Episode #208 – Stephen Somers on Irish Direct-Response Strategies To Find “Boring” Pots Of Gold.

by John McIntyre

Stephen Somers was young (23) and in need of direction.

He didn’t want to take the corporate job route…

and wished he had an online business mentor.

When his aunt introduced him to Robert…

it changed his whole life.

Robert was selling on different online marketplaces…

and Stephen got a tried and true “in the trenches” apprenticeship.

Working for free for an entire year doing all the manual grunt work…

Paid off big time as he learned the ins and outs of Robert’s systems.

Fast-forward to today.

Partners in several companies who are killing it…

listen as Stephen retells the struggle and climb he and Robert went through…

to build several businesses…

include the 8-figure “Marketplace Superheroes.”

It’s a true Irish fairy-tale of sorts as Stephen regales us with everything they had to learn on the way up.

It’s a fascinating take of brute force and whip-smart strategy…

as Stephen applies direct-response principles to physical products on Amazon…

as well as a freight business..

an accountancy practice…

and more.

Listen now and keep your note-taking hand ready as Stephen drops a virtual pot of gold along the way!

The rewards are yours for the taking.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Sell THESE kind of products and ditch following your passion. Contrarian advice based in real-world success.
  • Business-killing reasons why Stephen and Robert stay away from black and grey hat marketing techniques on Amazon.
  • The real question you should be asking yourself if you’re selling online. So simple and yet overlooked.
  • Simple ways to build up a business from absolute zero. Don’t reinvent the wheel – do what works.
  • Jump-start your idea machine. The intriguing “full-circle” journey Stephen and his partner went on… will get you thinking.
Email Marketing Podcast Episode 208


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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