Episode #27 – Declan Dunn on How To Exploit Social Media To Build A Massive Email List Of Raving, Responsive Fans

by John McIntyre

Think social media is a waste of time?

Think again.

In episode 27 of the Email Marketing Podcast, Declan Dunn reveals the secrets SMART marketers are using to build huge lists of responsive prospects and buyers.

You’ll discover how (and why) social media is NOT a money hole… but rather, the gold-mine that people say it is (that is, when you know how to use it properly).

Up until this episode, I was not sold on social media.

But now?

I’m a believer.

Declan Dunn is a long-time internet marketer.

He’s been at it since the dark ages of the internet… 1995.

He’s been underground for the last 3 years, choosing to focus exclusively on high-end inner-circle clients.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to use social media profitably (build your list, get more engaged prospects, make more sales… all with social media)
  • the big fallacy of social media (and how you stand to gain by exploiting it)
  • how people REALLY use social media (and how to take advantage of their behaviour)
  • the true goal of social media (it is NOT to sell the first person who sees your ad)
  • the wrong and stupidly ineffective way of using social media (if you’ve failed at social media in the past, this is why)
  • a step-by-step plan for attacking social media marketing like a marketing BOSS
    why the old-school copywriting rules don’t apply on social media (and more importantly, what DOES apply)
  • how to design for maximum conversions on social media
  • how to write emails that leverage the power of social media
  • why you need to stop bitching about social media (and start using it the right way… to BUILD your business)
  • Declan Dunn’s social media email marketing model (how he uses social media to build small-time brands into profit monsters)
  • what time of the year do people buy the most stuff on social media?
  • dumb (but easily avoidable) mistakes that everyone makes with social media when they first get started

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO


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