How to Get Started with Email Marketing

by John McIntyre

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:17 – the INSANE mistake most entrepreneurs make (andtwi your opportunity)
  • 00:33 – why many businesses do email marketing BACKWARDS
  • 00:48 – your #1 action today to start building your list
  • 01:04 – a word-for-word script you can copy to write in your first email
  • 01:22 – how to make subscribers CRAVE your emails
  • 01:31 – a weird trick to stay out of the Gmail Promotions Tab
  • 01:45 – a brain-dead SIMPLE email set up that will work in any niche
  • 02:20 – my private resource for your next steps after the basics



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OK, it’s John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy coming to you from with another email marketing update. Now, given that I talk about email marketing all the freaking time, and I keep telling you that you need to do it, you should be doing it, and if you’re not doing it, then you are crazy. Like you need to get started as soon as possible, doing this email marketing thing if you have a website.

So, in a lot of movies, and a lot of the other videos I’ve been doing, some people have been saying: “Well, how do I get started? What’s the first thing I should be doing?” And this is a great question, because most people get it wrong. Most people focus on the wrong things, OK? You think about it’s about writing- it’s about, you know…I guess having a whole thing that’s planned out.

Writing everything first, then uploading it. But hey, here’s the thing: The first thing that I would do is I would, if you’re not already, set up a pop-up or some sort of form on your site. A pop-up is the easiest thing, is you can just drop a code, kind of like a JavaScript code, in the footer of your website, and that will just make the pop-up come up. You don’t have to mess around with it too much. And then you’ll start collecting leads, right? Then you’ve got leads, OK?

Now it’s like well what do you send them? Well in email one, it’s the first email, it’s one of the most important emails that’s going to be in your auto-responder, in your email marketing. Because you don’t want to just say, “Hey, it’s so and so here, welcome to the family, got a couple quick questions for you…” Ask them about their problems and how much trouble they’ve had solving them.

You get some valuable insights. Maybe say here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks or the next few days, what I’m going to send you. And that’s that. Cheers. That’s email number one, OK? And you really just want to get them to reply to that email and that’s it. Right, and that’s how I would start. Just do that, alright?

The rest will come later, you can learn all about how to do this at, but right now just do that. Set up a pop-up form and set up one email that asks for a reply. Ask them a question like what’s the most important thing to you, or what’s the biggest question you have in relation to x, in relation to weight loss, in relation to email marketing, in relation to dating women. In relation to whatever niche or market you’re in, just do that. Because what you’re going to find is that people will reply to that email, and then you’re going to be so excited that you’re going to have to go and do all the other stuff.

So I’m not going to overload you right now. Set up a pop-up, or a form, set up a pop-up, right, and set up one email that gets them to reply to it. Start there, and once you’ve done that, and you start getting excited about doing the rest of it, go to, and check out the other videos, the resources there. You’ll find everything you need there to get started with email marketing.

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  1. Where would you have me go next? After the pop-up and first email that illicits a reply, what blog post, podcast, etc. would you personally recommend I read, listen, or watch next?


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