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How I Became A Very Well-Paid Copywriter (And How YOU Can Too...)

“...changed my life for the better. In just 8 weeks I got my first paid client and more lining up at the door. 8 weeks ago I had no idea how to write ‘copy’ and I really didn’t have a clue what ‘copy’ was. Now I see this new skill massively changing my life” - Black Sterling, Copywriter

What Others Say

Dude it's crazy - within a few months I should be pacing for 6-figures. Wild that it all started with your blog.

Austin Lee


John McIntyre easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year. That’s more money than some of my friends make even though they have 10x more leads.

Matthew Pollard

The Rapid Growth Guy

Last month - 12 PAS posts in my Facebook group gained me $21,000 in contracts booked!!! Thanks John McIntyre!!!

Melissa Hughes

Live Rich. Spread Wealth.

I landed a $5k/month retainer with a 7-figure client just a few months into my copy career.

Shiv Shetti


Been a member for more than a year now and learned A LOT. Have been able to use what I've learned in the course to help with fundraising for a school client - $15k in 25 days, which may not sound like a lot, but for this school it's a big deal.

Mary Kate Feeney

Email Marketing Consultant

1 phone call with you lead to $13,500 in sales within a month. In the end, you got me 16 conversions dude! Roughly $24k off of one email funnel in only 10 days. Good stuff!!

Serik Slobodskoy

Hyperbits Masterclass

Your email copywriting course was one of the very first email courses I bought, and I was finally able to quit my job this past year and be a full-time freelancer.. Your course played a HUGE role in my development and I'm thankful I found it.

Chris Orzechowski


You rock! Thank you, John! Thanks to you, and mostly you alone, I've pulled in -- as of today -- over $76K in LESS than 6 months! That's about $15K/month over the first 5 months of the site's existence. I have nothing but high praise for you, my friend! You freakin' rock in my book!! If you EVER need me to vouch for you and/or your  email copywriting podcast or even be a guest, I'll lay it all out there. The proof is in the numbers.

Terry Dunlap

Reaver Systems

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How I Became A Very Well-Paid Copywriter (And How YOU Can Too...)