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By Some Of The BIGGEST Names In Copywriting

Warning: NOT For The Easily Offended

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Before you fly like a bullet away from this page, let me tell you why you need to check this guy out.

First of all, just because he's HATED by some of the biggest names in copywriting does NOT mean he's no good at copywriting.

In fact, the whole reason he's hated is because he's so bloody good.

I've seen him DOMINATE several copywriting competitions with - again - some of the biggest names in copywriting.

And when I say "dominate", I mean DOMINATE.

He doesn't win by being a little bit better than everyone else.

He wins by being so fucking good no one has a chance in hell at beating him.

In other words...

He doesn't win by making a few more sales than everyone else... or even by selling twice as much as everyone else (though twice as good would be pretty damn good).

In reality, he wins by selling 6-10X MORE than everyone else.

Let me say that again:

He wins by selling 6-10X MORE than everyone else.

He's really that good.

And since he's a cheeky mofo, he makes graphs to illustrate just how much he dominates.

For example:


But yeah, he's not everyone's cup of tea.

So if you're easily offended and prefer your copywriting boring, politically correct and devoid of fun, you  definitely should NOT sign up for his daily copywriting emails.

On the other hand, if you love a little controversy and you like people who aren't afraid to speak their mind and stir the pot, you need to check this guy out... like yesterday.

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Reason #2 - He's one of the only copywriters I see innovating in the copywriting industry (check out his insane welcome email and you'll see what I mean...).

Reason #3 - He helped launch the #1 BESTSELLING book in Australian history.

Reason #4 - He wrote the most RIPPED OFF profile on UpWork.

Reason #5 - He's been BANNED by Reddit's copywriting subreddit because he's too  good at getting the copywriters on there to talk about him.

Reason #6 - He's probably "Australia's BEST copywriter".

Reason #7 - He did all this despite being relatively NEW to the copywriting industry... at least compared with many of the copywriters he competes with.

So if there is ONE copywriter you should study, it's HIM.

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