Do You Know the Most Profitable Word in Marketing?

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:37 –  the one word that underlies all effective business
  • 00:51 – a primal psychological need every human being CRAVES
  • 01:30 – a trick to guarantee your prospects buy
  • 02:07 – how to make selling brain-dead easy
  • 02:24 – one clever tactic to read your customers’ minds
  • 02:32 – where to hunt for customers’ “key phrases” to use in your email marketing
  • 03:34 – how to guarantee prospects read your copy



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John: Okay, it is John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from for another Email Marketing Update. By the river today, just enjoying the scenery, having a nice time, so I thought I would record a video for you. And, today, I want to talk about the most the most important thing when it comes to, not just email marketing, but marketing in general.

It is a seven-letter word. I have mentioned this in order of times. Maybe you have seen it, and you know what this is all ready in my emails. It is a seven-letter word, and this is the word that underlies not just all-effective email marketing, but all effective marketing. Business marketing in general. And even if you are already doing it, you are crushing it you have to maintain a sense… Here it is … Have empathy. Okay?

People want to be understood. Steven Covey is famous for saying that he … something like … This is paraphrased. ‘A fundamental desire of every human being is to be understood, affirmed, appreciated.’ Okay?

And, you can do this when you market with your email orders, with your website, with all the different things that you do. You should do it with empathy. If you do not do it with empathy, none of it is going to work because people are not going to feel understood. They are going to know. Plus, you are not actually going to be solving their problems because you do not know what their problems are.

The converse, if you have empathy, if you take the time to truly understand what their needs are, you know, what they are trying to do with themselves, you will know exactly what solution you can recommend – that is going to get them the result they want. And, that is the thing. Marketing is not about spritz [inaudible 1:46]. It is about understanding them so well that you know exactly what they want, then you will be able to know, you will be able to find a solution for them.

You will find a solution and you will sell it to them. Selling is easy when you understand. All you have to do is find what problem they have and you solve it. And, solve it for them. Once you have done that, and once you can show them that you have solved the problem, the sale is made. Okay?

So, when this comes to email marketing order despondence, this means you need to understand whom you are talking to. So, you get on the phone and interview them for 20 minutes on the topic of whatever their problem is. Okay?

You could go on to Amazon and look at the key phrases people use now – the new trend of surveys. Jump in the forums, and you are going to see these key phrases that people use around your subject matter, and you want to use those key phrases on your sales pitch; in your email marketing; in your subject line.

You know how I have used both new products to create, and all this stuff… I will give you one quick example. I will give you one quick example. I will just do it with weight loss because this illustrates the point very well.

Let us say you are trying to … Let us say you are in the Weight Loss market and you send out a survey and you find out that someone says, ‘I just wish that I could lose 20 pounds of fat from my body within the next week.’

The women in this situation – women who want to lose weight for their friend’s wedding this next week. Okay? You do the survey. Imagine if you have a sales pitch that said, ‘Hey girls, would you like to lose 10 pounds by your friends wedding next week?’ Okay? And, this girl who has that exact problem in her mind, saw that headline, what do you think she would do? She would read to the next line.

And then, if you had that first line, what would she do? She would keep reading. And then slowly, gradually, that momentum will be built up, and as long as the sales, you know, the rest of the email marketing all made sense, she would buy that product because you perfectly solved her needs. And, you have used your empathy to inspire your copyright. Okay?

That is what you need to do. That is what I mean by empathy, when it comes to email marketing, and when it comes to, you know, this business stuff in general. Okay?

I am John McIntyre, the Auto-responder Guy from the You’re watching Email Marketing Update.


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