The Simple Path to Become A Rock Star Copywriter

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:42 – why improving your writing chops is straightforward – but not easy
  • 00:54 – how you can get better by being willing to SUCK
  • 01:31 – one simple strategy to learn profitable email marketing
  • 01:38 – a WARNING if you’re headed to buy another info product
  • 01:58 – the scary mental hurdle that prevents most from ever improving
  • 02:08 – the CHEESY path to winning more business



  • McMasters – my paid community of entrepreneurs and marketers profiting from email


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Okay, it’s John McIntyre here again. The Autoresponder Guy here again with another Email Marketing Update from Today, I want to talk about how do we improve. This is a conversation I was having with somebody recently. How could they get better at email marketing – at writing emails? I was coaching him and we were working through his emails, and he has got some good stuff, but there were some issues. There were some issues there, and we need to improve that.

What I realized while I was working with him is that I could sit there and I can work with him, you know, hour upon hour upon hour and do it with coaching. There is a coaching program. And, he would get better, very slowly. You know, very gradually, and it would help, and it would be useful, but what I realized at the end of the day, what works for me and what I think works for everyone else, is that getting better is really simple. It is not easy, but it is very very simple. It is not very sexy either. You are not going to get excited about this.

Getting good at something is about being willing to suck, or being willing to be bad at it for long enough so that eventually you get good at it. If you want to be good at math, just be bad at it. Go and study and be bad at math for an entire year, and then tell me if you are still bad at it after that year. Okay?

Same goes for email marketing. Go ahead and write an email a day for the next year. Obviously you need to keep some sensory awareness of how you are doing. So, maybe, make sure you are reading a good marketing book at least once a month – something like that. But really, what is going to happen is if you just writing email a day for the next year, and you do nothing else, you would get better. You would just absolutely get better because it is a practice thing. Every time you write, you would improve a little bit, and then you would improve a little bit more. And you would just improve a little bit, and then you would improve a little bit more. That is how you get good at something. That is how you get good at email marketing.

You are not going to get better with more products, more information, more e-books, more of that stuff. That stuff can help. You can join McMasters, which is my community on email marketing, but at the end of the day, you just need to practice if you want to get good. If you want to get good at copywriting… If you want to get good at anything.

Now, it kind of sounds a bit silly. It is not really that much of a secret, but I bring this up because I see too many people, and I have done this before as well, we get caught up thinking that we need something out there, something outside of us to get good at something, when really, as cheesy and lame as it sounds, the secret is in here. The secret is us just practicing and using our willpower and discipline to apply ourselves and do it consistently. Over time, that is how we get good at it. Okay?

That is how we improve with email marketing, with sales, with business, with every single thing that life has to offer. I am John McIntyre, the Auto-responding Guy from You are watching Email Marketing Update.

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