Inbox Preeminence: How to Become Your Market’s “Trusted Advisor”

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:17 – how often you should email your list
  • 00:34 – a puzzling pitfall most businesses fall victim to in their marketing
  • 00:54 – the 7-letter word that will guide ALL your marketing decisions
  • 01:05 – how to make email marketing FUN
  • 01:19 – the “Facebook message” frame of mind you should use when mailing your list
  • 01:32 – the difference between Broadcasts and Autoresponders
  • 02:14 – a SUREFIRE way to lose your customers (STOP this habit today)
  • 02:38 – how to mix up how-to and entertainment in your emails



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OK, it’s John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy from with another email marketing update. Now today, I want to talk about how often should you be sending your emails. This is a question that I get a lot. I send daily emails. If you sign up to my list at, you will get an email a day for the next 70 days, almost 3 months. There will be more emails that that soon, I’m always adding more emails to it.

So I send daily, but is that right for everyone? Well, probably not, OK? But I would say on average, typically when I speak to business owners about this, most people send far too few emails and not too many. Daily is perhaps too aggressive for some people, for some markets, just because the purchase cycle- people don’t want to hear from you that much. If you’re emailing CEO’s, really, really busy CEO’s, they probably don’t want a daily email ‘cause they’re too busy doing other stuff. First of all, they probably wouldn’t be signed up to all this in the first place if they’re that busy, OK?

So you really want to understand who you’re trying to market to, but I would say at least be emailing people once a week. Ideally it’s a couple times a week with something helpful, entertaining, valuable. Email marketing- don’t take it too seriously. I tell all sorts of random stories. I tell…I’ll send out jokes. If I find a good article, I’ll just send out a link to that article. You don’t need to- don’t make it into a big deal or think it’s this massive thing that needs to be perfect. Just treat it the same way you treat it with your friends or on Facebook. You know, you find something cool, you send it to them.

So if you find a cool link that you think people in your market, you know, need or would like to hear about, or you think it would help them in their business, just send it out. Don’t even think about it. Just send out that broadcast. Send out- so a broadcast…this is another video…the broadcast is a one-off email and an auto-responder is an automatic email that’s cued up. Just wanted to clarify that.

You can send out these as broadcasts or auto-responders, it doesn’t really matter. The main thing that I want you to understand watching this video is you need to be emailing as- not as often as possible, but regularly. At least once a week, preferably more, OK? I mean, you just got to think about it like it’s a relationship. The longer you leave it, the longer you leave it without emailing people, the colder that lead becomes because they haven’t heard from you. They’ve got no reason to think about you. So if they think- if you email them once a month, like a lot of people, or less, like a lot of companies, what’s going to happen is half-way through that month, they think about, you know, they want to buy something that’s in your market.

Who are they going to think about? Are they going to think about you, who emails them once a month or less, or are they going to think of one of your competitors who’s emailing them once a week with some sort of helpful newsletter? Think about it like that, OK? You want to be top of mind, you do not stay top of mind by contacting them once in a blue moon. You stay top of mind by contacting them regularly. This does not mean spamming. I’ll get to that in another video.

This means providing useful, valuable information. Not just how-to information, but stories, entertainment, all this sort of stuff. All right; you’re going to learn all about this stuff at, and you can sign up to my list and see how I do it, but that’s it for now.

I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy. You’re watching email marketing update.

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