One Simple Trick To Make Your Emails Recognizable

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:36 – how to get prospects SALIVATING for your next email like Pavlov’s dog
  • 0045 – the “special sauce” I add to every subject line (that you can steal)
  • 00:48 – how to develop your own SECRET CODE that makes readers feel INCLUDED
  • 01:25 – the one “catch” to using this trick – why it ONLY works if you add value
  • 01:35 – why subject lines are NOT the “be-all-end-all” of email copy



Download PDF transcript here.

Okay, it’s John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from for another email marketing update. In this video I want to talk about a really easy, simple, straightforward way anyone, including you, I do this, you can use to make your emails more recognizable in the inbox.

What this is going to do is, once people become bonded to you as a personality, the person in their inbox, they’re much more likely to open your email. What you want to do is you want to make it easy for them to notice which emails are yours, because then, assuming that they enjoy receiving your emails and you send them valuable content, they’re going to want to open them.

Here’s what I do. Of course you’ve got the “From” line. I talk about that in another video, but what I want to talk about today is, basically you can add a little code at the front of each subject line. For me, that means there’s a bit of a bracket like this, either side, and then I have the code for my site. In my case it’s “MM” for McMethod.

Okay? This means that when the email turns up in the inbox, subject line has, bracket, M M, bracket, and then the actual subject line. Like I said, this makes the email more recognizable so when it comes to people wanting to open my emails, just because they’re from me, I’m giving them an easy way to know the email’s from me.

This is just something you can try. I haven’t heavily tested this but I have a feeling that it does boost response, especially if you’re sending them valuable information. I don’t think it will do much for spammers because spammers don’t have a relationship with their audience, but if you intend on building a relationship with your market people are going to end up opening your emails just because they’re your emails.

The subject line is still important but it’s not the be all and end all. Okay? That’s it for today. I’m John McIntyre, coming to you from as the Autoresponder Guy. I’ll see you next time for another email marketing update.

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