Shiv Shetti on How To Get $3-5k/Month Copywriting Retainers On Demand
John McIntyre
31 March at 02:21

Copywriting Retainers: Shiv Shetti on How To To Rapidly ‘Level Up’ And Land $3k-$5k/Month Clients On Demand

Shiv Shetti on How To Get $3-5k/mo Copywriting Retainers On Demand

Copywriting retainers are awesome.

They make life easy.

My coaching client Shiv Shetti taught me a thing or two about them.

He was the best coaching client I ever had… absolutely relentless.

He executed on every single thing I told him.

Instead of making excuses or finding distractions, he acted.


…and again…

…and again.

Now he has some incredible results to show for it.

He landed a $10m+ revenue client in his first few months as a freelance copywriter, plus several other big fish.

Most copywriters struggle to get their first client in their first year… but Shiv did it in a few months.

Find out how in this podcast.

Shiv will teach you his ‘flaming camel’ process to rapidly ‘level up’ and land $3-5k/month retainers on demand… without touching ANY of the scatterbrain ‘usual-suspect’ client-getting strategies!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to rapidly ‘level up’ and land $3-5k/month retainers on demand (even if you’ve only been studying copywriting for a few months)
  • How to use the power of ONE to eliminate confusion and overwhelm and fast-track your progress (most copywriters focus on FAR too many things at once)
  • How to package and sell copywriting services on a monthly retainer (plus, how Shiv landed a $10m+ client in the fitness coaching space without his own website or blog)
  • How to avoid the fallacy of positioning and skip to the front of the line when finding clients (you do NOT need to spend years practicing before you get your first client – Shiv landed his first client within months of starting his copywriting career)
  • How to use the ‘flaming camel’ to land clients most copywriters only dream of landing (this sneaky tactic is a fast and simple way to infiltrate your dream prospect’s inbox and grab their attention)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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