The Soul Doctors Scam: Dangerous, Destructive and Dishonest

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The Soul Doctors Scam: Dangerous, Destructive and Dishonest

Misha Baumann And Cécile Mennesson Promised Health And Healing… But They Used Psychedelic Drugs To Abuse, Manipulate And Brainwash Me Instead

John Wood · 36 minute read

The Soul Doctors, Misha Baumann and Cecile Mennesson

The Soul Doctors from Light Ventures (aka. Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson) are dangerous, destructive and dishonest.


That's my opinion, and it's based on the available evidence in this article.

My goal here is not to convince or persuade you. My goal is simply to share my opinion and let you make your own mind up about these two individuals.

My view?

Do NOT Trust The Soul Doctors For A Second.

They tried to bully, blackmail and intimidate me into not telling my story publicly.

When they realized I might report them to the police, they threatened to send someone to my Dad's door in Australia:


I will not be silenced.

In Case you Need More Proof Of The Soul Doctors Scam, This Story Has Been Featured On...

If you ask the Soul Doctors Cecile and Misha about this article, they will try to undermine me (no surprises there 🤣). They'll tell you that I'm just a disgruntled customer... that I have trust or anger issues (as discussed in this article)... or perhaps that I'm a little crazy.

Of course they're going to say that though (whatever it takes to get your money 🤷‍♂️)...

...but don't take their word for it. Don't let them make your mind up for you. Don't give away your power like that.

Make your own damn mind up.

Listen to one of the podcasts above or hit play on the video below. You can get a much better idea about someone on a podcast or video than you can in an article. Do I seem crazy to you? Or do I seem grounded, reasonable and as though I'm speaking the truth? Again, make your own mind up about it. Don't just take them (or me) on faith.

Also notice how the podcast hosts empathize and AGREE with me based on their own experiences in this industry. While they might be shocked and disappointed by Cecile and Misha's behaviour, they're also not surprised because this shit happens far too often in this industry.

Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

If Misha and Cecile did this to you (or anyone you know), please contact me here.

When I first met The Soul Doctors (Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson), they presented themselves as compassionate, loving spiritual healers at the top of their field.

I met them through a business networking group online.

When we realized we were all living in the same city (Chiang Mai, Thailand), we decided to meet for dinner at a local vegan restaurant.

I enjoyed that dinner immensely.

You know when you meet people who you connect with immediately? People who like all the same things you like? Books, ideas, teachers, etc?

It was like that.

It felt like the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Following that dinner, we decided to do a "coaching swap".

The deal was…

I'd coach them on their
copywriting for their business.

They'd coach me on spiritual and "quantum healing" matters.

They never told me what "quantum healing" actually was. It's just something they said they could do. It sounded fancy. And according to them, it was incredibly powerful.

Over the coming months, this "coaching swap" worked out nicely.

I coached them (mostly Cecile) on
how to improve her copywriting ability. We worked together on their website copy, webinar script, Facebook ads and more. I helped her make her writing more punchy, impactful and powerful.

In return, Cecile made herself available for questions about personal development, plant medicine and spirituality. She taught me how to use
Byron Katie's 4 questions to dissolve sticky thought patterns and limiting beliefs. She also helped me get clarity on my business, as well as how to work through challenging emotions.

Most of this "coaching swap" happened on WhatsApp. It was informal. There were no timers and no tracking. It wasn't tit-for-tat. It was more like a relaxed open door for questions. I could ask The Soul Doctors (Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson) anything… and they could ask me anything.

Due to the relaxed nature of our arrangement, it felt more like being friends than coaching each other.

It was a positive, rewarding time.

My girlfriend and I would meet them for lunch at various restaurants in Chiang Mai. We'd hang out at their house. Go to parties together. Talk for hours into the night.

It honestly felt like Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson were kind, loving and thoughtful people.

The Soul Doctors seemed to genuinely care about making the world a better place.

They seemed to care about helping my girlfriend and I evolve.

They appeared to be deeply spiritual; if not enlightened, then at least well on their way...

Everything in their life seemed to confirm this.

They called their company (and website) "Light Ventures".

Their website reads…

"Cécile helps to open the minds of others through her ability to show others another way of looking at things...

...Misha is a master healer in the quantum field, spiritual mentor, rainmaker, and entrepreneur."

They call themselves "Papa and Mama Light" and "The Soul Doctors".

They wear only white clothes because according to them, "white is the most spiritual color".

The Soul Doctors And Their White Clothes

Awww. They look so spiritual!

Cecile makes mala necklaces for herself and her clients (mala necklaces are traditionally used in meditation and spiritual practices).

They don't have any visible tattoos or piercings.

They're fond of spiritual language and sayings like "stay with the light", "high vibe" and "raise your vibration".

And they're extremely careful, controlled and conscientious about what they allow into their minds:

  • One of their favorite books is Joseph Murphy's The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. It explains how to program your subconscious mind by repeating affirmations and visualizing success.
  • Cecile didn't like it when we sent her funny GIFs on WhatsApp because she said "it gets stuck in your head".
  • She didn't want to listen to a song I wrote because "the lyrics were too sexual".
  • The Soul Doctors were shocked when they found out we saw Terminator at the movies. They even told my ex-girlfriend off for not "keeping John in the light".

Everything about them seemed to say… spiritual, compassionate, loving, careful and kind.

And yet in my opinion, it appears that...

The Soul Doctors have a dark side that they don't want you to know about.

Misha Baumann And Cécile Mennesson's dark side is a secret because it's bad for business.

People aren't going hire a coach if the compassionate, spiritual appearance may just be a front.

That's why they threatened to share confidential information about my family and "send someone to my dad's door" if I publish this article.

There's a chance they'll retaliate when they read this article. They might actually send someone to my Dad's door. They might spread rumours about me. Or they might do a million other things.

But like I already said, I will not be silenced.

I firmly believe that speaking my truth and publishing this article is the right thing to do.


Because if we don't expose bad people, they hurt more people.

So -

Let's get into it.

I hired The Soul Doctors from Light Ventures (aka. Misha Baumann And Cécile Mennesson) because I saw one of their Facebook ads. 

Like I said earlier, we'd worked out a coaching swap.

I helped them with their copywriting needs and they helped me with my mind and emotions.

One day, Cecile sent me a Facebook ad for their webinar and asked me for feedback.

It read…

The Soul Doctors Help Me Get Unstuck And On Purpose

The whole ad struck a chord deep inside me...

...but for some reason, the first line hit me the hardest:

"Get unstuck and on purpose…"

I remember feeling stuck at the time.

Life was good in many respects.

I had a good business, a loving girlfriend and I'd spent the last 10 years living and traveling around the world.

But despite the money and success, the amazing lifestyle and abundant love from a woman I adored, I felt lost. Apathetic. Without purpose.

Life felt meaningless.

Worse yet, I'd felt like that for years.

I desperately wanted a greater sense of purpose and meaning in my life… but no matter what I tried, I couldn't figure it out.

That's why the first line of that Facebook ad hit me so hard.

"Get unstuck and on purpose…"

It seemed like it was written exactly for me (as all good ads do - clearly, I'd taught Cecile well).

That resonance convinced me to hire The Soul Doctors on the spot.

Instead of our relaxed, informal "coaching swap", I wanted to get serious. I wanted more.

Looking back, it's strange.

I didn't know exactly what I was getting into at the time.

I didn't know much about what they did… especially the "quantum healing" part.

Cecile had helped me work through sticky emotions and thoughts but nothing beyond that.


We got on the phone, I pulled out my credit card and paid them on the spot.

How much?

$3,000 USD.

(I've heard their prices are $10,000+ now.)

What were the agreed-upon deliverables?

It wasn't exactly clear (the lack of clarity led to problems later).

On the phone, Misha said I needed 3 things:

  • Thought work
  • Energy work
  • Plant work

Beyond that, he didn't say much.

The first stage of the paid coaching arrangement with The Soul Doctors involved a few phone calls (the "thought work").

On these calls, we discussed Byron Katie's 4 questions further. They helped me think things through related to my business and income goals. We also talked about how to find clarity when it comes to purpose in life.

There's not much to say about these calls.

They were somewhat helpful but ultimately uneventful.

Then came the plant work and the energy work.

And that's when the Soul Doctors Scam insanity began.

First, the plant work.

"Plant work" refers to plant medicine or psychedelics.

The Soul Doctors wanted to take psychedelics together. They said they needed to take the psychedelics to perform the necessary healing work, much like shamans do in the Amazon rainforest.

So that's what we did.

The Soul Doctors' website mentions psychedelics on their about page.

The Soul Doctors' website mentions psychedelics on their about page.

The Soul Doctors said it would be a "healing ceremony".

Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson even asked me to write about my intention beforehand.

I wrote a full page that ultimately boiled down to "purpose, passion and profit".

I wanted to find a way to tie these 3 things together.

I wanted to do something I believed in (purpose), that I enjoyed doing (passion) and that I could build a business around (profit).

Then I would be "unstuck and on purpose" as their original Facebook ad had promised.

But in the end, I got something else...

Once the drugs kicked in, instead of health and healing, the manipulation, mind control and brainwashing began.

They told me that I killed 20 million people in a past life in cold blood even though "I knew it was wrong".

Misha Baumann said that 2 million of them deserved it.

That meant that I'd killed 18 million innocent people in a past life.

As a result, Misha Baumann said I now had 18 million locks on my power from the 18 million innocent people I'd killed.

He tried to release the locks...

...but then said he couldn't because whoever controlled them said "John's too dangerous".

(Remember that I was hallucinating while The Soul Doctors told me all this…)

He then appeared to discuss the matter with some sort of non-physical being or beings who I couldn't see. He spoke in a strange alien language that reminded me of the aliens in Star Wars.

Misha then said these non-physical beings agreed to release the locks... on 2 conditions:

The first condition was that Misha had to feel the pain of the 18 million innocent people who I'd killed in my past life.

Misha Baumann then writhed around next to me as though he was being tortured.

He looked like he was genuinely in A LOT of pain. His body twisted and contorted as though under immense pressure and distress. Someone could have cut one of his fingers off and I don't think he could have exhibited more distress.

He did all this while he stared at me with a terrible look in his eyes.

Imagine how your Mum or Dad would look at you if they found out you murdered an innocent person. They'd be horrified, right?

Now imagine how they'd look at you if you shot up a school. Even worse, yeah?

Now think about how they'd look at you if they found out you committed genocide, literally killing millions of innocent people?

Words would fail to describe the pain and horror in their eyes. They'd be horrified, heart-broken, disappointed, depressed, angry, scared and much more.

It'd be a soul-crushing look, wouldn't it?

It would be unsettling and uncomfortable when sober.

Now imagine seeing that look in their eyes after 3 grams of psychedelic magic mushrooms.

That's what happened with Misha.

I'd taken his psychedelic mushrooms for what he said would be a "healing ceremony"...

...but instead, he writhed around next to me as though being tortured for my mistakes, all while looking at me as though he thought I was Hitler (or in this case, 3x WORSE than Hitler).

Remember how careful The Soul Doctors are with what they allow into their minds?

I think it's safe to say that they didn't take the same care with me.

The second condition for releasing the 18 million locks was that Cécile Mennesson agrees to be my teacher. (Cecile is Misha's wife. She was sitting on the other side of me at the time.)

That's not suspicious at all, is it?


Misha and Cecile discover my genocidal past life, a MASSIVE problem in the universal scheme of things BUT…

...they also have the solution.

How convenient.

This is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book.

You manufacture a problem out of thin air and then you offer up a solution.

If the person believes you, you've got them. They'll buy your solution. They'll support your work. They'll tell their friends about you.

Like I said, it's the oldest trick in the book.

And yet, the problem might be nothing more than hot air.

I wish this story wasn't true but I'm not making a single word of this up.

This actually happened.

Sadly, people like The Soul Doctors actually exist.

Later that night, I asked Misha Baumann about the part where he felt the pain of the 18 million innocent people I'd apparently killed in my past life.

He said that this is how karma works.

That you have to feel whatever pain you caused other people to resolve the karma.

Curiously, he also said that I couldn't feel the pain myself. He had to feel it for me.

Looking back, I think this was intended to make me feel guilty. Just another piece in their game of mind control and manipulation. If I blamed myself for the pain Misha supposedly felt, I'd be more submissive and vulnerable to their control.

I also asked him why he'd want to do something like that.

Why would anyone want to feel the pain of 18 million deaths?

He looked at me with a creepy look in his eyes, tapped his fingers together like Mr Burns in The Simpsons and said "more powers".

Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

If Misha and Cecile did this to you (or anyone you know), please contact me here.

Here's Misha Baumann telling me how the genocide is in my DNA - plus how Cecile  Mennesson and him will "clear it":

He said that the genocide is the reason I incarnated into my family line.

"Though… hardly 😉", Misha Baumann adds with a wink, as if to say that I'm almost too evil to incarnate into my family line.

What kind of sick, twisted person says something like that with a fucking wink?

He then says I must have "gained some merit since then" (lucky me).

Remember, The Soul Doctors worried about cute, funny GIFs on WhatsApp because they "get stuck in your head"… 

...but they think it's ok to drug me and then tell me that I committed genocide in a past life?

Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson worried about us watching Terminator at the movies SOBER...

...but they think it's ok to give me powerful hallucinogenic drugs and then tell me I'm 3x worse than Hitler?

They're afraid to listen to a song because "the lyrics are too sexual"...

...but not afraid to drug me and then tell me I'm so dangerous that I need 18 million locks on my power?

Does that sound reasonable to you?





Compassionate, wise or helpful?

Or does it sound like stupidity, hypocrisy, abuse and manipulation?

If they did this to someone who was suicidal, there's a chance that person could go out and kill themselves.

In my opinion, they are playing with fire.

In the end, Cecile Mennesson agreed to be my teacher - though it never became clear to me what that actually meant.

Now that they'd met the 2 conditions for my release, Misha said that they could release the locks.

"But you'll be on a VERY short leash", he said.

This might sound so ridiculous that it's laughable.

It's like…

What's the big deal, John?

Why would you let any of this get to you?

Why wouldn't you just laugh it off?

It's obviously not true.

But remember, The Soul Doctors Gave me powerful hallucinogenic Drugs. 

I wasn't in my ordinary state of mind. I was in an altered state. I was hallucinating. That meant I was far more receptive and open to suggestion than I usually am. All my normal walls and protection mechanisms were gone.

Thankfully, it didn't go too deep.

If it did, I'd still be following them around like a loyal little puppy instead of publishing this article.

But some of it definitely went in.

How do I know?

Because I've spent the last 2 years pulling it all back out.

Think about it.

You don't have to believe something like this 100% for it to affect you. It's more that it nags at you. You start thinking to yourself…

What if they're right?

What if I am dark?

What if I do think too much?

What if I do actually have locks on my power and that's the reason I'm not happy, fulfilled, etc?

What if I really do need them?

The end result?

Your self-trust breaks down over time until you submit to the manipulator's control.

The goal is to break down your current personality so you're a blank slate.

Then they insert their own beliefs and values into your psyche and you become a puppet... a shadow of your former self.

It's what cults, gurus and religions do to attract followers and expand their reach. 

It's how the Nazis and North Koreans brainwashed their prisoners of war.

And it's what manipulative, abusive coaches like The Soul Doctors do in their pursuit of money and power.

Cecile actually admitted to doing something like this with me. She said something about breaking down my ego and arrogance so I could accept her teaching.

She also hated how I asked so many questions.

This made their job difficult.

I didn't take their advice at face value. I questioned it. Not to be rude but because I wanted the truth.

That made them uncomfortable.

And so The Soul Doctors did their best to undermine my self-trust.

That reminds me of that famous quote:

"Truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged."

Now, let me tell you how The Soul Doctors ran their scam on my girlfriend in her "healing ceremony".

First, The Soul Doctors Gave Her Drugs like they Gave me Drugs.

Then they dropped an atomic bomb of a bad idea into her head.

They told her that she'd been raped in countless past lives. Painful, violent rapes… over and over again, in countless past lives.

But that's not all... 

Remember how they told me that Misha had to feel the pain of the 18 million people I'd killed?

They told her something similar. They said that Misha had to feel the pain of every single one of those rapes. They said he had to do this to clear the trauma she still carried in this life.

Misha Baumann (The Soul Doctors) then rolled around on the floor as though he was getting fucked in an invisible vagina for hours.

I shit you not.

Both Cecile Mennesson and my girlfriend confirmed this.

Misha Baumann literally rolled around on the floor as though he was getting raped in an invisible vagina for hours.

If they pulled this stunt on me AND my girlfriend, then what are the chances they've played it on other people?

What are the chances that they're doing it to other people right now?

What about their clients in the future?

THIS is why I must publish this article.

If I don't, I think Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson will hurt more people.

And my girlfriend?

She's now my ex-girlfriend.

The Soul Doctors talked shit about me to her for months.

They told her that I was dark, that I had anger and trust issues, that I was arrogant, that I was even as bad as Hitler.

As a result, when I finally realized the truth about them, it was too late.

I told my girlfriend that I thought Misha and Cecile were dangerous. I said we needed to be careful and possibly even cut them out of our life.

But due to all the lies they'd told her about me, she didn't get it.

She just thought I had unresolved anger and trust issues.

So -

Not only did Misha Baumann and Cecile Mennesson meddle with my mind, they also meddled with my relationship to a woman I loved dearly. 

This led to the end of what was mostly a fantastic and deeply meaningful relationship. It was the first time I'd fallen in love. I planned to marry this girl. I wanted to start a family with her.

Even now, some 2 years later, and despite everything that happened, I still feel immense care for her soul. I sincerely hope that she one day finds her way out of The Soul Doctor's system of psychedelic mind-control and brainwashing.

I know I can't blame Misha and Cecile entirely for the end of the relationship.

But I can't help but wonder what…

What if?

What would've happened to us if we never fell prey to The Soul Doctors scam?

I'll never know.

Oh, and get this:

The Soul Doctors (Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson) secretly used one of their clients as a "drug mule" in Thailand. 

When they moved from Chiang Mai to Koh Phangan, they had one of their clients transport some of their drugs for them.

Why would they do something like that?

Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Thailand is one of the WORST countries in the world to get caught with drugs.

If caught with even small amounts of illegal drugs, you can go to prison for 20+ years and even face the death sentence.

Given the risks, it's understandable that Misha and Cecile would want to offload the danger onto one of their clients if at all possible.

That means that if caught, their client would go to prison or face the death sentence instead of them.

Good for Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson (The Soul Doctors).

Not so good for their client.

Now -

Let me tell you a few more things and then I'll wrap it up.

Misha and Cecile also said they had to clear two spirits that were on my girlfriend and I.

Then they said that I had some "psycho memories" in my DNA that Misha had to clear.

Cecile admits to "reprogramming" me too, which sounds eerily similar to the brainwashing that cults do...

The Soul Doctors claim to be able to clear bad spirits and psycho DNA. They also claim to be reprogramming me much like dangerous cults do to their followers.

The Soul Doctors claim to be able to clear bad spirits and psycho DNA. They also claim to be reprogramming me much like dangerous cults do to their followers.

Next, Cecile Mennesson discouraged me from asking questions, seeking independent opinions and thinking for myself.

Then she compared me to the Nazis who committed the holocaust, reminding me that "very intelligent educated people committed the holocaust":

Cecile from The Soul Doctors compares me to the Nazis who committed the holocaust.

Cecile from The Soul Doctors compares me to the Nazis who committed the holocaust.

This behaviour is typical of cults and brainwashing. Steven Hassan explains this in his excellent book Combating Cult Mind Control (heads up, that's an affiliate link - if you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you).

They try to eliminate outside influences, whether friends, family or even books.


Because outside influences are a threat to their control and power over you.

This is why a narcissistic romantic partner will try to isolate you from your friends and family.

I believe it's also why Cecile doesn't want me to talk to other people.

Cults also try to break down your self trust because the less you trust yourself, the more you need them. You're constantly told both directly and indirectly that they know what's best for you.

That's why The Soul Doctors constantly made out that I was dark, angry, murderous and so on. If believed them, they'd have more power over me.

Like I asked earlier…

Is this kind of behaviour appropriate from 2 people who call themselves "Papa and Mama Light" and "The Soul Doctors"?

Is this what you look for in coaches and healers?

When I finally confronted them and asked them why they did what they did, they did not apologise, make amends or offer a refund.

Instead they told me that I had some thoughts or emotions that I needed to heal or work through.

They basically told me that I was the problem. Not them.

In other words, The Soul Doctors gaslit the hell out of me. 

(Not sure what gaslighting is? You need to read this.)

I didn't see the gaslighting at first.

I thought maybe Cecile was right. I thought maybe I do need to work on my thoughts or emotions.

But something didn't feel right.

That's when I finally told one of my closest friends about what was going on.

He instantly told me "she's gaslighting you".

I looked it up and it was like a lightbulb had gone off. All of a sudden I had a word for their behaviour.

Gaslighting is toxic because it makes you doubt yourself. You feel upset with someone about something. But when you talk to the person who you're upset with, they tell you that you're being crazy, stupid or silly. They flip it back on you.

And if you're not careful, it works. You actually start to believe it.

Some people say gaslighting is "crazy-making".

It makes you feel like you're crazy.

That's what The Soul Doctors did with me.

It almost worked too.

What saved me was the feedback of close friends and family.

This is why manipulative people try to isolate you from other people. The more connected you are to people other than the manipulator (friends, family, coworkers, etc), the less power the manipulator has over you.

I believe that's why The Soul Doctors didn't want me to read too many books or talk to other people about what they were teaching us. It was a threat to their control and dominance.

It sounds like a cult, doesn't it?

Eventually, I decided to ask The Soul Doctors for a refund because I didn't get what I paid for. 

I thought they were going to help me "get unstuck and on purpose" as their Facebook ad promised.

But they used powerful hallucinogenic drugs to abuse, manipulate and brainwash me instead.

Cecile initially said she's "open to considering" a refund:

The Soul Doctors say they're open to giving me a refund...

The Soul Doctors say they're open to giving me a refund...

She told my ex-girlfriend the same thing.

But 2 weeks later, they accidentally forwarded me a private email between them.

In that email Misha appears to gloat about their no refund policy, saying he thinks "the no refund policy is a winner".

...but later, Misha gloats to Cecile about how their

...but later, Misha gloats to Cecile about how their "no refund policy is a winner".

Therefore, it appears that Cecile Mennesson lied about being open to giving me a refund. She never had any intention of giving me one.

I assume she just wanted to see if she could convince me that I didn't actually want or need one… but I'll never know for sure.


This article is getting long and it's time to wrap it up.

The moral of the story?

Based on my experience, I feel as though Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson from Light Ventures (aka. “The Soul Doctors”) are dangerous, destructive and dishonest. Avoid them at all costs.

Now -

Before I go, some resources that helped me untangle from this mess...

First, my email newsletter on how to unleash the beast inside you and become "unfuckwithable" - by getting into your body, regulating your nervous system and dealing with the past that lives inside us:

In the Rageheart daily email newsletter, I talk about the various tools and techniques that helped me tune into my body and regulate my nervous system. That's when I started to feel how angry I was. It made me realize something was seriously wrong with what Cecile and Misha were doing to my girlfriend and I. I realized they'd crossed a line.

Next, the books that helped me deprogram and declutter my head from Misha and Cecile's bullshit:

(Heads up, these links are affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

This short Udemy course on manipulators and their sneaky tactics helped a lot too:

Also very helpful was Richard Grannon's free YouTube videos on narcissistic abuse. Start with this video if you're interested (or go straight to his channel here):

Lastly, I'd like to wrap this article up with one of the big lessons from this whole experience with The Soul Doctors:

Many (maybe even most) so-called "healers" and "coaches" are full of shit.

I don't care how white their clothes are, how much plant medicine or psychedelics they've done or how many certifications and degrees they've got.

Many of them are full of shit.

They're either wilfully malicious and just looking for money and power...

...or they haven't done their own inner work and they damage others even with the best of intentions.

As they say…

Hurt people hurt. Healthy people heal.

So be careful with who you allow to coach and counsel you.

There are a lot of bad people out there that will gladly take you for a ride if you let them.

Notice I said "most"... not all.

Since my run-in with Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson, I've found some amazing healers. They're out there. You just gotta find them.

The question is…

How do you tell the bad apples from the good?

It's actually pretty simple.

The bad ones try to grind you down. They undermine your self-trust. They tell you to trust them instead. They tell you that you have anger and trust issues when you question them. They tell you not to talk to outside parties. Try to isolate you. They want to tell you what your problem is or what the answer is or what you should do.

The good ones don't do that. The good ones appreciate and invite questions. They like to be challenged. They help you find your own answers. They help you connect with your own deep inner wisdom. Then they stand back while you become your own healer… your own medicine. They help you to remember who you are.

And that's the most important thing at the end of the day, isn't it?

Remember who you are.

Does this sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

If Misha and Cecile did this to you (or anyone you know), please contact me here.