What Is the Best Time to Send an Email?

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:30 – a great time to catch people – when they’ll actually read your email
  • 00:45 – the Groupon strategy for a winning campaign
  • 00:58 – where to find the best time to email in YOUR industry
  • 01:13 – a tested time window that works well for me
  • 01:32 – the No-BS facts you need to make a decision



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John: Hey, it’s John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy here again with another Email Marketing Update from TheMcMethod.com. Today, I want to talk about the best time of the day to send email. The problem is – there is no time that is the best of the day. It depends you are, depends what industry you are in. That is really the short answer.

The long answer is that a lot is going to depend on, oh well – what I just said now, the long answer is that there are some good times. Times that generally work well … assuming you are in a Western country and selling to general consumers, these people are often on the train in the morning. I would say 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM, and guess what they do on the train. They check their phones.

So, if you are sending out an offer, I have spoken with someone recently about daily deal sites. They get great mileage out of sending their emails out during that time, when people are likely to be on the train, reading their emails, looking for things to do to waste time. Okay?

The best thing I can suggest you doing is going and looking up… Going to Google and typing in, ‘Best time to send emails,’ and see if you can find something specific to your industry. Okay?

But, in the end, you are going to have to test it. So much in marketing, so much in email marketing, depends on you going and taking the time to test it. If you do not have enough numbers, you do not have enough traffic to test something like this, then do not fuss over it. I send my emails 6 and 9 AM every single day. That works for me. And, people know to expect my emails at that time. So, I would go with that.

That is how I would do it, and maybe test an afternoon email every now and then, but it all depends on the numbers. Like I said, if you do not have the numbers, if you do not have the traffic to test this, just stick with the best practice, like the 6 to 9 AM bracket. Or, you can go with the afternoon, or just go look up one of those best times to send an email, and you are going to figure it out. There is no best time. That is the main thing I want to stress. There is no best time to send an email – no absolute best time. Okay?

I am John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy with another Email Marketing Update from TheMcMethod.com.

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