Episode #98 – Matthew Pollard on Rapid Growth and Shining Bright Over All Your Competition (never be a “me-too business” again)

by John McIntyre

What’s one of the best and worst things you can find or achieve as a business owner?

Rapid growth.

I’ll just give you the answer there.

Because we all know that rapid growth means goals are being reached in every way (and that money is being made).

So how can it also be the worst thing?

Well, if you’re not ready for it, it can sink the ship

…but I take it you are ready for rapid growth,

and that’s why I’ve got Matthew Pollard on the show today.

Matthew’s a fellow down under native,

But where I excel at email marketing,

Matt excels at taking your business,

…and turning into a money-generating-machine.

He takes your business,

Packs it into a tiny snowball,

Then pushes it and YOU down the hill,

Quickly turning you into a rolling MONSTER of a business.

Snagging clients or selling your product left and right with ease.

How’s Matthew so good at what he does?

He’s a natural money-pulling niche finder.

He knows the unique angles to look for in business,

And he teaches you how to find yours too.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of these strategies and finally GROW, fast,

Then you’re gonna be stoked after this episode.

And you’re gonna want to get out there and show off your new skills (and make more money at the same time).

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Matthew’s all-star USP discovery techniques that lets you separate yourself from the pack
  • your brilliant elevator pitch that you’ve always had… but could never figure out
  • why you must put yourself out there and not shy away from becoming THE go-to person or business
  • why the “why’s” are so much more important than the “how’s” in anything you sell
  • a fascinating 3-step conversational elevator pitch perfecting process (and why you need to use this pitch EVERYWHERE)
  • why and how to dominate networking conferences (use these rapid growth tips to network with a purpose)
  • the blueprint structure that frames your perfect elevator pitch and explodes your sales to triple what you have now
  • what the actual term “to sell” translates to (this fact might turn your whole world upside down)
  • the reason why Matthew always calls himself a consultant instead of a salesperson (this reason will force you to be better at your business)
  • 4 questions to ask your customers that will enable you to craft a killer USP from their answers
  • exactly what you need to do as a business owner before you go out and hire a coach (do this first or else you might waste a lot of money)
  • how business owners need scripts just as much as actors do

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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Raw transcript:

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John McIntyre:  Hey, it’s John McIntyre here, the auto-responder guy, it’s time for episode 98 of the mc-method email marketing podcast where you really just getting actionable tips tricks and strategy on how to convert more leads into customers and just make some more money, so if you like money, keep listening, today we are talking to Mathew pollard. Now Mathew is actual fellow, so I am really enjoyed this episode its always refreshing to get on the phone with someone who sound like I used to sound like, I have been told I sound a bit more American these days, and just have a chat, you know have a chat like two guys in a bar having a couple of beers that’s what today is about and you know Mathew is really cool, Mathew is really cool because we have talked about, he have talked about rapid growth and niche marketing differentiations, this is really, how to stand out, because if you aren’t standing out, if you just fading into the background its going be really hard to make sales. And this applies when you are doing you know face to face staff with client or if you are selling products you have to differentiate so you must do it.. Okay, now to get the show of the email marketing podcast go to the mcmethod.com/98. Now, one thing I want to mention is I think, a lot of economic sometimes they talk about a for example McMasters where the community where there is a monthly fees to get access to training, all that kind of staff, sometimes people council obviously, I have asked a few people why they cancelled and sometimes they are like woo, I hired a copywriter so I don’t need training anymore and a like oh! Did you know that I write      copies? and you what is surprising is that you know a half of the business you know I can say , the good half of the mc-method business is hard of work so a will get on the phone with you and we will have a chat about your business, we will talk about what you need in terms of the emails or sales or split testing or sales page or whatever happens to be that you need and I will make it happen for you, so if you like work with me personally one on one where we get Skype we talk about your projects you pay me and am going to do the work for you, you should email me, because that’s what I do and a do damn good job, so if you want to email me, its [email protected] and we will chat about that we will get on the phone and talk it out, so that’s that. Now this week mc-method inside of the week is just copywriting now I have mentioned this plenty of times, this is a podcast that I have talked a lot about copywriting before, I just want to wrap on a real quick again because I have a friend this past week who has been trying to email people, trying to get them on the phone, redoing some of the messaging on the website, he knows he should learn copywriting and he knows its holding him back but he is not doing it, he is not putting in all the time all the effort to go and  learn how to write a copy because its hard work you know , I have got to spent a half an hour to an hour every morning leaning how to copy, read the books , you have got to study, he just doesn’t want to do it and for better or worse whether he likes it or not it doesn’t change the fact that its holding him back so the insight of this week is that, learn copywriting even if are the business owner you are not planning on writing too much,  it’s going to change you look at the business it’s going to change the way you look at sales and marketing staff and it’s one of the most valuable things you can learn, seriously it pays off in so many different ways, and this is way a lot very successful entrepreneurs and business people are sales people, that’s really what a copywriter is, a copywriter is a sales person who does it by hands or write it down instead does it face to face, so copywriting you have to learn it. Now what is mc-musters, you might be wondering what the hell is McMaster’s, it’s a private training community that I have, there is a monthly fees but that monthly fees get you access to me inside the forum, and the other members in there and you also get a variety of different training including the flight-ship mc-entice training method on the course on the four to 4 weeks program and by the end of it you will have written the 10 email auto response sequence business that you have written you control you can change update modify and improve it anytime, so there is bunch of other staff which you will love. So, that is that, if you want to learn more about that go to mcmethod.com and follow the links in the menu to the McMasters sales page, that is that foe now let’s into this interview with Mr. Mathew pollard.

john McIntyre: its john McIntyre here and am herewith Mathew pollard, now Mathew is a rapid growth consultant he’s got a sweet title am trying to read it without stuttering, he is a niche marketing differentiation and sale systemization coach and he basically helps you work out  how your product and services are different so in other words he is a coach and he has worked out how to differentiate himself by tagging a certain angle in the marketing I that’s why I thought he will be interesting person to chat to he’s got some cool I think some quite unique idea on how to come up with that your basically a USP, how you are going to stand out and differentiate yourself from all the other copywriters or all the other business coach  or all the other business that sale the same thing that you sale and this is a really  key thing, whether you are going to an event trying to network with people whether you are in a building business trying to sale kitchen knives  doesn’t matter what you are doing, you have to stand out Unless you want to compete in price and that really the fastest you know race to the bottom, so that’s what we are going to talk today some of how to do this elevated pair chat come up with the unique angle and differentiate yourself and sort of the way that has led Mathew right now to go and do what he does with business which is helping work this out do some of this growth staff and do it rapidly, so are going to have some fun today and  he is Australian so you are going to hear some another razz accent we getting a few of this lately and it’s always nice, I speak to a lot of Americans and its quite refreshing to get in the phone with an Australian funny enough he lives in Texas which I will be there in a few weeks, anyway, Mathew, how are you doing man?

Mathew pollard: Am doing well mate, yourself? 

John McIntyre:  fantastic, good to have you on the show man!

Mathew pollard: yeah, am excited to be hear men, thank you very much for the                                                                                   awesome introduction, am glad you got it out without the stuttered 

John McIntyre: I just read it slowly and carefully just to make sure it worked.

Mathew Pollard: you did well, you gave it justice and you even managed to catch me out in the differentiation in my title.

John McIntyre:  I think what I do too I don’t know if you do this in your podcasts bit one thing friends have caught me out on is like I put on they might be out here now, I put on this podcast voice like slightly different to the normal voice because it’s sort of like when  you are doing a show and you are interviews you are doing anything recorded you need to be a bit better with your dictionary, I bit better with your you know  the way you phrase things and speed and all those kind of things.

Mathew Pollard:  you are an Australian; you have got to learn these things slowly.

John McIntyre:  The other day too men, its if we are talking like this and how you got and that Australian accent no one understands anything we are talking about so works way better when you kind of dissing  Take your Australian accent out of it a little bit.

Mathew pollard: well, you can’t otherwise you have to call yourself the brogan podcast and again if you are an Australian isn’t to explain that so,,,

John McIntyre: a brogan, anyway we should explain that sometime but before we do that lets give a list of a bit of your background on who you are what you doing and why you are special.

Mathew pollard: Yeah sure, so I guess my core I guess when you talked on the US pays, what I am really good at is taking any idea and creating rapid growth on the method so done that and I have been responsible for the 5 multimillion dollars start up myself anything from telecommunication back when telecommunication was Citra I created the fastest growing independent communication breakage for independent mobile in the country and Australia and then just recently I worked in a marketing platform that I actually got to train a half shares of student into an atria which is American version of college, yeah, anything from national credited education to telecommunication I want to turn something into rapid growth vehicle and something like education especially you would have thought that their people working in education are intelligent people working in education because they have a lot of teaches a lot of marketing strategies and it takes year and years and years to get the first few hundred client in education yet we are we train a half theirs in three years and its purely because i look at thing from a different angle and I can teach other people to look at thing in different angle and allow them to differentiate in such a way and target a niche market that no one has thought of and that’s why we get such growth.

John McIntyre: nice, I like it. That was a great pitch.

Mathew pollard: well, you sold me as differentiator and a sale strategy I felt that if I didn’t sound good at the job people are probably going to think that I don’t quite know what I am talking about.

John McIntyre:   that’s true that’s true one thing I have noticed talking to  the Australians and the Americans and different people from different cultures is Australians typically a lot of Australians have trouble selling themselves more a bit more of like we do it in the background that puppy syndrome you don’t want to be better than anyone, while a have noticed that Americans particularly when you spend time with I spent time with them and they are much more forthcoming about what they are good at generally, I could be wrong but the ones I have met ate like that. And that was….

Mathew pollard: I would agree with that, I mean I think that especially in Australia you always down place yourself because everybody one to be the oozy battler if you like to use the equoloqualism but everybody doesn’t want to seem better than their friend everybody just want to fit in. but what actually happens is that they are not promoting themselves and a lot of times for instance when I put myself forward on what I do a lot of times people say, oh! Good am glad you mentioned that because I am really straggling I have a business, it has been running for ten years and you know matter what I do I don’t seem to grow and am always straggling suddenly I have lost customers that am just surviving and am actually glad you you’ve just put yourself forward because now I can utilize your service and some advice where by not presenting yourself in right way you actually doing people injustice because you know you good at what you do, why wouldn’t you tell people so that they can use you?

John McIntyre: mmm! Mm! That’s such a critical mind set issue that it takes a long time to get this idea that if you are in business or if you are selling anything assuming your product is good and your service is good then you really awe to not just to yourself to go and make money but to the market place to go and help because if it’s a great product they are missing out if you don’t sell it right.

Mathew pollard: look I agree with you and it’s funny because over the last few weeks I was a pitch coaching judge at Google style up weekend just this weekend and the weekend before that I was a pitch coaching judge  at the Microsoft event and the amazing thing is some of these people that are involved in this events have unbelievable ideas, like, I wish I could be shareholder in some of this ideas this people are coming up with, but when they tell me about them, am not interested at all and then they tell me about  who it helps and how it helps them am like wow! This idea is amazing, how do we get involved in this, how do we get moving with this and all it is  they are talking to me like a coach would am a business coach they tell me about the feature of the services that they offer they are not telling me any story of how it works and over the Google style up weekend is a great example I spend you work with over three days weekend and by the end of it they had this clean cut pitch and I was one of the judges for that as well I got to see the transition for when they first tell me the ideas where you know they were excited about it but a half the team didn’t even understand what they were doing to the last day where the audience of one 150 people in the back end were like oh my God this ideas are unbelievable and it’s really just about learning how to present it in a away where are demonstrating need or tell the story about a specific customer rebellion you know, who it helps and then take them through a story of how you came up with this idea to help this person and the you know I like to say this in chapter, chapter three, talk about how you created a certain product, and show them the product and step four or chapter four, talk about the financial and how big the market is to get the investors excited, and by follow up I simply you know I gave them a full state process which is very basic descripting I pitch yet for them it made such a phenomenon difference that you know the one that follow those stepping stone or process correctly it actually meant that I mean one of the groups that I worked with won the event you know but I worked with 12 intern so that’s not really saying much but you know such a major difference and it’s all about knowing how to present what you are doing in a way that isn’t selling isn’t pushing, it’s just educating by telling stories.

John McIntyre: I like, so let’s talk about that them, how to do this I mean because you got that elevator pitch you know when I am a conference when I bump into someone that might be a potential client, I have to find a way to get that across that basically am a copywriter I have marketing agency for example, but I have to find a way am in a plenty marketing agency and the copywriters and consultants and these kind of things out there I have to find a way to differentiate myself and that applies in that situation but it also applies in every level of marketing process  whether it’s you know a one on one thing or on a website or you know or even on a billboard. So, am assuming I mean, correct me if am wrong, sound like this idea is a way of coming up with call of the elevator pitch, you know you can apply it anywhere.

Mathew pollard: you really can, and it should be really applied everywhere because realistically, you create a business to provide a cool benefit and an elevated pitch is really talking about the benefits you provide, you also provide that benefit to group of people and in the elevated pitch, you talk about the group of people that you helped and generally the customers that you had in the past, probably had a few objection that they needed to answer before they take you on as a consultant. So why not put that upfront? So now it’s funny like in the better business coach podcast which we will talk about in the second, you know I break down a full level elevated pitch and in the next session a conversation level elevated pitch but its really quite simple, a basic elevated pitch and I always start with the client teaching them these because they I need to understand the foundation a little, how basic it is and how simple it is to implement and just how mind blowing the change that you get from the response from the client can be from something that is purely scripted and obviously scripted so when we are to the next stage a little bit harder and put more work and you can see that it’s going to add so much value in business that makes it worth the effort, so the primary function of an elevated pitch is you say I do x for this group of people and what segment do I work with so am basically saying that I work with straggling business and I then talk about the benefits of  all the problems that I solve so you know I help straggling business create rapid growth or avoid having huge numbers of customers complains depending on what you are pitching even if and this is where the common objective is, even if they suck at sales, or even if they couldn’t manage to process the to save their lives you come up with something that works and what is funny is its very simple I work with this group of people to fix this benefit or problem so that it would achieve this benefit or fix this problem even if most common objection, it’s a 3 step very simple process but as result of doing that a customer basically will almost feel forced to how do you do that t because I didn’t tell them how, I didn’t tell them why I did that I just said that I do this specific thing and it forces them to say how do you do that you know is I say, I work with straggling business to obtain rapid growth within their organization even if they suck at sales if somebody have a struggling business they will say, how do you do that? As opposed to if I say that am a business coach they will say to me, that’s nice, I had a business coach before yet it didn’t really work out or hallo it’s nice that you are doing business coach and I do this and a good example of this the best example I can give is somebody saying I sales insurance, how does that make you feel? I have already got my insurance sorted out please don’t talk to me that’s what happen, it’s the same when you say you are a coach this days because there are so many coaches out there and everybody knows that 95% of them their biggest problem is that they can’t get clients, so as soon as you hear I am a coach, you know that’s a new code word for a sales person so you run for the heels, so when you say I help business obtain rapid growth even if they suck at sales they are like, that’s different, I haven’t heard that before how do you do that? and it just converts it completely into on their invitation now I get to explain what I do where going back to the insurance sales person and I have to say but if you try this or have you thought about this what about if you look at it this way now am pushing my product and services on someone which I know realize that American hate pushing themselves on people and by doing it wrong you are forcing yourself to do that. And I get people all the time saying I don’t like networking events you know, you never get anything good out of them and its funny I go to networking events all the time and I really enjoy the experience I get lots of customer out of it because I ask people what they do, to be interested on what they do, they tell me that they are business coach and they tell me that they sale insurance and I say oh! That’s cool like they expect to hear and they and then they reciprocate by say what do you do and I respond with three part elevated pitch well actually now I respond with this conversational elevated pitch that I talk about in my podcast but effectively if they then respond with how do you do that? and then I get to sales to them on their invitation, so it’s not that the networking doesn’t work and its purely is, that people are doing it wrong, and if learn how to do it right it makes such a change and you and I were talking offline about the elevated pitch and its effectiveness of it and a lot of people know that the elevated pitch exist. Yet it still works so well because even though I know I am being elevated pitched, I still can’t say something like how do you do that? Because it’s kind of difficult when somebody says those three lines to you, you decide, that’s cool, you feel like you have to follow on and when you go into a conversation where you laid the pitch later, where you say do you know how many people sort of go out to start business because they are looking to leave a legacy or they are looking to create something for themselves and have that freedom so work on a beach in berlin if they want or Thailand in your sake. And then they wind up straggling financially or straggling to get client and starting to loose confident on themselves and as a result they really start wondering whether or not they should go back to work you know anybody like that? Then they are going to l say I know somebody like that, am like that and then you get a conversation again on their invitation because they thought that they have the problem and then you can move on the conversation of the pitch so that was just the test of you know what else you can do to make it better but focus on that three parts first because if you are not doing that trust me that is going to straight x your sale straight away.

John McIntyre:   interesting, there is a couple of thing to point out here, but I think one of the first one is a to do that feature verses benefits idea is that to say am a business coach or a copywriter that’s really just a feature, and my feature is well I coach people or I write copy or I sale staff. No one really cares about the feature, in a perfect world where there is no competitive no market and advertising at all and there is only one person who did each specific thing in the world, people would be like 5  am looking for the coach, he is the coach, am looking for the copywriter, he is the copywriter whereas in a competitive market place, there has to be that differentiation and that’s why feature doesn’t matter anymore because there is thousands of people who have the same feature, there is thousands of coaches, so what’s the different between them, no one is really looking for a coach, they are looking for something specific and that’s where that benefit comes in which is when you say that it’s kind of interesting that’s why I love sales and marketing because when it’s done well people know what’s happening they know it’s an elevated pitch and it’s not as though you are so good at manipulating him, it’s of case of sale went down right, it’s perfectly natural because you are just tapping into like, if you have a problem, if someone really want to quite there job and build a business and move to Thailand then if someone says that I know how to do that and he a trust worthy he have some case study there is know why they shouldn’t do it if that’s what they want to do, and there is nothing wrong with being sold at because that what they want at the first place so there is issue of sales not a bad thing at all and doing that elevated pitch, if that’s what someone wants, they are going to feel great, they are not going to be resistant to it at all because that’s what they want.

Mathew pollard:  that’s exactly right and I mean people forgotten and people think sale is a dirty word I mean, in PDTOs book 1, 0-1 one of the creators of PayPal, he talks about the fact that even though this organizations know that sales is the life blood of their organization, they almost hide the fact that they have to sale in any of their presentation like it’s  their sleazy thing they do behind the cooperative branding and that is ridiculous, the term to sale means to serve and what you really doing is presenting people with something that they may need to improve their lives, the problem is you are not serving somebody by providing business coaching , you are serving somebody by helping them as you said learn the discipline and or the skill set that they need so that they can go and work from a Beijing toilet, to truly serve someone and I always not call myself a sales person, I call myself a consultant and the reason for that is that if I don’t truly understand what you need and what benefits you are looking for, and I start presenting the product and services that I offer then I am not being a consultant a being a sales person so I always start by asking a lot of questions. Because to truly serve somebody, I need to know a lot of information so the elevated pitch is one thing because what I am really saying is you are kind of in a straggling business and kind of wants to excel by getting lots of customers and you really don’t think you can sale then come talk to me because I will help, now you are interested on how do that, let me ask you a lot  of questions first to make sure I can serve you, that’s what a consultant does while a sales person, would say am a coach and say well am not interested in coach but have you thought about this, let me read you the brochure of features that I can provide  you know I can increase your productivity, your profitability, okay cool, every coach says that what unique message do you have that you can deliver that will actually help people and provide a benefit?

John McIntyre:    I like it, so one direction that that, one thing I want to know and I think the listeners are probably a bit curious about is going to be the example so you talked about a lot of example for if you are a business coach and how you can how you can have that elevated pitch that puts you in differentiate that niche differentiation, so what about some other examples that are from like unrelated niches of business?

Mathew pollard:  yes, sure, let’s look at the insurance just because we had that one on the table before, for instance for, people in Australia they would understand that the massive flow that happened in Brisbane and a few month later we found out that a lot of those post cards own their insurance policies and they found out that they well they should for flood damage that came in from the ocean and they proved that it came from the ocean and this people found out that they weren’t ensured so they couldn’t get their houses done. So if I was an insurance sales person, I might be saying something like, I help people with that are trying to save money on insurance, find the right policies that are going to give them the security that they made the right choice even if I don’t have a lot of money. Right so what I am really trying to do there is am trying to highlight, every part of about what I do so it’s all about saving money but they still want that security, that safety in it and everybody knows if you get one you lose the other one and so they’re  going to be forced to say how do you do that and because they are to be assuming that’s not possible, when I bring it up as a conversation I will be like there are so many people who really want to save on their insurance but they have seen what happened in Brisbane and all the floods and they are just not willing to take that risk and loose there family home and but they don’t have that money do you know anyone like that? You know what I mean, you get people in that conversation and yes I know everyone is trying to save money on insurance but there is no way am going to take that risk, now we can have that conversation. Another good example, am just trying to think in the industries that, I will give an example building is a good one, in Australia and in a lot of country now the builders are in short supply, okay they are building lots of houses, and if I want to talk about selling buildings, I would say, do you know how most people want to build their families home or do you how most people want to do sub division they always find and identify problem, they always find that most builders never get back to them or never get a quote, now what they are really looking for is somebody who can really help them achieve you know getting it done on time. Do you know anyone like that? If we are doing it as an elevated pitch we would say I help people that can’t get there houses build even if they had three or four builders already and they haven’t called them back

John McIntyre: mmmh!

Mathew pollard:  right? So you know very strict guidelines in the elevated pitch is 3 steps, I help all people, help them find somebody who can do there sales for them even if they had no success before, right? So you really putting it in finite guidelines and we can go through lots and lots of example but the core ideology is, when I said all people obviously I just picked this on the cuffs helping all people is not a specific message, it’s like saying I sale us, it doesn’t give you that anything unique, like if I want to sale ice and I want to put it in elevated pitch, I could say, I help snow cone server shop get the best ice possible for their consumers even if they seem to always have machines that doesn’t work. Because everybody now well I have already consulted with the snow cone sales company, the common objection I had is my machine, it’s my machine problem and machines are too expensive to replace and funny enough you can actually create ice that is easier to shred

John McIntyre:  mmmm!

Mathew pollard:  so you know there is a lot of different ways to do it but it really about following the 3 steps strategy which is I help segment and the smaller you make that segment the less people it speaks to but again if you speak to everybody you speak to nobody, so speak to that unique segment and obviously if you go to different networking event you can have a few networking skills and you want to make sure that your networking skill is the applicable to the event that you are going to but pick a few segment don’t pick more than a few, the, what is the unique benefit that you provide them or what is the unique problem that you solve and what’s the most common objection that I have, okay, and it’s not one of the thing that you just think of and cough like you can say for business couches, the most common benefit that guess we can talk about is that you help create systems within the business and the core benefit of that is the is you increase productivity, okay, now increasing productivity how differentiated is that compared to most business coaches talk about? It’s not that differentiated so you want to get that one step further for instance if I sit on the sales coach and I help people create a sale system or feel comfortable with the sale system, people aren’t going to see that as exciting, so I talk about the fact that I create rapid growth and for all my client I mean i have got a ghostwriter this is how you get to tell the story when people ask you how do you do that, I have a ghost writer that I work with who made $25000 last year out of one ghostwriting gig within 6 weeks of working with me and $80000 out of three jobs  so as long as you can deliver that core message you know that create rapid growth is what they want, you are doing them a service you need to break into those elements, you just want to speak to them properly.

John McIntyre:  Am Loving this, am actually making note right here, after this am going to head to star box, I was already planning to do but this is important I want to sit down and until I map out this elevated pitch, I like it.

Mathew pollard:  it’s funny, I learned this at a seminar, I can’t even remember who I was listening to, but I would have been 16yrs and my parent took me and made me sit on the seminar, I went one of those 3day weekend am sure everyone received those free tickets to the seminar, where they speak for an hour them they try to sale you something, and I got rogued in sitting in one of those and funny enough I actually enjoyed it, but I learned the networking skill at that event and I had no use for it because I was a little introverted kid I had a reading skill of a sixth grader when I was in high school and I never thought I would ever have a need for it but I had written it down and years later worked out and started my own business I was like I need to talk about this and I remembered that it was written down somewhere and some reason I kept it and all over sudden I now tooled it for so many people and but you know, I don’t spend so many paper when I need to create an elevated pitch, I sit down with a pen and paper and I write it down, would be surprised if I say I spend probably less than 5min figuring it out. And I use this elevated pitch at every networking event for the next 10yrs without working on it another time, how many hours do you think they spend delivering this pitch or this elevated pitch? Hours and hours, so one rule that I had is spend more than 5min doing it, sit down work out how true benefit you deliver and if your customers, the best people that matters are your customers, feel free pick up the phone and say john listen, I really appreciate the fact that you have been my customer for the last 10yrs and I really appreciate that we have a great friendship and we have been working together that long, however, there are so many other sales niche marketing differentiation organization out there, why exactly do you work with me? And they will respond with something like you are always so energetic and inspiring or because you really help me write a great copy, I wouldn’t know the first thing about what you would say and neither will most when they sit down writing this elevated page, however what I can tell you is when you think about who you help, genuinely, your best or the people that you help when you look at the customer sale, it would be those people because they are still your customers so you will probably find they come from a few different industries but not that many wide ranging or they will have similarities, so that’s who you help that’s step 1. Step 2, what benefit do you provide, pick up the phone and ask them, so many people are scared to ask thinking there customer are going to decide not to, every time they pay your bill they decide whether or not they are going to pay you, so pick up the phone and ask them, appreciate them, they will appreciate they will probably up the spend on you next month, so ask them why, that’s your benefit and then ask the next question which I love the most which is, when you first sat down with me, what were you thinking, what was the one reason in your head for why you didn’t want to work with me? There is your even if, what you will find is most people don’t want to ask their customer that it’s also the reason most people give them for why they don’t buy the services in the first place. So it’s a pretty simple strategy I mean this is not rocket science I would love to say it with 27 steps but then people will have to pay me for hours and hours and hours, realistically we can do this in an hour session of customization and you guys have now got the formula you could do this with yourself as long as you spend the hour I will spend with you, if you only spend 5min because am not there with you telling you to spend the hour, then it’s not going to be as good as I can make it for you.

John McIntyre:  one thing I have notice being in business for a few years now is that with this marketing staff it’s one thing you are going to sit down for 5min or an hour and do an exercise like this or even go and talk to people but what happens is you come up with something and what you do it by just sitting in the star box or going and having a conversation with people, but what’s going to happen over time is that it’s going to shift and it’s going to evolve and as it bring in more data and feedback just by working with people you are going to get a clear over time if  staying on the same business and the same market, you over time you are going to get the picture of who you are and what you are doing and who you help is going to become clearer and clear so what happens is that message is going to get more and more refine.

Mathew pollard: look, definitely I agree with you, however I would say one proviso, if you stop for a second and reflect on what you do because so many people are busy and working day to day and they never look outside that, they are so busy working inside their business not on it, and what I commonly say with a lot of business coaches is they worry when they are first starting about whether or not they will be able to help their client, I can generally say depending on what they charge that they can more than pay for themselves by actually just physically being there and making the business work on their business other than in it that there and there for that hour there. They don’t have to do any more than that than be the person’s baby sitter and make sure they work on their business and this is the advice I give to all business owners.  Before you get a coach, or even though you have coach spend some time yourself physically working on your business, write the elevator skill, think about whom you work with, I mean you talk about US paid, sale proposition, when you are doing that most people don’t know what that is like when I talk to peoples goals in an organization and what their vision and they are like that’s something fuzzy I didn’t really work on, no, that’s is something you want from your customers, something you want to get from your employees and it’s something you want to get behind, and we get right through smart goals and setting those visions because it’s going to be something that will make you wake up every morning and want to go to work yet most people don’t have one. When I ask people about sales strategies and the sale system and they say am just going to talk whatever comes out of my mouth is what I say because I am trying to be unique with customers, what you are basically saying is that you have no strategy you have no process for doing it but you are happy to go in hours and hours going out and seeing clients and writing proposal and all the rejection that come with that being told No just because you don’t want to spend a few hours writing a script and then learning it, and then embracing it like an actor would do when they portray a  script so that you can deliver sport on every time.

John McIntyre:  I like it, so, right on time hear tell me about the podcasts and what you are up to and the next step is if someone wants to learn more about you or wants to work with you.

Mathew pollard: well funny I look primarily on the sale niche marketing and differentiation coach that’s what I do however I get so many organization ask me to come in and work with them and this is for over a decade now, they want me to come and create a rapid growth and the first thing I do I come and I have a look at their business they are got customer complaints, they maybe sighing up a thousand clients but 20% of them have got paper work errors, they send wrong product to 5% of them, the business is all over the place there is no solid foundation so what I have to do is I have to say hold on a second let me coach you on how to build your business on solid foundation first, ones we will create a rapid growth it doesn’t  take very long but we have to do it first, the next step is ones we create that rapid growth I still have to coach them as a business coach to how fix all the things and issues  that come along the way when you get that rapid injection of sales in your business, so because I was an introverted kid, I had $93 before I made my first sale I was not an extrovert I definitely didn’t have the gifts of the God and I learned by systemizing every single part of what I did, into a protest and I tool that into business coaching as well, over decade, every time a customer called me and said I want to talk about this tomorrow, I would change what I was doing the next morning before I went out and see them, I would create a work sheet or a template to run though with then because I felt that you should never have to do thing more than ones and if you have a business coach who sits down with you and says what will you like me to go with you today, you should get In control, how would I know what am supposed to do to fix my business isn’t that what I pay you for? So I would have a template. so, over the last 10yrs I spend, I have created a bout 155 templates that I perfected over that time, and during this podcast which I call betterbusinesscoachpodcast.com you will found in how to be a better business coach, what I have created    is basically all the ideology and all the training you need to create the most client session you could possibly have, basically because I understand what it’s like to have to learn all those thing you need to learn and create all of the things you need to create while trying to go out and find customers so am doing all the work so you don’t have to, but on top of that am also giving away all of the worksheets that I use actionable worksheet that you can physically take out and use it with your client and they are all downloadable from my site mathewpollard.guru or betterbusinesscoachpodcast.com and I have also talked about special offer that am doing for your listeners which is if you type in mathewpollard.guru/john you will get access to the 5 worksheets that I started with, it’s the ones that you use when you are trying to transition a prospects into a client it basically take from I don’t know a one business coaching to oh my God please help me you can see I have a lot of problems and the first 4 worksheet that you will use with your client to open up all those problems and start helping them, for business owners, these are great work sheets as well, because they also allow you to start you know, there is a lot of business before you should get a business coach because even I have one because just talking about your business and utilizing the for different perspective is awesome but for those people who can’t afford business coach just yet, it’s a great opportunity to actually step back and work on your business and coach yourself until you get to that point

John McIntyre: I like it, so, mathewpollard.guru/john all the link to that is shown at the mcmethod.com under the episodes, Mathew thanks for coming man.

Mathew pollard: you are more than welcome man, I had a ball.

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