Episode #57 – Nick Francis on How To Create A Great Brand Through Value Over ROI.

by John McIntyre

Watch out!

Nick Francis is in town and he’s got a controversial message to share:

You’re doing it all wrong.

What the heck?

According to Nick, focusing on ROI instead of the “customer experience” is a dead-end long-term strategy.

Sure… you’ll make some money.

But in the long run?

Because you’re focused on ROI instead of creating a great product, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot and hamstring your business.

In other words, he recommends that you zone in on exceeding your customers’ expectations.

The classic example?


Great marketing, sure.

But the real secret?

Create a product that changes people’s lives.

It’s all about your brand… your products, content, customer experience…

It’s about delivering an unforgettable experience for your customers.

THIS creates a lifetime relationship.

Some people think that being a “brand” guy means you’re a nerd.

But in today’s podcast, you’ll discover a different reality…

…a reality where branding, and focusing on the customer experience, trumps everything else… including a relentless focus on ROI.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The “controversial” tactic that will earn you more money  (it’s so easy you might feel like you’re stealing!).
  • radical way to think about revenue to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL (hint: think, value).
  • Why connecting your marketing to your ROI is less important than your branding and actual marketing itself (make WAYYY more money than with ROI). 
  • How to avoid the success blocker that will have you running in circles and wasting all your energy.
  • The 3 lenses to view your ideal customers through in order to know exactly WHAT they want and WHY (your opportunities will SKYROCKET by knowing the what’s and why’s).
  • The best incentives you NEED to be using (proven to work and easy to make!).
  • How to create an amazing experience for your customers, so they keep on buying your stuff!

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


  • Help Scout – Nick Francis’ very own Help Desk Software. The site has an excellent growth and marketing strategies blog.
  • Russell Branson’s 108 Proven Split Test Wins. The book backed by some smart marketing.
  • Tech Stars Startup Accelorator: Used to startup Help Scout three years ago!

Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO


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