Episode #109 – John Keel on Bulletproofing Your Online Reputation (Ecommerce and small business musts)

by John McIntyre

When someone recommends you a local business or restaurant, what do you do?


If I read your mind right,

Then you would Google them to look for reviews.

From here on out,

FEEDBACK & REVIEWS will be the number 1 metric small local businesses NEED (important for Ecommerce as well).

John Keel works with small businesses, managing their local listings..

..and their reputation.

He creates online popularity.

He’s on the forefront for small businesses (any biz under 20 mil per year) with their online rep.

John KNOWS what works.

John’s been doing ranking and PPC since before Google was a company.

He knows ALL the new tricks too.

Let’s put it this way…

…Perry Marshall (his good friend) went to his seminar on PPC marketing before being the “Google Ads Guy”

That alone should say it all,

John’s kind of a BIG DEAL.

John thinks SMB are the savior to our economy,

He ranks businesses NOT based off SEO and stuff Google can wipe out…

…but on REVIEWS.

On Reputation.

Becuase their is absolutely no point in ranking your business,

If you have NO reviews, or bad ones…

Better to have reviews before going gung ho on ranking.

Maximize your efforts right?

Let John teach you all about this in today’s show.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to avoid not being trusted (and a solution that would gain you trust each time you open your mouth)
  • sales processes online and offline are changing and you’re either riding the change-wave or you’re not (learn this drastic business growth change)
  • the neat trick behind placing cookies on your readers’ browsers that retarget them with your ads over and over (increase your conversion rates)
  • laboring to convince people they need your solution is the wrong way to go about your service (learn the right way)
  • how most business can generate massive reviews by doing one extremely simple action that takes 2 seconds
  • a simple, friendly technique to ease feedback out of your customers
  • the number of reviews that you need in order to be safe, and how to grow them from there

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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