This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China

by John McIntyre

Worried about the coronavirus?

Don’t know if you can trust what the media says about it?

Want to find out how it actually unfolded in China – from someone who’s lived there for the last 10 years?

This podcast episode is for you.

Brian Miller is an American entrepreneur running a company called Easy China Warehouse.

He lives and works in China full-time so he has a unique “up close” perspective on how the coronavirus crisis actually unfolded.

Find out what happened in this juicy episode…

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how the coronavirus actually unfolded in China (from an American living in China at the time of the outbreak)
  • how the coronavirus will affect the Chinese and U.S. economy differently (and how it will probably take much LONGER for the U.S. to recover)
  • why China (and Asia) have dealt with the coronavirus so well compared with Western countries
  • how to survive and thrive the coming months and years (and what to expect in terms of marketplace conditions and recessions)
  • how to avoid getting fooled by all the B.S. coronavirus conspiracy theories floating around the web (save time and stop putting energy into stuff that doesn’t matter)


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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