Episode #20 – Doberman Dan on Why You Should Offend People With Your Email Marketing (and other lessons straight from his Aweber account)

by John McIntyre

Let’s get offensive.

Doberman Dan is a well-known copywriter and direct-response entrepreneur.

He was mentored by the famous Gary Halbert. He was a cop for 12 years. He had a lot of failures before his first success (don’t we all?).

And he’s been doing this a long time… since 1996.

So he has plenty to share about email marketing, including what’s been working over the last 17 years and most importantly, what’s working right now.

Dan believes in offending your prospects to get rid of people you don’t want as customers.


Have a listen…


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • email marketing the “Doberman Dan way”
  • how Doberman Dan built a supplement business off the back of email marketing
  • Doberman Dan’s “oh shit” realization that forced him to stop making excuses and start a business
  • what worked for Dan when he began and what works now (and how he’s updated his strategy over the years)
  • why dan doesn’t care about opens and click through rates (and why you’re a rookie if you care about them)
  • the single metric worth tracking with your email marketing
  • what happened in 2007 that forced Dan to make a radical change to his email marketing
  • when to test and when not to test (contrary to what the experts say, testing is NOT always the answer)
  • secrets from Doberman Dan’s AWeber account (hear him open up his AWeber account and pull lessons and tips straight from what he’s doing… right now)
  • why the easily-offended are really poor customers (and how to offend them so they GTFO without you having to ask them)
  • “don’t choke your chicken” and other subject lines (taken straight from Dan’s recent email campaigns)
  • Doberman Dan’s “poker face” email strategy that gets people to click every time (are you revealing your cards too soon?)
  • how to “romance” your customers like a true Casanova (you’ll stick out from your competitors like a red car in a government car pack)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO


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