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“...easily nets me a few hundred grand a year... more money than my friends make even though they have 10x more leads.

Matthew Pollard, The Rapid Growth Guy


The Proof Is In The Pudding

John McIntyre easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year. That’s more money than some of my friends make even though they have 10x more leads.

Matthew Pollard

The Rapid Growth Guy

​Last month - 12 ​PAS posts in my Facebook group gained me $21,000 in contracts booked!!! Thanks John McIntyre!!!

​Melissa Hughes

Live Rich. Spread Wealth.

Dude it's crazy - within a few months I should be pacing for 6-figures. Wild that it all started with your blog.

Austin Lee


I've read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it's *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest.

​Drew Sanocki

Nerd Marketing

Dude, @JohnMcIntyre_ is really f*#@!ng good at email copywriting. Everytime I read stuff he writes I think I'm talking to his client!

​Elisa Doucette

Tropical MBA

​This is one of the best email marketing courses out there. I have taken other courses and this one is simple to understand and use. If you want to write effective emails that generate sales, this is the course for you.

​Henry Czubkowski

Email Copywriter

​Your podcast rocks! I make sure to tune in to it every week cause it has some really great stuff you just don't hear anywhere else.

​Forrest Schwartz


​John reworked our entire autoresponder and did an outstanding job with the content and research. Happy to give a recommendation.

​Mike Ziarko


John helped out with the copy for a relaunch campaign of a product that had already gone out to my list once. With the advice he gave in just one Skype call, I made just under another $2,000 with just a couple of emails. Considering my list was only 3,000 people at the time, I'll take that!

​Mike Samuels

Fitness Author

You rock! Thank you, John! Thanks to you, and mostly you alone, I've pulled in -- as of today -- over $76K in LESS than 6 months! That's about $15K/month over the first 5 months of the site's existence. I have nothing but high praise for you, my friend! You freakin' rock in my book!! If you EVER need me to vouch for you and/or your  email copywriting podcast or even be a guest, I'll lay it all out there. The proof is in the numbers.

Terry Dunlap

Reaver Systems

1 phone call with you lead to $13,500 in sales within a month. In the end, you got me 16 conversions dude! Roughly $24k off of one email funnel in only 10 days. Good stuff!!

Serik Slobodskoy

Hyperbits Masterclass

Your email copywriting course was one of the very first email courses I bought, and I was finally able to quit my job this past year and be a full-time freelancer.. Your course played a HUGE role in my development and I'm thankful I found it.

Chris Orzechowski


Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I'm even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There's no 'secret' in MM it's pure balls-to-the-wall, sound email copywriting advice that anyone can and should follow.

Blake Sterling


​I found you and your site about 6 weeks ago, and LOVE everything you do! I just finished the Masterclass, and it is awesome. I especially loved the Copywriting For Conversions bonus.

​Scott Swenson


DAMN! Your Spielberg email rocks! Sent it to my list the other day and got 3 ebook sales! LOVE your stuff and LOVE the McIntyre Method!

​Josh London

Click Convert Profit

I don't know how you do it, but you're damn good. For some reason I continue to read these emails everyday. You are a talented man John McIntyre. Keep up the good work.

​Jake Jorgovan

Lead Cookie

You. Are. Killing. It! These posts are awesome. The parents/players are loving the analogies. Keep them coming! We have had 5 enrollments in the last month. A BIG thank you goes to you for helping get them on the calls.

​Jaclyn Hawkins

Women's Hockey Life Academy

Hey John! Your emails worked like magic. We've already pulled in $52,575 from your campaign, and we're continuing to run advertising, so the sales will only increase. You were the perfect guy for the job. Thanks for delivering for us on such a tight schedule ????

Alvin Huang

Success Vantage

Well sir, the split test is in and your recommendations increased the conversions by about 19%, so I bow to you and your copy knowledge.

​Mark Manson

Author and Blogger

Here are my thoughts on working experience with John... very reliable, very honest re fees, no change in fee part way through the job, delivered exactly what he said he would deliver, was on time to the day! NOT one day late, and best of all, IT WORKS! in just 21 days, I have made 4 times more than what I paid him as a direct result of his email copy. So - if you need email help, hire John. He's the best!

Naomi Findlay

Home Staging Institute

​Hi John, Recently, I got my first client! I absolutely loved your course and would 100% recommend it to anyone interested in email marketing or copywriting in general. Thanks to you, I have reached a major milestone in my entrepreneurial journey - and even my dad (a hardcore stereotypical 'go to school get a degree get a job' Indian man) is starting to come around to the idea of me going against the grain. Seriously - it wouldn't be an understatement to say that the guidance and practical knowledge inside the McIntyre Method Masterclass has put me on the path to a much more successful and fulfilling life. Thanks again!

​Shiv Pattanshetti


​I can 100% vouch for the mcintyre method, we switched our 7 day trial to 30 day free didge course on didgedojo a couple of days ago with John's help and the results are insane (both signup numbers and conversion rate). We even had people thank us for the course who were already fans of our FB page, WTF!

​Brendan Tully

The Search Engine Shop

Been a member for more than a year now and learned A LOT. Have been able to use what I've learned in the course to help with fundraising for a school client - $15k in 25 days, which may not sound like a lot, but for this school it's a big deal.

​Mary Kate Feeney

Email Marketing Consultant

​I've applied a special label and filter in my Gmail on your messages. They are great.

​David Fobare

Email Copywriter

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