Episode #189 – Jesse Elder On Find Your Frequency For Success

by John McIntyre

Jesse Elder was a martial arts practitioner and gym owner.

When he was a part of underground no-rules “fight-clubs”…

…he saw Mike Tyson’s quote come to life.

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Theory fell away and only the result-producing strategies survived.

Anyone that started watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship in its infancy…

…saw this same scenario play out with gruesome results.

Mystical martial art practitioners dispatched in short order.

Jesse talks about the “5 Freedoms” and how to live into them.

His year of living a nomadic lifestyle running his business and life with 3 simple things.

He never spent more than 8 days in a single place for over 95% of 2017.

He details the difference between your business and life goals and who you are.

Why you need to live life on your own terms and how to deal with what other people say to you.

I know you will love this episode because we talked about issues that have affected everyone.

Saddle up.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Jesse’s open and simple “WIFI” approach to life.
  • The “can’t lose” secrets of the real laws of attraction. (No woo-woo here!)
  • Do you feel like an impostor? Jesse’s detailed strategies will knock it out.
  • How to spot misleading “borrowed objectives.”
  • How to avoid the most common and costly success mistakes and find your own “frequency.”

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 189


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody, we’re back with another
edition of the podcast. I’m David Allan
from makewordspay.com and we’re here
with another exciting guest today. He
likes to be called an action philosopher
he’s gonna have a lot of great ideas for
all you freelancers – freelance
copywriters, maybe freelance web
designers I know there’s a bunch of
different people who listen to the show
who also want to get nomadic – they want
to get out there and this is the perfect
guest for that stuff because like
myself he’s been a nomad for a long time
he’s been all over the place and he’s
primarily concentrated on you know
the thinking aspect they’re getting into
the right mindset… Jesse Elder welcome to
the show.

Jesse Elder: Thanks, Dave good to be here man.

David Allan: Great to have you man you know I’ve
heard your name in passing you know now
and again here and there and I’ve read
you know some your stuff listen to a few
the other podcasts you’ve been on I
really like what you’re doing I really
like your philosophy and you mentioned
it off the air before we started which
is to take some fucking action let’s
start with your own that’s something I
really don’t know let’s go back to the
beginning where were you and how did you
get into all this?

Jesse Elder: Completely
accidentally and something that just
blows my mind to this day, like I
literally wake up now and I’m like how
did this happen like how did this
lifestyle emerge and I’m just so
appreciative of all you know the

mentors and the coaches and just the

influences that I’ve had in my life and

I’m almost a five I grew up in South

Texas I was home-schooled so I didn’t

really have much of a of a you know

traditional social life traditional

upbringing when I was nine nine years

old I got into martial arts and man that

changed everything and just gave me an

outlet it gave me a challenge and then

that formed a lot of my early

experiences you know I started you know

I was one of those kids helping out in

class when I was 13 14 years old and by

the time I was 15 I was teaching class

and then when I was 17 I told my parents

this is what I want to do for the rest

of my life and they’re like thumbs up

we’re sure you can do it so yeah I mean

I just I’ve never taken a test you know

like I’m like a school test I got my

driver’s license that was the extent of

my state-sponsored education it just

it’s just been an interesting path you

know I open

my my really opened my eyes to to

helping people and and how that was just

such a vehicle for helping me through

some tough times you know emotionally

and mentally and financially and

physically and you know just teaching

was always the thing that there seemed

to at times is the only thing that made

me feel better you know was just kind of

sharing some things that I’ve learned

and and and so going through that

martial arts experience and when I was

you know my early 20s I was doing these

underground like Fight Club type things

where there’s no rules no weight limit

no safety equipment no time limit is two

two guys get in there and just fight and

it was very formative experience because

it really taught me the difference

between theory and results and I just

watched so many guys who are like you

know these guys are classically trained

very intelligent martial artists but

they step into the chaos of the ring and

that theory goes away super fast like

within six seconds right and and it

really taught me a lesson

and it stuck with me you know that and

any Theory sounds great any philosophy

whether it’s you know illogical and

spiritual or whether it’s relating to

your body and biohacking and all theory

sounds awesome what’s the actual result

and unless it moves the needle in a way

that I can measure in a way that

actually changes your life

is it worth exploring anymore so I’ve

just been I’ve just been split testing

paradigms aggressively since I was 18 or

ways to rapidly calibrate and just surf

the changes that we’re going through on

the planet right now awesome man that’s

early that’s a real cool story I know

exactly what you’re talking about

because those people who listen to the

show regularly they know I also perform

magic and I Street perform mm-hmm you

just said so resonates with me

personally because in that arena much

like the Fight Club style things you

just mentioned I mean that’s where the

it’s where the rubber meets the road you

know it’s just like actually work and

you know in my case are people in your

case maybe are people actually knocked

out or whatever in my case are people

entertained and yeah you know

become new friends of yours and and and

hopefully be funny or whatever the end

result this right yeah right it’s a

fascinating thing how those things sort

of just all these things that people

talk about often just sort of fall away

and you start to get a real education

completely man I just got chills when

you said that like that it is it is that

that binary reality that only performers

understand you know the comedian gets

onstage people either laugh or they are

there crickets

you know the entrepreneur either creates

value that’s rewarded in the marketplace

or they don’t in in relationships you

know you’re either deepening the

intimacy in connection with the love of

your life or loves of your life whoever

and however that plays out or your

warrior you’ve got this inertia going

you’re just kind of you know like

settling in there is nothing in life

standstill so I love what you said that

about being a performer and getting

feedback and it’s a very exciting way to

live it’s not for everybody because it

requires 100% personal responsibility a

lot of people don’t don’t seem to enjoy

yeah that is that is so true now for the

people out here they’re listening to

this that I interact with on a daily

basis and listen to the show I know we

have a lot of people who would like to

get mobile or let’s be patient earlier

and you know it’s just it’s such this is

a yet another one of these type things

where you know for me personally and

perhaps you could speak to this more in

a second to like I almost had like an

epiphany you know I made the jump I

remember sitting back on a friend of

mine I rented a cabin out in the woods

and in Canada and I was sitting on the

beach you know with friends and the lake

was still you know and we were just

drinking there was like a moment they

were almost like like you know it sounds

kind of woowoo but almost like in the

matrix or somewhat everything slowed

down yeah I’m done with this chapter you

know I could I can almost picture them

that book closing at that very moment

and you know for you did you have with

those types periences over this more of

a gradual thing I think they were well

they were definitely experiences for

every for every chapter of the journey

I’ve just been really and I’ll use the

word blast man I’ve just been really

really gifted by having people around me

who were doing things that I never

thought I could do but really wanted to

and and I just learned to embrace that

and so you know that the as far as that

whole getting you know getting free

thing I just we just dropped a video on

this a couple of a couple weeks ago on

on my youtube channel about these five

freedoms and and freedom it’s just a

word man it’s but living into these

freedoms is a skill set and I think

that’s the distinction anybody can talk

about the word but in my travels in my

teaching and I because it we relate it

to our artwork in our life so it’s you

know freedom of money you know knowing

that you can create value and you can

receive value at any time and not be

shackled by financial lack or not be

subject to the whims of an uncaring

marketplace so developing competence

developing a reputation where people are

seeking you out and that allows you to

set your fees and allows you to defy

what the marketplace is determined is is

you know your fees are worth and you say

your fee is not the marketplace and so I

think developing financial freedom is is

huge and then that opens up the space

for the other four freedoms freedom of

location the ability to literally I mean

I just came off with a year of being

nomadic I almost as a test I wanted to

see if I can run everything in my life

business-wise and contribution and

teaching and making money I wanted to

see if I could do it with a passport a

credit card and my my iPhone and and I

did for better a part of 2017 ironically

my phone the options you get with the

financial freedom that buys you the rest

of the options place it really is man it

really is and so you know developing a

location freedom and operating with no I

call it this this Wi-Fi philosophy Wi-Fi

wherever I’m feeling inspired and and

and that’s it like if you don’t

the place you’re in get up and leave so

for 2017 I there was only I think two

weeks in 2017 that I was in one spot for

more than seven or eight days one was at

Burning Man and one was it was at Jamie

wheels flow camp for rust healing fire

everything else was every two three days

I literally would just take my bag and

get a one-way ticket somewhere else

anywhere that felt inspiring and you

know there was you know they I wanted to

go see architecture and so I got on a

plane and went to London I wanted to go

to a party in your visa so I flew there

and I mean it just it’s a very nice

thing but it comes back it comes from

that first freedom that comes from

knowing that you’ve got value to the

marketplace and that value is not tied

to a geographic location right right so

true so true I mean that’s what a lot of

our audience is desirous of or is in the

process of acquiring themselves and I

know one of the things that you and I

think I’ll sort a list of no matter what

field you’re in there’s varies of this

is something called an imposter syndrome

where you feel like that’s a fucking

disease man it really holds people back

at one of the soul-crushing

resistances if you will to past to get

to getting that freedom to to finally

perhaps charging what you’re worth or

jumping off like you said to take a

one-way ticket to somewhere that

inspires you what do you have to say

about imposter syndrome yeah first of

all it’s a real thing like that that

feeling if anybody’s felt that don’t

don’t doubt it like it is a real feeling

and and anybody who says oh just ignore

it just do it like now they don’t really

understand it can be crippling it can

freeze you for months years in some

cases it can freeze somebody long enough

for them to relinquish their vision that

got them inspired in the first place and

I’ve seen a lot of sadly a lot of people

who have given up on the dream because

they just don’t think they can do it so

I think it is to be taken seriously

that being said once it’s identified

it’s also very very easily dealt with

and I’ve used in my own life and I’ve

and I teach this and work with clients

on this a two-pronged approach to

basically wipe out this thing called

impostor syndrome and one is an inner

philosophy an inner strategy and the

other one is an external communication

how your how you’re communicating and it

doesn’t take long I mean we can we can

Buster it right now the inner peace

really comes from this we are taught in

in society we’re taught through Kol sure

and we’re taught through work even in

school people are taught that your worth

is your your external value in other

words your worth is a human being it’s

tied to your ability to make money to

get good grades etc and then that’s

absolutely s there’s nothing tied to the

ones intrinsic value with regards to

marketplace value and yet we don’t if we

don’t acknowledge that and take steps to

separate our own sense of self-worth

from our money then it men will be swept

up in societies sort of hypnosis so the

first thing that really helps is to

literally just out loud or write it on

an index card where you can say it I

have money but I am not my money and to

externalize that and by the way that

little phrase works really well for

anything now I have a relationship but

I’m not my relationship I have a job but

I’m not my job I have an education but

I’m not my education even I have

thoughts but I’m not my thoughts and if

you want to get super meta I have a body

but I’m not my body and there’s there’s

a lot of freedom in that so just

separating ones money from from their

sense of self-worth and then you start

to look at well what are they all the

other things in my life that actually

make me feel like me that have nothing

to do with the money and maybe it’s

going for a trail run maybe it’s going

and meditating which is something that I

can’t recommend highly enough and 20

minutes a day changes everything so

looking at all these areas of one’s life

that have nothing to do with the money

actually Ari harmonizes someone’s sense

of self-worth and their sense of

self-esteem so that there’s less

resistance less need for the money you

know you can go and quote again

you can go and submit a proposal that

might feel like a larger monetary value

than you put in before but you just

don’t have your ego tied up in it

because that morning you went for a

great run no maybe you you made love

maybe you went for TRO trail run maybe

you went inside the Sun maybe you wrote

some poetry maybe you composed some

music if you’re into that maybe you

connected with some family and friends

maybe you want to go volunteer oh yeah

and in the middle of this amazing day

you submitted a proposal those proposals

sent from an ad space of fullness

actually are far they’re accepted at a

much higher rate because there’s no need

that’s attached to it and nothing

nothing dries up abundance like like

need yeah I you know that’s it’s a funny

it’s a way you put that is so true and

I’ve experienced that personally in

several different areas of my life and

it’s kind of one of those things where

ya hesitate to almost bring this up but

it’s such a good example years ago a

friend of mine she gave me the book Neil

Strauss is book the game sure yeah and

in that book amongst a bunch of other

controversial topics he talks about how

the best way he went about meeting women

that he was interested in was having

other things of better things to do

you know I’m fuller richer life that was

doing the you know that was casting the

tractor beam for lack of a better term

out into the world and attracting those

people and then this back case women in

this case perhaps clients or new friends

or however you want you know towards him

because because of this kind of stuff

because where you’re not sitting there

submitting the proposal you know waiting

by the phone you know makes you and say

that’s a great day that’s a great

analogy man I mean the the the rules of

attraction whether its chemical

chemistry or sexual or financial or

anything the rules are the same yes and

the fastest way to lose something is to

meet it the fastest way to attract

something not to get all woo but

fastest way to to bring things into our

lives is through an active appreciation

and and that’s just so simple but it’s

very subtle and it’s not quite as you

know hard charging and and you know all

that all the pretend alphas out there

like no you can do you look pretty

stressed so I’ll take my I’ll take my

reality thank you yeah yeah yeah and

it’s true I’m you know I’ve you know

even in that in that book I remember at

the very end he basically cast you know

tells people I had one of the last lines

or what I remember you just told me

people like all the rest of stuff that

I’ve just told you about these

techniques and tactics and stuff and all

those kind of stuff I told you about

it’s all kind of BS you know because you

just got to become like a better person

you know at the very end of the book of

people often like just didn’t even

didn’t read that far or whatever

mischaracterized it you know and so this

is you know the same idea now one of the

things I think I’ve seen in my own life

and I certainly seen friends suffer this

is like the other people in their lives

whether that’s the family members the

other friends there’s this of course

judgement and going on whenever you’re

on they know you one way kind of that

old hack mean saying of it you can never

go home again kind of thing or whatever

we’re right you can’t be the okay you

can’t be a new person in your in your

old stomping grounds and you know the

challenge it’s yeah it’s very it’s not

like you can’t it’s just as very

challenging and people tend to try to

hold you like you said to who they also

believe you are not just either holding

you’re stuck in yourself with what you

were tying your identity to your work or

whatever it is you’re doing

but yeah it’s this the rest of the

people and it’s almost like they’re just

by telling you what to do or what you

should be doing or what you’re doing

wrong in many ways they’re just

justifying their own internal stuff but

it but in many ways but the things they

say is what is what’s holding that

person back to those those words that

they’re casting onto that person but you

know you experienced that in your own

life as well Jesse yeah I’ve experienced

the the presence of it I can’t can’t say

that I’ve chosen chosen to be affected

by it I’ve experienced the presence of

it for sure and you bring up a great

point about the you know like like you

know the parallel saying it’s you can’t

be famous in your own hometown right and

I remember hearing it at years ago even

when I was like you know 19 20 years old

and I was teaching I just had this

innate sense that if I’m gonna be an

effective influencer if I’m gonna be a

leader or teacher and I can’t be I can’t

be one of the gang like I can’t hang out

with my students and I can’t you know

these you know students or families of

these kids that I’m teaching when they

invite me to their house for a barbecue

I just had this immediate sense that now

I can’t like young I’m your instructor

I’m not your buddy

and that just that distinction served me

really really well it also later on in

life created tremendous isolation

tremendous loneliness which then you

know I got to work through but this this

idea of other people projecting their

their assumptions onto us

I think it really comes down to this

because people treat us the way we teach

them to treat us and so if someone

assumes you know like right back in you

know in San Antonio where I’m where I

now reside again I had eight martial

arts schools you know we had we had all

the five in San Antonio and we’re

affecting hundreds and hundreds of

people in the community he and I would

go into restaurants and I would I would

have you know people greet me and I

would always get the best seats and I

would go to the car dealership and well

mr. elder hi and I always get you know

tickets to the Spurs courtside seats and

I had a country club membership and it

was like a little local celebrity thing

going on

but then I realized that you know this

is just as in my life anymore when I

came back when I moved back here is so

interesting because I started connecting

with people who saw me as that old

person and they’re saying oh so you’re

gonna open another karate school oh

there’s all this stuff and I’m just

looking at me saying you know freakin

clothes how much how much life I’ve

lived and I’m not even the same person I

mean I

like four lifetimes since I’ve seen you

mother trucker and they’re just they’re

just like so what do you do now

I just looking at missing about what

about what what do you do I said

whatever I feel inspired to do what’s

your point


yeah you know it’s like it’s out but the

thing is when we’re solid in ourselves

when we know who we are

we’re just immune to other people’s

assumptions we’re immune to other

people’s projections because you just

recognize that that’s you know they’re

not trying to hurt you they’re not

trying to harm you they’re just trying

to you know do their own thing and and

that’s a very freeing thing yeah it

certainly is I mean and you’re so t so

right wait you said I mean it’s you

really decide like earlier in the

podcast he said you know you you

couldn’t remember a time where you let

those things affect you but you were

like aware of them yeah it’s so true you

can just choose not though I have those

things affect you it’s it can be that


it’s not easy perhaps but it can be very

simple well it is very simple and and I

what I found it and I love making

distinction between simple and easy it

is simple you know it’s it’s um just a

phrase or I don’t let it affect you

but to make it easy what I found is that

creating something that’s bigger or or

creating a new set of references for

yourself doing something different

actually eliminates the those little

chatters those little voices you know

when I when I when I started traveling

and when I became nomadic and then I

circled back around and people would say

oh you know how’s Austin I’m like I’m

not I’m not living in Austin anymore Oh

what are you doing well last week I was

in Ibiza and the week before that I was

in London and week before that I was in

LA and then you know the week before

that I was in New York well I mean

there’s just something new that’s

happening and and it’s impossible for

people to put you into a box when you’re

growing so quickly yeah

I think it’s so true and and really what

you know the people are listening to

this and they and they’re thinking about

in their own lives you know these people

around you perhaps may because I’m

experienced this may be saying things

that you interpret given your current

perspective you interpret as you know

they’re not a they’re not approving of

whatever you’re doing but largely that’s

because they’re afraid or they never

think that they could do it so they’re

like like you said they’re projecting

these ideas onto you and if you let

those hold you let’s go look at it as

like their that’s their shit and

absolutely yeah move past it boom just

like that

yep yeah absolutely and just that’s a

great distinction man because when

somebody said you can do that you know

it might be true you might not know how

to do it exactly right now but isn’t

that part of the fun and that’s part of

the fun is figuring out how and what

somebody says you shouldn’t do that you

can’t do that or whatever they’re really

just talking about themselves and maybe

they’re coming from a place of concern

and to care but I just man I just get

bored easily I think you and I are

probably the same way like that it’s

like life is an adventure let’s find out

where the edge is and then you realize

oh there’s no edge because the faster I

run the more ground gets built in front

of me but I’ll never run out it’s so

true that’s such a great way of putting

it it’s it’s a weird universe man but

it’s extremely predictable and it

operates according to very very specific

laws and you know if we metaphorically

if we tiptoe through life it’s like you

know get all these quantum particles

that are sensing somehow our approach

and if we tiptoe they turn into

quicksand because they’re gonna be as

weak as we are and if we just decide

we’re gonna march forward then those

little quantum particles turn into

concrete and they meet yes with the

strength that we’re moving forward it’s

a very responsive place in the women how

do people get in contact with you Jesse

what’s the best way to access you know

what it is you offer people and where do

they go

yeah the easiest places on on the

website Jesse elder calm at the time of

this particular recording we’re

finishing a pretty sizable overhaul so

depending on when somebody jumps on a

team height they might get redirected

but that

in in literally like two days from this

particular conversation so should it be

up for folks

Jessie alder calm also Facebook and tons

and tons of free content and engagement

on Facebook my personal page is

facebook.com forward slash Jessie elder

lives we’ve there’s also an author page

that they can go to instagrams Jessie

elder lives and they can also look

Jessie elder on YouTube

awesome awesome stuff man now is there

to sort of round out this show which I

think has been absolutely fantastic is

there any last sort of parting advice

maybe a question I failed to ask that I

should over or something we didn’t get

to yet or you know just something you

want to leave people with something to

ponder what is the last thing you want

to communicate to people on this

wonderful show that you’ve you know

afforded us here today I mean I’ve had

to get time and I think you’ve done a

masterful job at just rolling with the

flow and I really appreciate it

I think it really comes down to this

most of those most of what we’re doing

is borrowed objectives we’ve we’ve we’re

chasing things or we’re seeking things

that we’ve been taught are important and

that may not necessarily be the what the

resonance of your spirit and your soul

is here for and so I think that it’s

very useful to take some time out for

oneself and turn off your phone close

your browsers turn off your computer you

know have a few hours away from the

screen and just go for a walk just you

just go for a walk no music no no you

know binaural beats you don’t need to

measure your brain waves just go for a

walk just go for a walk and and notice

what you’re thinking notice what you’re

feeling and then question how many of

those thoughts are yours and how many of

those thoughts are inherited from the

environment and and just beginning to

question those thoughts is that my

thought or is that something that I

picked up from someone else that’s the

really the beginnings of freedom that’s

the beginnings of self-actualization and

as you begin to think your own thoughts

and feel your own feelings you’ll be

able to separate the noise from the

signal and you’ll start to find your own


see and as one finds their own frequency

and honors that and acknowledges it

first in the privacy of your own silent

sanctuary your own walk your own

meditation as you acknowledge that

frequency that frequency will amplify

and pretty soon that frequency will

become a series of thoughts and feelings

that you know are absolutely yours or

maybe they’re coming from something

bigger than you but they’re coming

through you as a conduit of sorts those

signals are unmistakable

and that’s when amazing shit starts to

shake loose that’s when people leave

jobs that that are actually stuck in

their soul and they begin a work that

produces 5x the income and infinitely

more more happiness

but it comes from the silence it comes

from from seeking their own signal and

and finding and following their own

frequency Wow that is so powerful that

it’s such a such a great way to put it

man people should listen back to this

this whole episode many time though I’m

going to this is just so many little

nuggets any other you’ve dropped over

the last bit here and it’s especially

this last little segment amazing ideas

that will take some time to think and a

lot of people I think but it’ll empower

you to go out and get on your own path

and get the end out of this life and

help others get the things they want

over their lives that people understand

yourself yeah it’s been a pleasure man

it’s been oh this is fantastic this is a

great way to kick off a morning and I

really appreciate you taking the time to

come on the show likewise Dave thank you

for setting this up and for having me on

as a guest and look forward to seeing

you soon yeah man absolutely and for

everybody else we’ll be back with

another exciting guest next week tune in

then because it’ll be hopefully just a

special of what jesse has given us

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