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Have You Been Domesticated By Parents, Teachers And Society?

What’s the REAL reason you struggle as a copywriter? Is it procrastination? Self-doubt? Fear? Limiting beliefs? Negative self-talk? Self-sabotage? Imposter syndrome? Not being comfortable with yourself? Not having a clear path to follow? Not enough time? Lack of confidence? Not enough clients? No. The REAL reason you struggle as a copywriter is NOT any of […]

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CopyHour Review: How I Became A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter

I never expected to write a CopyHour review. I mean, sure… I was one of the ORIGINAL CopyHour members, way back before it was even a real product… …but I never expected to write a review like this. I honestly had no idea where copywriting would take me. And yet, here I am. Getting paid as much as $20,000-35,000 per project. Working […]

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Autoresponder Madness Review: It’s The ONLY Program I Recommend

In this Autoresponder Madness review, you’ll discover why smart marketers LOVE it. I’ll also tell you why it’s the ONLY autoresponder course I recommend. (Other than my own email copywriting masterclass, of course.) Please note: All the Autoresponder Madness links in this article are affiliate links. That means I get paid a commission if you purchase ARM. […]

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How to Mastermind Like a Boss without Dropping $25K (Guest Post)

Screw the chicken, screw the egg.  Every new freelance copywriter hears the tirade: “you’re only as good as your mentors, as the people you surround yourself with.” Well, if you’re starting out with zero connections like I did over 3 years ago… you’re probably asking: “How do I build a network if I don’t know […]

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“I closed my first copywriting client for £1,000.”

If you’re skeptical of freelance copywriting, you might be interested in Shiv’s story… especially since he recently closed his first copywriting client for £1,000, and then his 2nd client the very next day. Couple times a week, I get people emailing me to complain that I’m full of sh*t, that you can’t make money as a […]

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11 Fail-Safe Templates for Your Next Email Campaign

This is a guest post by Haris Halkic. In his newsletter he helps you build a business based on highly effective email copywriting by using the single most important copywriting secret already at your disposal. The art of writing email copy is a beautiful thing – challenging to learn, even better to know. However, knowing how to […]

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How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

This is a guest post by Ty Brown. So you’ve decided you want to learn how to make money as a freelance writer. I’ve got bad news for you. There are a gazillion freelance writers out there trying to make money with their laptop, an internet connection, and a beach chair. They’ve got LinkedIn profiles […]

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B2B Copywriting – No, It Isn’t That Different’

Okay, copywriters. Tell me if you’ve heard this one… “No, no, no… You’re being WAY too familiar in this sales letter/email series/VSL/advertisement. This is a COMPANY. We’re a corporation. We’re selling to OTHER corporations. We can’t be speaking to people in such familiar terms.” I’ll be honest with you. This is one of my biggest […]

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How to Get Clients as a Copywriter Without Having to Hustle 24/7

1. Charge more In Episode #182 of the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast, Joe Kashurba talks about building his online business. Joe’s story is an interesting one. His business took off when he started raising prices dramatically. I want to repeat that for you to fully understand what I mean: He made more money after he raised […]

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