Episode #190 – John Anghelache On 3 Steps To Supercharge Your Copywriting Career In The Next 30 Days

by John McIntyre

John started in real estate.

Unfortunately, they were no longer doing in-house sales training.

In the end, he felt he didn’t have the personality for face-to-face sales…

..so he found a different way to make an impact.

Writing lead generating direct response ads.

When hundreds of leads flowed in…

…so many they almost couldn’t handle them…

…he knew this was the life for him.

At Gary Halbert’s urging, John put out his shingle.

His simple and effective methods for getting copywriting clients kickstarted his career.

They will kickstart yours, too.

Or revive a copy career on life support!

Listen as he details some of the most straightforward ideas you will ever stumble across.

Now take action.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The one thing you should do before trying to secure your first client.
  • Were he to go back in time, he’d use this technique to guard against the down years and prevent the roller-coaster!
  • If you know this one fact about direct response businesses, you’ll never go hungry again. (Nor will your kids!)
  • The “newsletter” technique John used before he had a swipe file.
  • One daily practice which will have have your client calendar bursting at the seams. (It only takes a few minutes!)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 190


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody, welcome to another edition of the podcast- I’m David Allan from makewordspay.com – We’re back with another exciting guest – today’s guest I’ve heard about for many years…took one of his courses four or five years ago and was one of the things that opened my eyes to some very specific skill sets and he’s going to talk aboiut that today and he’s going to talk about some client getting strategies…John Anghelache welcome to the show…

John Anghelache: Hey, Dave, thank you, I appreciate it.

David Allan: You’re a person I’ve heard about – years ago – I guess beacause I got into it through Gary Halbert, John Carlton, people like that, your name was sort of always floating around…I heard David Garfinkel talk about you a bit and then I haven’t heatrd much, you know, for a few years – perhaps you’ve been keeping a low profile, at least from me…so maybe take us back and how you got into copywriting and your super hero origin story as we like to call it.

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