Episode #124 – John McIntyre on The 7 Step Checklist to Automated Ecommerce Email Marketing Success

by John McIntyre

Did you know right now you are giving away money for free each year in your ecommerce business?

This sizeable chunk of revenue left out on the table is not something you can get back either.

While there’s not much you can do to retain that lost cash,

There’s TONS you can do, starting today, to make sure YOU end up with all future potential revenue to be had.

In this episode, I talk about my ecommerce email marketing agency,

..and then jump into full-on implementable action steps for you or your email marketing team member to use.

This episode alone has enough information to get your ecommerce marketing campaigns chiseled.

So do take notes.

If you can’t take notes now, then bookmark and come back later because the message delivered today equals MONEY FOR YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS.

From cart abandonment sequences and techniques to avoid creating coupon-crazy customers,

To browse abandoment trigger sequences where you have the opportunity to overcome all objections and get complex sales, and much, MUCH more.

This episode is JAM PACKED with noteworthy ecommerce email marketing insights.



In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • various ways to add value to your commerce customers without having to offer them discounts and cheapen your brand
  • exactly what a good ecommerce offer entails, and how to craft killer ones that attract many email optins
  • why a USP is absolutely vital for giving your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors (and how to find yours)
  • how to casually weave in offers within your email sequences (add value and find the best opportunities to pitch)
  • basic email mannerisms-tips to keep your campaigns running great over time
  • advanced and basic ways to set up reengagement sequences, post purchase sequences, lead capture sequences, and more
  • the secret leveraging email trick that will turn your highly-opened shipping confirmation email into a very profitable one

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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  • reENGAGER.com – book a phone call with me. We’ll chat for 30 minutes about how to implement some of these strategies, how to personalise them, and then I’ll answer any questions you may have.

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Raw transcript:

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John McIntyre: Alright it’s John McIntyre here, the auto responder guy and I’m

here today with myself and me myself and I. Yes, today I’m going to a podcast just with me and yup

that does can be a little bit different. I haven’t done this before in the past and today, reason I am

doing this really is because I am launching an agency. I am doing something different. So, I am going to

take the Mcmethod and it may or may not exist in its current form within a few months and I’m going to

roll it into an e-commerce email marketing agency. Now, there is number of reasons for this which I

have explained to the people on my email list. So, if you want to learn more about some of the other

reason why behind this … the decision and all the … related to this decision. Jump on to the email list

that mcmethod.com and hear more about it in the coming months, but as part of that is part of

preparing data, I put together. I wanted to put together a podcast specifically on email marketing.

Specifically on the subject matter that this is the way you can help. So, here’s the thing, if you have an

e-commerce store and you’re doing anywhere from probably six figures $100,000 in sales a year or more

this episode going to be incredibly valuable to you.

The reason why for that is because email marketing in many cases for e-commerce store will increase

revenue by at least 10% and sometimes as much as 30 or 40 percent, ok. Now, the great thing about

this is it’s so predictable, because you could have to store doing $100,000 a year you’re going to

implement the strategies that you learn today and you could add an extra $10,000 dollars to your

bottom line or even up to thirty or forty thousand dollars to bottom line. Now, with the … really

exciting is basically the exponential of effect, which is to say if you have a million dollar store and set

up a $10,000 increase, you’re now looking at a $100,000 to $400,000. If you have a let me mention say

a some has spoke to me on the phone recently. They’re doing twenty million dollars a year in sales and

of course he wants to grow further, but their marketing, their email marketing accounts for fairly

having a 30 to 40 percent memory of their revenue. They’re doing $20 million dollars a year and eight

million dollars that is just from email. So, they are doing extremely well enough and the reason why is

because they’re very aggressive, but not just with their email but with their marketing. That’s the

guidelines that company is a shop, shop guy and I learned a lot from him when we spoke. So, the

reason why I mentioned him is that the busiest store the most valuable this is going to be. The most

sales that you, the more valuable this is going to be. Now, if you’re only just getting started or you only

have a store doing a couple of hundred thousand dollars each year, it’s going to be valuable not just in a

fact that you know that if you’re doing a $100,000 dollars now you might make 10 ok.

It’s going to be valuable in a fact that not only you’re going to make 10, you know, the first one this is

all set up. You’re going to make 10 for every single month on and on and on and on forever, as long as

you have it for as long as you run these campaigns. So, if you don’t set this up now, you looking a little

thing I dislike. You’re losing $10,000 a month if you don’t implement the strategy you have to lunch

today ok. Now the reason why I mentioned all that is because what I want to do is t get excited. I want

you to focus on the source and this is really this episode is specifically for ecommerce store owners

that someone with a shopify store or magenta or spree or I mean any of the other ecommerce platform

at a big commerce. However, if you are selling e-books or professional services or anything else that

you can sell online.

I think that you still get quite a lot of ideas from this episode, okay. So, it’s all about taking ideas from

one industry and applying them to others. So, even though this is going to be specifically for ecommerce

but it’s going to be application that I mention like … for other types of businesses ok. Now,

all this combination is really about everything the sort of here today is based on what I’ve learned

recently that I am putting to an e-commerce … signed on a few clients or working with them right

now to you know implement the strategies and increase their revenue like this. So, that’s the other side

of this. If you’re interested in these strategies here today, but you don’t have the time, you don’t have

the energy or maybe just don’t have the expertise, because a lot of people tell me that they do this or

they know all about it. They just know that if they hire someone who does this for a living or this is

their bread and butter.

They’re going to get much better results and honestly that’s the truth, okay. You … hire a general …

hire a random copywriter from some Facebook marketing group but they’re not going to be as good as

an agency specifically focuses on this ok. So, other agency had a little do this, I’m not the only one, of

course not the only one. However, if you do enjoy like the strategies here in and you want someone to

help you implement them, send me email [email protected] and we’ll have a chat or you can

actually just go straight to re-engager.com, you going to run RE-ENGAGER DOT COM and you can book a

call with me there, a free 30 minute call. Now and the free call there’s really only for companies that

are doing at least a million dollars in revenue. That’s just because my kind of value and I really want to

spend time talking to … who. This is going to make great impact. For now if you less than that and you

want to learn more jump on the email list, because when the agency properly launches in a few weeks

time or months time you’ll be … all about it. You’ll be able to build a list and so learn more about the

strategies, okay. This is actually a new podcast, new everything on this topic. So, … me for people

doing ecommerce.

Alright, so let’s get into the content today and let’s take a look at what can be done. So, first let’s start

with the problem. Now there’s a few problems with the e-commerce and as always this is gonna reply

to other view, but specifically I am talking about e-commerce. 7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their

shopping carts, okay. Now, if you’re familiar with the e-commerce you know you’re familiar with the

stats you might notice already, but just think about how beat this actually, because we’re doing a

million dollars in sales a year. That’s only 30 percent of the total people that visit your shopping cart,

okay. So, you actually going, let’s say if you’re going a million dollars in sales you actually got 3 million

dollars worth of potential sales that are going to add to shopping cart every day. You’re missing two

million dollars in that ok. Now, I see this is where you implemented … talk about different ideas there

in a second.

So, I want to get you think about the money that you could be making. Not just about the money you

could be making, the money that you’re losing as a result of not doing the strategies. As a result of

putting them up, as a result of listening to podcast like this and just now getting around to it you know.

So, I really want you to focus on that, because more you can feel that, its bit of pain. It’s a bit going to

be incompatible, more you feel that the more you going to start to take action on this. Whether you’re

hiring someone on your team, hiring agency, getting a … doing itself, it’s going to become a priority

and that’s going to be a great thing. Okay, here is another interesting fact. 3 out of 10 visitors don’t buy

anything on their first visit. Now, the reason why many traders and customers don’t buy here in the first

visit, the thing is here, if you’re not following up with people. If you don’t even have an email list,

you’re leaving a huge amount of money on table. These people going to visit your site and they make a

leave never to return.

Now, the more than you can get on to your email is better, because obviously then you can follow over

time and send them also to campaign and office that you are going to bring them back, because most

people, the simple fact is that most people aren’t going to buy first. The majority of one actually buys.

You never going to get you know like I 70% percent of conversion rate, but most people just don’t. Most

of them aren’t going to buy in their first visit. So, if you’re not finding way to keep in contact with

them over time, you’ll be leaving a probably the majority of your revenue under table. So, this is why

people set up newsletters, okay.

They set up options without for here’s 10 percent off, here’s this, here’s that. Now, the trick to making

this work best is obviously made a good offer and we’ll talk about that in a moment that how to do

that? What are the best offers and actually have come up with good offers. Here’s another thing, the

average value of a lost customer is $243 dollars and that’s global, that’s a … of all companies. So, it’s

not particularly helpful in the sense that everyone … very long spectrum there okay, but just the

average thing is this going to be … $243. Now, an interesting thing would be for you to think about

right now, what’s the customer life, what’s the lifetime value of a customer? Because every customer

that you don’t convert, because your email marketing is terribly or you just don’t it you know doing it

properly. You’re losing $100, $500, $1,000. And this is money that you could be obviously cash flow of

the company, high … to grow further.

Do all the things you got into this business for you know the whole reason you’re going into this the first

place. So anyway, let’s get out of it. I have enough talk about the why and I talk about the reason why

this is important enough, talk about the pain. What I want to do is go through the checklist that I have

developed and this is part of the checklist that I’m using with the clients and other clients working in

future. So, break down the process and give you basically the blog by blog account. think like step-bystep

blueprint for doing your ecommerce email marketing and this I’m going to try explaining in a way

that can be very simple, very easy to understand so that you know you can give it to someone onto

your team to execute on or you can do itself or you can hire a copywriter and they should be able to do

it ok. So, let’s call this the 7 step checklist to automated e-commerce email marketing success.7 steps,

now this isn’t everything. This isn’t every little thing that you could do, but it’s going to get you a long

way, probably going to get you pass the 10%, 12%, 15% revenue boost with this, okay. Now, you really go

… it is you might like I said you had to go all the way up to 30 or 40 percent like my friend with the

$20 million dollar company, okay.

So, here we go. 7 step checklist: Number one is surprise, surprise. It is a cut abandoned statement.

Now, before you laugh the thing you need to understand is that most people aren’t doing this properly.

They have done a very poor job, either just doing one email or they’re using the standard template that

they’re you know shopify where the plug-in they using doesn’t follow. The trick here is to be more

aggressive and to be … done just using standard template with no images, no desire, anything like

that. You could get much better results if you put some time and to thought into this, okay. So, basic

version we just going to get you result, but not the best result. It is going to be hey we noticed you

didn’t check out or we noticed you added so and so … but you can check out, here’s a discount coupon

for you in case you know to get you over that cliff okay. Now, that’s a very easy way to do that … like

some discount, but a friend of mine in another podcast Brendan Kelly said on the mcmethod podcast

get … discount easily is …like someone watching the store, then leave, then you chase them down the

street or giving 10% off and they come back. I’ll give you 15%. i’ll give you 20% … come back, okay. Just

makes you look like a bit of a tool, okay. Devalue products and really create for companies that are a

lot, but create behavior in a customer … customers are just waiting for discounts. Customers will

figure out that we have to do is add something you leave and look at that I will send you a 10% 15% 20%

discount ok. So, the solution is doing do the discount first. What I would do or i am doing is there is

going to be 3 to 4 emails depending on the situation. What you really want to do is want to understand

why people aren’t buying? So, going to be optimization, not 7 if we get it, you can do that, but there is

also be … now works. 3 to 4 emails. Email one is always you know why you didn’t complete the check

out, here a link to get back, that’s it okay. It’s just a reminder, is no offer, no discount. It’s just going to

look like a normal email I do you could have header in the standard ecommerce best practices that a

header in their menu and you know pitch you that product ok. They’re going to click to complete their

checkout. No offer, no discount ok. We don’t want to be like guys right down the street saying hey 10%

15% ok.

So, email 2: Social Proof okay. Now form of runners in the social thing if you three maybe four it’s really

an addendum why they buy ok so what’s going to happen when you ask her why they didn’t put the

check I replied let us know your plan let me know if you want to weather you can get people who tell

you why they did by 73 percent of the only reason people then you got a different audience there is no

reason why someone choose you over any competitor monitor price what the problem is probably in the

other things like it’s whatever their defense products and not letting you know find some of the stuff

that was going to be things that you are so the stuff they tell you okay so you know 23 and forcibly

based on that information email to see if you like an idea would be careful so decisive person any

testimony from a customer and ejection Hannah really looking forward to one two or three main

objection the three main reason people are buying less interested in this email and I’ll check out always

enough 3903 can either be another email address another objection or you could tell us the story was

heard your flight on time for that to happen the first and second you know obviously nothing stopping

you know the address the three-minute jets and you’ve done your mind and it’s still not by might just

be the price and at that point they accept the offer to discuss what happens when people buy on that

they’re not going to buy straightaway ok.

So what made you by federal law that went to the discount up to do this when most ok to move along

hiring the phone number to lead Texas sequin speed this up and get through it all or does that make us

do part of the lead Texas secret basic version of the sally kitten football what is a leak at a sequence in

order to see you might want Colin is when someone visits your website and they sign up to your list

before anything they going to go into what we call a believe taxes sequence which is yet to be a

welcome sight of a welcome series and then going to go into the office no compelling office in

throughout now a basic version of this is 45 you know what is welcome news for intensive whether they

might have been a discount or better yet you’ll be better off being a mock we don’t have to offer

discount applies guide some sort of educational material may be a bundle of some kind something

that’s going to get there that’s ok in some cases no discount going to be the best thing going to depend

on the market that you know why people by what they feature Party 93 a.m. social proof testimonial

for my top 5 some sort of interested or minus your whining about insanity case however basic.

However if there which is really the part of our data much better result is you know what strategy and

to this day no one welcome email given incentives now in a welcoming you want to ask him to reply

because if you can get someone to reply to another one of the best indicated you can have to send to

Gmail and Yahoo that people want your email if you want to receive your nothing that’s going to mean

that they are more likely to skip but you said you strengthen bob is part of the promotion to sergeant

ok when you get those reports and that’s that reason I’m out there was another relative hey did you get

my email sent you an Email minute ago did you get an email we really want people to reply OK and you

will get replies you be fascinated your of content or so Super brand doing what I mean by that is that

this sequence is not about blocking them with all sorts of office products by that body by that you want

to think about it like a relationship that you’re going to build over time that you can help them with

that you’re going to just a company France tell them stuff you are someone complained about you got

your customers back ok you don’t trust no one by that right.

But that’s ok so the way to do this is once again it’s going to depend on the part that you sound like you

an example from another guest on the podcast awhile ago the way he doesn’t know what he’s

suggesting it is growing content where you like did you have a lot of makeup to women got a pretty go

maybe someone on the team to make videos when she talks about life she spoke about you know on the

products of progress in life using an outbreak of being at the beach because it protects against tunnel

to keep saying that something like that about you selling more than I was you might explain to them

how to choose a good mama you know how do you differentiate got an idea about this how do you

differentiate between different engine have you are like the one you know the electric settled on the

poor happy wheels.

There’s about what brand it better than others ok to use different education is the key here is fine

upon you want to find ways to add value to them other than just throwing out this gap and making

office ok so take some places like all the other way to decide to send that day almost like a scratchy

you could have different last names that you could have a program a great point plan your website

that’s another idea because it is always different just wait was that he was entertainment value or

alright you know stories and things like that now an interesting thing you I have recently from someone

else does have a few new studies confirming this but it’s interesting what keeping in mind is that the

male demographic is much more likely to respond to stories and what do you like doing things like that

whereas women or female demographic whatever you want to call it is much more likely to respond to

deal with gaps in a special office that to the things that something to keep in mind while you put in it

together to selling to know what I do is in those emails we weave in office throughout that so you can

talk about a long ordeal like the self or a topic cream that you sell or whatever it is.

It yourself at the bottom you just casually saying I do you want to learn more about this exciting grab

one of these click here and go buy right now ok but once again you’re adding value and then using that

as an opportunity to pitch now plus wrong just loyalty line that is this is tough to do this not think this

really apply to any online business it’s not just what you want to do biology around email you could do

to that email you could email things you want to wire in an automatic promotion or an evergreen

follows another thing to call this is where you can incorporate basically a sale or promotion a series of

promotional emails into that automated workflow automated campaign series and what’s going to

happen is going to some of that this is trusting relationship building material and then again to get and

they going to see all the parts of the process and then out of the blue they going to get this.

This campaign discount ok and that’s going to mean that you’re always basically you’re perpetually

running a promotion to people who join us we’re just going to be great especially if you’re leaving your

quiet goes up now when it comes to join the broadcast the newsletters you going to be able to fill

those people out there that you know they’re not going to want to know what the white French quite

unfortunate number three post purchase basically buy something you want said in the campaign now

basic version and this one is a welcome email URL both explain a bit more about the process when they

going to get the product and an email to read the review the basic the advanced version of this work

it’s exciting as you like with two separate campaigns 13 first-time customers who bought the first time

and one per booked for ok you know one is what is your welcoming them on board was saying I get

thanks to purchase really love it was in the instructions how to use it instead of just going in on the

details tomorrow morning you want to resell the party possible or if you got to have it that customized


You want to resell them on the company so they don’t get buyer’s remorse for those with testimonials

are stories about people who successfully use this you know three this is go out probably around that

when they should have received their products USA did you receive the product is one of the checking

in how is it like it you know for a review and email 5461 to stop playing cross self catering is that just a

long campaign when you going to be selling you could say selling pianos piano every 20 years unless you

see other accessories which you should be unless you something out of accessory there’s nothing to do

with falling out with you selling cream maybe you find the most will run out at the for 30 days when

adding custom campaign people by like rain so they have to reorder you know when to come to realize

you automatically email them with some sort of offer or discount or promotion something like that ok.

Before number four in order and shipping confirmation now you know I think that this season off to the

highest rates of any email that you said so what that means you get lots of eyeballs on easy no more

reliable than any other e-mail that you going to be sending out the basic version of this is just adding

one to three parts in your order and shipping confirmation the advanced version and it’s really cool if

you could make customized recommendations of the shipping order confirmation so this is just come

back we’ll get these emails that went on order something and they take their going to get an email that

says he’s your receipt hear the details you shipping information in those emails you can make an offer

you can put a picture of you know related products made it three products in there by now I see levy’s

recommended that sort of like Amazon we say people who bought this also bought people who liked

this also liked now, this is in a very bad form of software that you may be able to only may only be

able to do a general sort of prop one of your products and your entire store however you may also be

able to customize you might see a movie or five main categories like if I bought category in Queens but

you just tell me to talk about I think recommend ok now the ultimate thing it really does have

customized recommendations like that people who bought this also bought that didn’t quite have

entertained expensive and you really need to be a very specific software with that I’m pretty sure the

closet ok I dot co we’ll be able to do that but I’m not a hundred percent to the better they can

definitely do more than most whether you’re headed by the way we got an email software if your Mail

Chimp and your anything new just getting started great drama Elton and you’ve been around for awhile

you need to do something a lot more powerful whether that means using something like trip which isn’t

specifically for you however does have a lot of marketing automation features.

It’s going to let it just really cool stuff or I would go on to other clubs which is what I just mentioned

already marketing to a great piece of software that the trekking through the course that they can do

all the stuff in a meeting with the loss of those your body and you see the revenue per email that the

gone out to give your really quick way to figure out is is this one is self you know very quickly you know

what your return on investment Canada which is a really fantastic position let’s continue number five

brown abandonment rate I what this means that someone said of kind of an employee at the cut at

least rather than the figure is when someone does business a certain page and then leaves without by

what they can do their local don’t know that this is why I really like if you’re familiar with my marketing

automation in the finals before you can understand how this works, what this is what we thought was

how about their age and doesn’t matter that our that pays you read all about you know that this didn’t

actually make any orders we just wanted to check in with you see you know.

If there’s anything wrong with anything we could help with this is an example of a campaign that you

can trigger based on what pages on business now the event those in this is really number six cost them

a game that is an income of one you may like that like that example I just mention you start treating

play campaign and i series of the amount to go out with someone visit the place now where this is

useful if you have a complex Para the required thing that does more objective than usual or just

requires a bit more explaining how it works ha-ha process and paid by you can put them on a campaign

when you run through some more event information about the product and really push hard for the sale

ok so I would do this would without doubt by finding my top product traffic the park to get the most

traffic by the product page and create a campaign that just was a little bit of does a little bit more

than what the shopping page on the website into Sunday’s Apple would be email 11 into the paw you

know did you get our email please reply you know three overcome rejecting the top 10 to deal with

whatever the doctor investigated a which is ideally based on a survey that you’ve done with these

people deal with those three men want you know objections.

You know forcing me social person and or perhaps a story about a study some of those used it before

want to get there was one of seconds and you know why you can just lost its discount 3 doing is selling

at the heart of being a bit more aggressive and controlling in a discounted yet because of a book by

that point it might be a prices ok last but not least trauma that has lost at least new theory

engagement sequence that is basically this is basically with someone you know signed up but haven’t

clicked or responded to an email in 30 days sixty days into this is ninety days you can’t rewrite

campaign like this so that the simple way to do just that one another’s hey with miss you visit this once

again I just tend to discount having ok this is you know one where mister notice we going to give you a

deep get to reactivate to really push hard to make them in a record by something ok we’re going to

send an email that says look if you don’t respond to us when you know that the Tribune a few days and

he offered you actually described his you lie you know you to click a link to receive scrap the weekend

if you don’t want to get completely ready to actually delivering you can put them on sort of their own

list when they get another sequence where it might be fun than 200 tons of office is at this point those

people are responding so it doesn’t matter what happened to going down that road operating campaign

that of the latter another topic another protester has so yeah there are seventy dead in a mocking

success now the goal here is what’s really been discussed here is this is an automated news almost

made for all these campaigns you can set up and you going to see substantial growth in your revenue

you still as revenue and the best part is you can spend a month during the summer you can do all this


If you do this in a way but it’s going to keep on paying for him they say the gift that keeps on playing

for as long as you keep these campaigns in order in running as long as you have to store really exciting

it’s really powerful but only if you actually input ok and that’s why I started this whole rest of the pain

here the money that you lose a fast one of my conversations with people that thing that gets them

excited about this stuff is the thought that they might be just leaving $100,000 table every $100,000 of

money that goes to get to the bottom line and they don’t have to spend more appetizing to acquire any

money on advertising to acquire that’s pretty cool what you can do and want to get into the

exponential effective because the company is for the beginner death the more money you going to

make so you might be joining a six-figure still on a $200,000 bail hearing from you sell this up you could

very well go to $110,000 but then the next month or the next year you’re going to then go to assuming

you had 20 growth which things are healthier and growing but it is only 10% of ten thousand and ten

percent 10% of that term in a 10% of that going to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

So the system’s going to grow with you yet that’s the seven-step system that are put together a very

similar to the system when using with client right now is if you’re if you’ve been thinking of getting into

any comment campaign very common store this is a great place to begin even if you’ve already got to

an abandoned campaign is a good chance that you don’t have you know you know some of these are

probably most of these live sitting here is speaking to a lot of different companies recently some of

them are a lot of them haven’t got any of this stuff set up a company like big companies that don’t do

this ok order strategies to block the hell out of the list and what they’re really doing is killing their

operates and their engagement of the time in and really just you know basically hurting or eating into

their long-term revenue potential just like any other is not enough and you actually get a home you

that is that what I want to do as well as just to finish this up with a couple different performance test

all just sort of quick tips on how to do another one now been through some of the strategies in the

campaign but you might be worried about just the email marketing basics and this is really going to

apply to anyone.

So this one you through some of this and then we’ll get going we’re going to block the number one you

want you to trust what descended to don’t use your idea not using your company name in it from there

you’re going to say ideas for a company like this you’re nothing like John comma company so they know

who the company is but they also know that there’s a person by these are just some big corporate

company or hiding behind the brand and this is someone supposed to get a pretty well here we are

serious is one thing to keep in mind is your meeting for what is the pre had a text this is where if you

look at an email in Gmail or Yahoo you don’t give you a text from the email you make sure that that

test actually said something meaningful because in a lot of cases when you have a HTML email by

clicking on subscribe or you know if you’re in a country that email click here is something that doesn’t

matter at all you want to make sure that that line there give people a reason more than you know

we’ve got tons of fun but also got that line after that which is the second innings he called the pre Edit

Text subject on the important going through right now he’s a really important this number three

included single obvious local action don’t try and have 10 different office innuendoes you going to get

much better results when you focus on 11 main button one main thing that you’re actually question as I

said earlier this number for the UK consumers will likely be at this however you just got to be careful


Got to be careful you don’t want to let you know when to train them to look for discounts ok now

another thing number five is likely to send him to see if there’s any way to that of Parliament to it for

you know announced that he would be like when you’re under 300 sales this can or can’t get this bonus

whatever it is you want to do anything you can to create the sense obviously want to check that would

take a bus from Bhopal compatibility these days is a lot of people are you reading these photos he’s

really you make sure your images if you don’t if some of the images are disabled that the email still

readable what’s right one of the biggest most biggest company in the world and females in Thailand

image and obviously my email clot disabled images when it came it ok so I could say anything email was

just a little easier because one billion.

It is so whoever sent an email saying they made a big mistake without what you want to do is you want

to test your email and those images are of the devil send it through to an email account has been

disabled and see if it makes it is what you want to do is make sure that even if the images are disabled

but they don’t appear that broke down with whatever reason that they can still understand it and they

can still go forward what’s going on with a new area that’ enough for now I could go running we going to

get overloaded here so I just had a baby you take notes if you haven’t called we listen to this next step

far this is not mentioned stop this is really about pushed creating any comments about engaging and we

launching over the coming weeks and months does not like it weird that just going to gradually

transition orbit but if you’re interested in the stuff I talked about the day you want to know more about

how to implement strategies for your company whether it’s your company are you working with the


I love to chat with you and it’s not a sales call our date tomorrow the end of anything like that really

understanding to talk to people you know we break out into the great products and help them if they’re

in good faith obviously well we’ll make some plans to transfer that but ultimately be detected helpful

so if you’d like to chat you need to go to office with my advice of my last phone call to action goes who

in this case re-engage dot com ga dot com and the page there when you can book a call with me and

we can have a chat thirty-minute completely for a thirty minute about how to win some of these

strategies for your company’s I’ll be out of money through sort of personalized of these things and

answer any questions you have about it that anything I talked about here ok and at the end we need to

talk about what it would look like for us to win the whole thing for you or you know we’ll say goodbye I

wish you the best of luck then we can talk a few months went to revenues been driven by 10:15 30% ok

that was re-engage at dot com re ga I really look forward to talking to you.

I love connecting people and I hope you had a great job of it was a great episode please let me know

what you think of it in a phone call or email me John @micmethod.com. All links here will be shown on

@micmethod.com. That’s where this podcast is still residing. Rock and roll, this is John McIntyre the

auto responder guy. I will see you next time.

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