Daniel Throssell on How He Dominated Drop Dead Copy’s Black Friday 2021 Bundle Promotion

by John McIntyre

In November 2021, I ran a special Black Friday promotion on Drop Dead Copy.

16 world-class copywriters contributed 2 products each.

One for the front-end offer.

One for the upsell.

Since we tracked everything and commissions increased as you ranked higher, each copywriter competed for the top spot.

The more you sold, the more you made.

Plus, if you won… you got the bragging rights. You could say you beat everyone else.

That’s where Daniel Throssell comes in.

This skinny kid from Perth was the underdog.

He’d been writing copy for less time than most of the other copywriters in the promotion.

And yet, despite his newbie status, he sold more than every single other copywriter combined, making it damn near impossible for anyone else to win.

Plus, he did it in 4 days while everyone else used the full 10 days.

I remember looking at my computer screen as the sales rolled in wondering what the hell was going on.

It was insane.

So, like anyone interested in improving performance, I starting thinking:

How the hell did he do it?

How the hell does a skinny kid from Perth, a relative newcomer to the copywriting industry, dominate a competition with some of the top copywriters in the world?

How does he think about copywriting and marketing?

Why does he ruffle feathers, court controversy and stir up “high school drama” any chance he can get?

How does he think about storytelling?

That’s what today’s podcast is about.

If there’s ONE podcast you listen to this year, make it this one.

But before you do, a warning:

Daniel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He likes to… how do I say it… ruffle feathers. He actively courts controversy as a marketing strategy and he’s amazing at it.

As for the haters, instead of letting them bother him, Daniel sees them as unpaid marketing consultants.

They run around the internet complaining about him, driving more people to check Daniel out, and they don’t even get paid for it.

So keep that in mind as you listen.

Stay open. Stay flexible. And learn everything you can from this cheeky, creative dude from Perth.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Daniel created his “offer to end all offers” for Black Friday 2022 (and how he used it to make as many sales as every other partner combined)
  • How he secured a jaw dropping 100% upsell rate instead of the “typical but boring by comparison” 20-30% rate that most copywriters and marketers get
  • How to leverage deep-seated psychological biases in human beings to dramatically increase your reach and drive more people to your offers
  • The ideal length for promotions: 4 days vs 10 days (and why the answer is not what you’d probably expect)
  • How to use controversy to drive sales (plus, Daniel’s surprising advice to his many haters)
  • How Daniel manufactures “high school drama” to keep things interesting, entertaining and fun for his subscribers (and why he believes this is a critical part of marketing in 2022 and beyond)

And much more!


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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