Episode #181 – Joel Erway On 3 Simple Steps To Selling Millions With Webinars

by John McIntyre

His father was an engineer, so Joel followed in his footsteps.

It took him only 8 months to realize he needed to get out of there and find something else.

With a sales position available, he jumped at the chance to interview.

He knew HVAC…

but had no sales experience at all.

When they offered him the job he almost turned it down.

Taking it changed Joel’s ENTIRE life.

He was on 100% commission…

eating what he killed…

yet growth was a very slow crawl.

He noticed that the sales presentations were weak.

In fact, they were putting people to sleep on the regular.

So he recognized an opportunity.

In every airport, he vowed to buy another book on giving better sales presentations.

Before long, he realized why the company presentations didn’t work.

Simple changes led to a 4x explosion in revenue.

What happened next, when he moved out on his own (and finally into wildly successful webinars)…

is the subject of the rest of this episode of the Email Marketing Podcast.

Dig IN!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The truth behind “experts curse”. Rule number one of an exceptional sales presentation.
  • How to avoid the horrible mistake Joel made when he first jumped into I.M. (Even thought the webinars worked!)
  • How Russell Brunson launched Joel’s webinar business by NOT giving him a job.
  • Why the delicate balance between these two factors is the secret to a successful webinar.
  • The number one most important piece of advice Joel has about webinars…and his 3-part sales format.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 181


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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