to trafficking reversions I know you the US You just moved to Arizona I think back when we were just diverting parts basically. So would you bring us up to speed. Yeah.

Carlos Redlich: So I mean again appreciate being on the call.

Yeah I mean I think last time we talked when I picked up our one really big retainer client who’s pay 10 grand a month we were doing tons of shit and then we actually mean we’re still friends. We don’t do the retainer any more we’re doing kind of like profit share stuff and he’s crashing into it and stuff so it’s really the best part is he’s actually in Arizona way 15 minutes down the street. I usually go have a barbecue at his place anyway. I get free food and money so. But I mean since then it’s actually I’ve kind of had a slow evolution. I still do clients except I don’t do like these 10 hours on our client anymore. Generally speaking to me like thirty five hundred dollars a month or five grand a month and then you know just like the one off

DSL or e-mails and stuff like that. But what I’m really doing is focusing on putting all 15 on my martial art niche so nobody knows this probably but I want to of the biggest combo more short groups on Facebook. And it’s it’s really taken off like wildfire. All I really did was drive a wench to Facebook actually drove her from one Facebook what I this big group with. And so right now I’m just kind of putting all like all the clients and all my clients actually notice my clients. Essentially they’re mostly retainer like 80 percent of a 20 percent you know go you know papers to write and all that shit and everything else is going right into my

list so yeah man I mean since then I’ve just gone again like I said foot shifts on my own more short selling my own stuff. What I can march. But as I’ve started my own stuff and I share screen shots of like hey my Lannie page you know got to 60 some percent conversion rate. You know check this out and I’m just sharing stuff that I experience as an entrepreneur as a digital marketer of stuff like that not just as a copywriter but when I do that you know my clients are all end and marketers are real businessmen and all this stuff and they’re doing something similar. So I’m probably a much higher scale so there’s kind of a commonality. Know I’ve gotten more business and more referrals now that I’ve

kind of gone all in on my martial arts stuff and also just I mean just a suicide note if anybody’s ever building your own copywriting business I can’t recommend enough to take your copywriting money that you make from like your freelance gig right relative doing some kind of offering your own. And man it’s like killer for positioning and making money so that you can be fully owned.

So how long ago. Now I’ve sort of seen you I’ve watched sort of from afar as we haven’t been talking with labels.

I remember when you started the group and I sort of watched you talk about various aspects through your Facebook post and stuff so you know you started with nothing presumably. And you built it up to how many people got your group 13 hours in something like that.

You know it’s actually funny. My goal is to make it the biggest one and the second biggest one I can’t seem to be.

He said he was a nice guy. He’s actually in my group too and he’s got like a 16000 person group and you know Mad respect to the dude everything but it’s not a very active group and there’s like a bunch of scammers and shit and they’re like the spammer people so I’m going to brag about my Lorrimore is because we build it through Facebook and what we also did a really good filtration process too where there’s like no spam for the most part every once in a while you’ll get somebody and we just got a blocked political leader. But for the most really tight knit group of people who all of we who of cheak who don’t use the work could say I get and it’s cool

man is that community just don’t like praise the bad stuff. I already literally on a spur of the moment thing and it just kind of took off from like oh shit I guess we should really go our chips in on this. You know.

So for you that was like a passion of yours before because we know from if you know if people listen to the earliest take over Tuesdays I know you run a martial arts gym at one point.

Yeah. Yeah I don’t. I’ve been involved in. He produces I was like 13 I’m 30 now so a few years you know what I mean so it’s only I’ve always been involved with whether I’ve been training it teaching it or just reading about it and I was like you know what I mean. I mean just start a little page and then I hate group and I say I will see if anybody likes anything. I just tried selling some little. It’s funny. I used to sell posters of Bruce Lee into the Presley foundation and shut my ass down to sleep with Zusman for like nine bucks for like a free shipping offer. Again it was like I sold like a few hundred of these things happening are they putting it on like my group are like Hey go check

it out. And I would put in my crew. So I was like me and this is powerful I should probably start paying attention to this and then I actually heard one of my old clients Chris record he’s really big like the internet marketing and all that stuff and one of the things that I learned from him is passion is not just passion but a passion an audience is just huge. And it sounds obvious and I knew it I guess before hearing him and seeing his results. I mean it makes sense it’s not that I kind of look back on the whole Jay K-T thing and may have started kind of as a fluke and I was like yeah I like this stuff we just make it for fun. But these are national groups of people they’re not your typical mixed martial artists these are Bruce Lee you know fans who are like you they’re

I’m I’m the issues a anti karate or anti type window but to a degree it’s like you know you don’t really get that kind of a smile when they really associate they’re really passionate about something. It’s like it’s stupid it’s it’s very simple to sell stuff you just got to put it right in front of the window by just gotta make sure they’re really passionate you know what I mean.

Yeah you know it’s funny you mentioned that you know gee can do the stuff because I mean I’m a big fan of Bruce Lee movies going back some time as a kid I used to watch them all over and over and over again.

And so our history of him you know I prematurely is a mystery and an interesting quality to it.

And I bought some j k d tapes which I wanted to put out. I bought some tapes back in the day that were like turned out to be giganto days. But I think they were just self defense tapes.

And the reason I bring this up is because you know how I first heard about copyright and people will know what’s in the podcast about Gary halber writing.

I think it’s actually Gary Helmer and John Carlton teamed up to write a sales letter for something called serious growth which was a bodybuilding system out of all of the Sayliyah California the way. Yeah. And they had that same group was it was all Belke they all sort of had the same. They were involved in that. They were I think they’re all connected because there are Bauld that they were involved in self-defense stuff and just a number of different products and different pieces. And one of the ones was these self-defense tapes I think they’re called tactical response systems was the terrorist act. Yeah exactly. And whore and I think people were Melber and

he put out these tapes. I remember getting them because they were actual tapes or VHS tapes or whatever. It was like but advocated like I’m one of the things that some of my day advocated to like you know the person’s attacking your own restrike and then run away you know get out of there quickly. Basically there was there’s like self-defense was like you know step you know stamped their knee and then get the fuck out of there basically. And but there was a guy who evers was struck.

I don’t remember his name who was struck it was crude though.

You know a guy who Nakh I went to hear Paul Mooney who was governor Yeah. Paul Vitex very famous and JKA he went on I know he did a lot of stuff for TR restore act and so did Frank Kuchi who is a former Navy SEAL I believe who.

Guy. And he does stuff with TR Esther. So yeah I mean Jacob has been around for so long and it kind of went through his popular face. So it had its like they blow up to a degree kind of big blow up in the 70s 80s something. Again the years mixed up I see around that time and then it had fizzled out a little bit and then now with the whole rise of mixed martial arts and the UFC say hey you know I’m sorry the whole thing with the UFC he said hey you know Brucey is the founder of anything and whether it’s true or not. I’m kind of like Brucey was a founder of scientific street fighting not like an ape. But whatever. So he kind of gave the whole secondo community a little bit of a

boost a little more popularity so yes. I mean it’s been around for so long. It’s just that. I don’t think people have really tapped into it enough. And and one of the things that I like just kind of is a copywriter. A lot of people were injured and I actually went down this route to Australia. So like copyright and templates and my products and you know one of the things I was like I was not having fun doing this like I like selling to marketers. I don’t know why it’s just not fun for me. I’d much rather use you know my like evil secrets and actually sell to people who aren’t marketers it’s like that’s a test of your ability and by selling it to marketers who are trying to follow you and get the latest technique or

are you using your skills to actually go out into a marketplace that’s not familiar with more than and it’s up to them. It’s cool man but yeah it’s cool that he brought up a tiara Esther and that’s pretty funny I haven’t heard that.

There’s no around. Really. Yeah. That’s funny you know. And one thing that always comes to mind when I hear you know the name Bruce Lee aside from his obvious prowess and sort of the like it’s a mystical mysterious legend surrounding him is the you know sort of the short version you know of his sort of philosophy which I think directly applies to God which is the use what works and discard all else we as ordered is used for rejecters useless there yeah.

And that’s kind of it that has a lot of application for marketing and copywriting because you know you have this whole bag of tricks and stuff if you will these evil evil scheming.

So for the Jews and the testing is where that stuff is out sometimes this thing will work for this particular thing or something right.

Yeah it’s really. Yeah totally I mean it’s finally you bring that up because my martial art instructor is the one who taught me.

GK No he’s a cool go school already. He was also a danger free market. You know what I mean like he learned he built the school using marketing so. And that’s it’s funny that you see that because not many people make that link and it’s very true. I always thought Bruce Lee was like a renegade marketer. When I saw a clip one time of Bruce Lee’s library if you look at it he’s got hundreds of books on sales persuasion. There’s a human development not just on how Wright beat somebody up or not just our philosophy but he really understood that communication in sales is that it can’t take you to the next level. Another thing that was really interesting. This is all crazy because I love how you said that

because very few people actually get that connection. So let’s go on half on it. You see you’re familiar probably with the ultimate aim that the player and he’ll talk about right here. And we’re definitely putting your pocket in looking very well recently did that and I don’t remember exactly what his his Definitely Bainbridge chief aim was but it something along the lines of you know I’m going to be the most popular actor Asian actor in Hollywood. I’m going to make. I don’t know if it was a million or ten nine or 100 million dollars in x 9 years and he had a real financial goal and not many people like it that almost gets glossed over everybody Reynosa for the martial arts stuff for the fullest

philosophical stuff. But nobody knows that or nobody pays attention to how he was actually a really sad it’s a savage a businessman and a savvy businessman and he really loved it. He was a good marketer. Horror Story from my structure back in the day I don’t know if it’s true or not maybe it’s you’re saying it’s not but apparently Bruce Lee when he added I don’t know how many schools he had a camera. Maybe it was two or three or whatever but yeah a couple schools in California and Seattle. So it’s so bad that only the GI could represent a around like forgetting all the shit anyway. I mean he had all these different schools and he had to make a decision whether he was going to teach a bunch of schools or just teach are in one school or whatever.

And so apparently and tried fudging the story little I don’t have like 100. But it was something like it wasn’t as profitable to have all these different schools and it was just I guess trained celebrities and do movies. So he closed the school down because it’s like a business. It was just smarter to make more money doing it through movies and doing and all this other stuff. And he could if you just tried opening up a bunch of little bike martial arts schools you know what I mean. So she was a renegade martial artist and also a renegade marketer. You know what I mean.

Yeah well he because he get all sorts of people as clients like he had creme Abdul-Jabbar and stuff for the clients and as actors of that era that you see in some of the films and so forth and you know in the documentaries and stuff I’ve watched about Brisley you know totally ease he had some of the top guys in industry training with him.

Right. And what’s a better marketing than that. Exactly.

Exactly. And a lot of that you know and this is an interesting sort of thing when it comes to positioning and stuff because of course that helps your positioning when you’re dealing with the high end people so to speak.

And also you know when you’re building out lead like we have a legend now about Bruce Lee about you know who he was and the fact that he died early.

It’s like this just this awesome. You know which a lot of you know marketers or sports figures and you know past presidents and all sorts of hobbies like legendary things surrounding them which have built their reputation. In my other field that I’m interested in which is magic. Houdini is a good example of that because everyone nowadays you say oh who always like Houdini when he’s get people’s goddamn narrow situations. And you know there were many people of the time who were you know as famous before Houdini and after but Houdini you know he was very careful about you know how he projected himself was very good getting

publicity and his wife employed like a PR firm for like 25 years after he was dead. Yes. And so that’s probably why we still know who who did. That’s crazy. Yes that’s for sure. So there is a lot to there’s a lot of cachet when people have you know that Legenda you know when people have stories about them.

Yeah absolutely. I mean it’s also just like the pursuit. Right.

So I don’t know as much about Houdini but I would imagine just like gristly or anybody who’s really great or at the top of their game they’re always ready they’re always advancing something in their nature and what they’re interested in right. So again maybe Houdini had like millions of books on magic but I’m sure I don’t know that’s what I missed or he had tons just walks on like human behavior on these other things. All right so I mean whenever you are constantly subjecting yourself to all these different aims there’s no way you can’t really I one of the things I learned from Jay Abraham who’s you don’t know who he is and everybody knows who he is then push puzzlements call and go fight and go a long

way. So were things I actually had learned from him is that he not personally but just how useful is that. You can’t take stuff from other industries and different industries and put them into yours and it’s totally revolutionary. It’s like the whole you know drive through window at a at a fast food place like that’s common right but if you move to a dry cleaners or back in the day when no one did that that’s revolutionary you can actually sell stuff. When I used to live in Jacksonville Florida I know at least two or three places that would have liked drive through liquor stores that was totally. Legal like to plant it worked.

This was a man that’s like revolutionary. Nobody wanted to go inside or do all that stuff and they were going to go to the bars or whatever they wanted to pre-game. It just go through the drive through cops like for any answer to that. I mean just being able to of all those different things just like any. Like I said briskly you’re like I’m sure Houdini or all these other people did. That’s what can take the next level. It’s just that the combination of some different ideas put together put him in one thing it’s just revolutionary in another industry.

That’s 100 percent true. Anyone who is familiar with Dan Kennedy of long that you mentioned earlier he’s a master at you know he has a super high end group where they all do that they all cross you know cross-pollinate if you will their ideas from different industries. And you know it’s worked wonders for different things and it’s and it’s people just don’t. They tend not to look outside their their current mission that’s usually the problem. It is as if you are a copycat and yet to come.

So bring us up to speed on some of those. So you know you moved on to having this huge condo thing in your soul and chucks and stuff.

I’m not talking the king of the shocks.

I follow your sales pages I like it was for training but those would train things or something.

Yeah. The other thing you do all the yeah you see in the movies and stuff all the time. Yeah.

And I was like oh this is cool you know. But so aside from that you still have clients you’re still doing some freelance copy stuff for people. You know what. You know what’s since lost I thought doing so would solve some of the stuff you’ve learned because I know you have a variety of clients in your you do like myself who do a bunch of different you know you do e-mail you sales pages you do funnel stuff. You know what’s what are some of things you learned from dealing with some of these people.

I mean well I mean I guess it is safer.

I mean I guess there’s like a few different things but were things that I’ve learned just to my copy perspective is if you’re trying to disrupt the cold traffic test a news angle. Right so a lot of this supplement companies are trying to do this. Skin care companies are doing this right if you try and get in. This is just something out right now and I didn’t think it would work. For some down there I’m like oh shit when it ain’t worth a price I’d like to pay it. Yeah we have a low end user like intro. I she ripped her off from another copy writer whoever wrote lifestyle. It’s like an idea. So I withdraw from that. So good credit those guys. But that stuff really works. I mean well I’ve trained at least two or

three different right to know two different industries with clients who are in the same I would ever buy it. I mean it works really well. But. One of the I mean I had already learned I would say I hadn’t learned anything like crazy mindbogglingly copy wise. One of the things I’ve learned is that people are going to hire their friends. I mean it’s something that is I guess basic and everybody kind of gets it. But I think they really take action on it. Like so when I say it like you know I’ll send my thumbs up or like like fingerpicks sure like so don’t share with me in there and I’ll do this too like prospective clients too and it’s so crazy how no one does this and I’ve said it’s

like and that’s something you know. But it closes deals actually. I’m working a lot with Everett for an hour. You know my partner we’ve kind of tag team on a few different B-cells and finals and stuff like that and she was blown away because we had like a 15 minute call with somebody where I asked for 500 bucks up front and she was like OK what was on the table when we don’t over we’re going to hopefully close them tomorrow. Well the one that I’ve done is after we did get a check this shit just. We had a little face to face. Call I should just say what we’re doing now. But I did a video like a selfie

video and then I was a good little Thousands of thing or whatever picture like that man. What is the relation of more and and having some guts right. So if you’re ever a copper and you talk to different clients you probably have clients ask you a couple of things right. So one thing they say is you know how much do you charge. Don’t like it. I don’t know. Some people get scared that I’ll be like oh yes please. So my flight rates are you know seventy five dollars for this trip and I just held them and having the guts and courage to say that is huge. What was the other thing. Gosh I was going to say something else. Oh when they say OK yeah.

So thanks for the call or whatever. We’re going to go talk to a few of these other cooperators that we have to interview. Here’s what works right. And this I do it’s and it’s just whatever. As soon as I see that shit I say something along the lines of Oh no no worries I’ll have to hire them. It’s cool. So what is it to send you the questionnaire something and I just say I hope this works. I don’t know. We don’t get it like I’ve had I’m not going to mention some of their needs because it’s like friends of mine that I kind of compete with obviously for the same client but they’ll be like oh you know this person is you know partnered with this person and they’re crushing it and you know I want to talk my. And no worries

on Friday. They’re really good. But you’ve got tops then we can crush this too. So what’s the go ahead. And the questionnaire tousling time to get the ball in there. What the fuck did she just say Mike. Yes. Carlos just said that. I don’t know. I don’t mean I don’t know maybe the sex of an LP is with me I don’t look too deep. I just know that every time I say a great laugh it makes them smile and they’re like oh this guy is kind of cool you know. And then if I ever feel like you are then I say hey I won’t be a good director copyright and try to shut down the deal. Right. It’s true. Exactly.

These aren’t the carburettors you’re looking for. Yeah yeah yeah.

It’s than any copyright. I mean if you’re Compuware you’ve got to learn how to sell like you don’t have to be like this. Master Koeser on the phone or anything but you’ve got to have the courage to ask for the sale and get a yes or no the worst that can happen is going to say no. The problem is that some people won’t have enough people enough lead so we don’t have enough. You’re desperate. And you right as I write this I can pay rent or some shit. So if that’s the issue you don’t have a pricing issue you fight when you have that much of a skill issue you have a marketing issue in Europe Rick and operator markers we should fix that. Well short of doing so are sort of just posting on Facebook or something like that. One of the things that’s worked pretty well is if you’re decent. Facebook has a lot of

Facebook ads. GRUBERT I mean I’ve used them I’ll just literally promote like boost a post or do a paper or engagement post or whatever. Just content and ask for a call of action or anything like that. I’ll just give out free content and that’s it. And then I do that for a few days like three or four days and then I run a fellow asking him to send me a message and whatever and that just works. I don’t know why I don’t even have a website but I just do everything through Facebook and it works. It really works well.

All right. So that you would release content over three or four days and then you run an actual ad or do you just get your size on this.

If I release the content whatever it might like.

I know one of them are saying things I just give out is my five cents for reading and Facebook right there is a yes question story to relate the big amo and suggest solution in the call of action. So I just give an example and I put in a Facebook post and I pay 20 bucks for it or 50 bucks towards it spent over a week or five days or whatever. And then after it if it gets enough engagement what I’ll do is I’ll just run another ad to the exact same audience that now is say it kind of follows the previous offers just hot and has a call that’s at the bottom he says if you want me to write it’s very sad. I think it’s like if you want me to write where you a message like I used to say people link just

on private message me or comment. Yes type. Yes. And then you just you know follow up like that.

Anybody listening to this will give such a ton of like like anything of yours that you put out when you write a Facebook post or you shoot a video. There’s always value given you’re a very generous person I think and that’s why you know that’s why you’re doing so well. One of the reasons why you’re kicking ass so much.

I appreciate that man. You’re very nice. Nice.

And for everybody else of course we’re back again with another exciting edition of the podcast. If you listen to this one. Macbeth and you can hear the rest of this interview on take over Tuesday because that’s how we’re going to be doing it from now on will be releasing a part on the method and the rest on take over Tuesday. So until then you know hit me up with any questions you have and and we’ll see what exciting guests we have next week. Ta-Ta

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