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What is Copywriting Freelance? How Does It Work?

Copywriting freelance (or freelance copywriting) is a type of work arrangement where individuals, known as copywriters, offer their writing services to clients on a project or ad hoc basis. Freelance copywriters are not employed by a single company, but work with a range of clients in various industries. Freelance copywriting has increased in recent years, … Continue reading

What Is A Freelance Copywriter?

person copywriting on a laptop

What Is A Freelance Copywriter? A freelance copywriter is someone who writes sales copy or content for businesses on a contractual or freelance basis, either on a once-off or recurring basis. Freelance copywriters are usually paid per project, per content piece, on a retainer, or as a percentage of sales. They are not employees: they … Continue reading

How To Get Into Copywriting If You’re A Complete Beginner [CHEAT SHEET]

laptop - how to become a copywriter with no experience

So you want to know how to get into copywriting with no experience? Perfect! In this post, I’m going to show you how to become a freelance copywriter. As you’ve probably noticed while living in the digital information age: copywriting is everywhere.  Google Ads, abandoned cart emails, highway billboards, OnlyFans descriptions, TikTok captions, podcast blurbs, … Continue reading

Carline Anglade-Cole on Why Your Copy Sucks But You Don’t

Carline Anglade-Cole

She’s one of the TOP copywriters in the world right now. She won AWAI’s prestigious “Copywriter of the Year” award… …got featured on Dr Oz… …wrote a promo for Oprah… …and now she’s here to give you 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting… Business… and Life! from her new book Your Copy Sucks – You Don’t!. … Continue reading

Rob Marsh on How To Earn Double What Most Copywriters Earn

Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club

Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club says he’s a simple guy. Just a dad who writes words for a living. But he’s much more than that. In this episode, Rob lifts the curtain on a recent salary survey he did with his business partner Kira Hug at The Copywriter Club. They asked thousands of copywriters … Continue reading

Have You Been Domesticated By Parents, Teachers And Society?

What’s the REAL reason you struggle as a copywriter? Is it procrastination? Self-doubt? Fear? Limiting beliefs? Negative self-talk? Self-sabotage? Imposter syndrome? Not being comfortable with yourself? Not having a clear path to follow? Not enough time? Lack of confidence? Not enough clients? No. The REAL reason you struggle as a copywriter is NOT any of … Continue reading