Episode #199 – Gabriella Rapone On Get Into The Inbox. Secrets Email Service Providers Will Never Reveal

by John McIntyre

I first heard about Gabriella Rapone on a Facebook comment.

It was a thread involving two friends, marketers and former guests…

Justin Goff (Episode #158) and Dave Miz (Episode #145).

She is an inboxing and email copywriter expert…

having worked in some shadier areas of email in her past.

She talks about how she got into the email game.

How she helps business owners get their email game on point.

It’s a free-flowing conversation we jumped into so pardon the lack of the usual intro.

She drops a ton of knowledge.

Such as how to correct any problems you’re having getting your email delivered to the right place.

A lot of ideas and “behind the curtain” knowledge about Email Service Providers.



Writing emails.

We move fast through many issues and ideas in this short but action-packed interview.

I know it will help our listeners.

Whether getting your emails into your people’s inboxes…

or correcting the simple errors a lot of small business owners are making to boost your response…

Gabi delivers the goods.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The one mistake even experienced brands and businesses make in every single email.
  • Email Service Providers. The good, bad and ugly. Who shoudl you be using?
  • Why THIS email myth pushed by so many “experts” is dumb, dumb, dumb and what your emails should doing instead.
  • GDPR mania. “Behind the curtain” truth on how it should have gone down.
  • How to “gauge” when your business needs to “go it alone”. Have you reached this income level with your email?

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 199


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: If people are having some of these issue or they’re thinking about this and they’re brand new even and they’re looking to set themslevs up for success. What re some of the ESP’s you love and also if they’re starting from scratch what steps should they take to be proactive about avoidng problems?

Gabriella Rapone: That’s a great question. So that’s one of the two questions I always get. Which ESP should I be picking, which, you know, is a valid question because people want to know what is quick and easy.

Do I have a favorite one? It really comes down to what tools you need to make your business successful and I actually ahve this cheat sheet that I give to people that actually lists the priorities so that you know…OK lets say that you need 24 hour support. Right? email is a 24/7 game, its not a 9-5 game right? And we all know the problems never happen 9-5. They happen at 5:05 – so that’s it, depending on your business you know this is why I ahve this checklist because it really depends on what you need.

I often say I need 24/7 assistance. I need to know if there is a problem I can pick up the phone or I can speak to someone via chat and I can get it resolved.

Because If I am not emailing I’m not making money.

And if I’m not making money I don’t need a service provider.

So this is why it really comes down to why “this is what you need”.

Of course, you want to keep things a s simple as possible when you start because that’s what kind of intimidates people. A lot of people are intimidated by email because they think there’s a lot of setup that needs to be done. There isn’t much setup to be done but you do need to be aware of what will set you up for success.

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