Rob Marsh on How To Earn Double What Most Copywriters Earn

by John McIntyre

Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club says he’s a simple guy.

Just a dad who writes words for a living.

But he’s much more than that.

In this episode, Rob lifts the curtain on a recent salary survey he did with his business partner Kira Hug at The Copywriter Club.

They asked thousands of copywriters to spill the beans on their income, experience, niche and more.

The weirdest thing they discovered?

Experience doesn’t matter.

What do you think makes the biggest difference in what copywriters charge?

Is it their age, gender, niche, education level, country of origin, where they live now or the language they speak?

It’s their niche.

Turns out, if you focus on ONE niche (and one niche only), you’ll make 96% more than copywriters who don’t have a niche.

Interesting, hey?

To get the full story, grab a coffee, tea or a shot of tequila and hit the play button below…

In this episode of the podcast with Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club, you’ll discover:

  • The weirdest insight from Rob and Kira’s “Copywriter Salary Survey” (ignore this and you could spend 10 years spinning your wheels)
  • What factor makes the single biggest difference when it comes to pricing your projects? (if you want to earn double what most copywriters earn, this tip’s for you)
  • The hottest and most profitable niches for copywriters to focus on (no, it’s just the standard “health, wealth and relationship” niches)
  • The surprisingly simple reason why most women earn less than men when it comes to copywriting (plus, how both sexes can use this simple insight to double or triple what they currently earn)
  • The 4 things that drive your price and income (if you want to earn more as a copywriter, fix these 4 things first)

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