Episode #184 – Perry Marshall On How To Become A King (Or Queen) In A Frictionless World. (Bonus Investments Tips From A Billionaire)

by John McIntyre

Perry Marshall Returns.

If you listened to Episode #53…

then you already know about Perry Marshall and his book 80/20 Sales & Marketing.

He’s back again, with updates in hand.

It is an 80/20 world no longer.

Frictionless systems ( a la the Internet) have driven a new paradigm.

Giving the Wal-Marts, Amazons and Googles an even bigger advantage.

This shift has two very important aspects.

1. When things work they work very well


2. When they break it’s catastrophic.

Where there is a catastrophy there is one more thing…


We take this world for granted in many ways and often operate in direct opposition to what we should.

So Perry throws in some investing advice he received from a Billionaire.

With a capital B.

This episode will be especially important for freelancers.

Perry lays out excatly how he became king of a very narrow and obscure niche…

and how you could do the very same.

Jump into the rabbit hole…this episode goes deep.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what do Billionaire’s do when they invest? The answer may surprise you.
  • The biggest (and easiest) secret of becoming the “king” and creating your own “kingdom”.
  • Exploding Perry’s former 80/20 message. It’s now a myth and where the world is at NOW.
  • A “real-life” insight into what stepping up “to the plate” in this new frictionless world will yield.
  • A “can’t miss” way to pitch your freelance services. Perry used it to dominate. You can too.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 184


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody we’re back with another edition of the podcast, I’m David Allan from makewordspay.com – your host as per usual and we have a fantastic guest on the show today who was actually a guest on the show earlier. If you go back to Episode 53 where John interviewed Perry – Perry Marshall, welcome to the show…

Perry Marshall: Hey, it’s great to be on. Great to be on again. I always get along with copywriters. Copywriters are usually interested in lots of stuff. So if you have a beer with copywriters, you’ll probably have 87 different conversations all in less than 90 minutes.

David Allan: It’s so true, it’s so true and we have a large audience as you know, of freelance copywriters but also, of business owners and of course one of the most fantastic books I’ve read about sales and marketing is your book, 8020 Sales & Marketing – and before we started the show, you started talking about, you know, some of the new thoughts and updates you had since the last time you were on the show when the book came out. So that’s where we’re going to jump off today and if people want to hear your origin story they can go back to Episode 53 or whatever it was and listen to that but you have got some exciting new ideas so we’re just going to dive right into the deep end.

Perry Marshall: Yeah, let’s do that. You know

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