Episode #21 – Chuck Mullaney on “Email Sledgehammer” Techniques That Smash Down The Wall Of Isolation Between You And Your Subscriber

by John McIntyre

Don’t leave your subscribers out in the cold.

Welcome them inside into the warmth, where they can feast themselves on your products.

That’s what today’s podcast is about.

Chuck Mullaney is an underground internet marketing legend.

In his first year online, he made over $500,000.

He has 11 years of online success and 8 years mentoring experience.

What’s intriguing about Chuck is that he learned email marketing before going to the guruz. This gave him the opportunity to develop his own unique strategy instead of doing what everyone else was doing.

That’s his edge. It’s unique. And in this episode of the Email Marketing Podcast, you’ll discover how he does it.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how Chuck Mullaney does email differently to the guruz
  • Chuck Mullaney’s “consultive approach” to email marketing (perfect for people who feel sleazy when trying to selling to their list)
  • why trust and credibility is the focus (not selling… if you can build trust and credibility, the sales will take care of themselves)
  • how to differentiate yourself from the hordes of “me too” marketers (differentiate or die)
  • how to win the psychological chess match of email
  • how Chuck Mullaney developed his unique email approach without following the gurus
  • why the “blind leading the blind” email strategy is killing your bottom line (and how Chuck developed a unique email strategy on his own, without being lead by a blind guru)
  • email “sledgehammer” techniques to smash down the wall between you and your customer
  • how many offers should you send your list?
  • how Chuck gets people to buy high priced products ($3k+) without even knowing what the product is (their trust in Chuck is at an all-time high)
  • empathetic techniques for overcoming the inherent lack of trust on the internet
  • how to avoid becoming a “threat” in the eyes of your prospect (once their defences go up, it’s game over)
  • how to use email marketing properly to create solid relationships built on trust and credibility
  • Chuck’s “handshake” approach to landing pages (and why most landing page elements give your prospects a sick feeling in their stomach)
  • the “marketing words” that are eating into your profits and forcing your customers to close your website
  • how to write emails so your list understands you (chances are, you’re making these amateur mistakes that are confusing your prospects, not helping them)
  • how to get people to actually read your emails (most people scan… find out what Chuck writes so people actually read instead of scan)
  • what’s the most important part of sending an email?
  • how to get your subscribers to hang onto every word you say (discover Chuck’s strategy for getting people addicted to reading his emails)
  • how to apply Chuck’s internet marketing strategies to a plumber’s business (this will open your eyes to how to use email marketing with offline businesses

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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