Episode #18 – Vishen Lakhiani on MindValley’s Funnel Analysis Model (how to write the perfect email sequence)

by John McIntyre

MindValley thinks they know how to write the perfect email sequence.

Meet Vishen Lakhiani – founder and CEO of MindValley.

Now with over 100 employees and over $20 million dollars in revenue, MindValley is the largest retailer of personal development content online (and they use a TON of email marketing to grow their business).

In this episode of the Email Marketing Podcast, Vishen reveals a funnel analysis model that MindValley uses to develop million-dollar email sequences.

After using this model to analyze all of their lists, they believe they have the perfect email sequence.

And that’s exactly what it could do for you.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how MindValley developed a funnel analysis model that they use to consistently create winning email sequences
  • how to re-arrange your email sequence to increase conversions (what emails should you put where?)
  • a computer scientist’s trick to optimize email sequences
  • a simple email format that always works to make sales (add this to your sequence ASAP)
  • the surprise bonus (how to use this surprise email to get your prospects clicking the buy button)
  • Vishen’s trick for getting even the most resistant prospects to taking action

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4 thoughts on “Episode #18 – Vishen Lakhiani on MindValley’s Funnel Analysis Model (how to write the perfect email sequence)”

  1. Great hard-hitting practical tips. I love it. It’s also the first time I hear about Vishen. I noticed something and I want to thank you for it…when Vishen was on a roll, you let him go and didn’t interrupt his flow in the interview. Awesome. This interview led me down the path through the Mindvalley sites and courses…some of Vishen blog posts and his videos. I got alot more from this podcast than just email tips. Thanks Jon


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