Episode #200 – James Schramko On Super Fast Five-Year Update. Evolved Email Strategy You Can Use Now

by John McIntyre

It has been five years since James was last on the show.

After recently catching up with John on his own podcast, he’s here to share what’s working now.

You can find James revealing other juicy business ideas on Episodes #4 and #47 (worth a listen for sure).

Since then, he has sold his SEO business.

Sold his website design business.

He’s ramped up his coaching business, wrote a book, and now works less and makes more cash-eesh.

He’s employing some new tools.

After coaching Ryan Levesque of ASK Method fame through his huge growth phase…

James understood the value of segmentation.

He’s employing segments right at the top of his funnel and it has made everything so much more efficient and valuable…

for both his clients and himself.

Super relevant.

The right support at the right time wherever business owners are on their journey.

Email wise, he’s been focusing on list health.

Deliverability and reputation. And killer email copywriting.

Listen to how he’s grown.

What he’s changed to make everything more effective and efficient.

In doing so he has found the sweet spot in his business.

The people he can get the best results for and are easy to work with.

James also talks about the effect his first, best-selling book has had on his business.

And what he’ll spill in his upcoming second book.

You should be able to take this quick, action-packed episode…

and make money with it immediately.

It’s that good.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Should you be doing live events for your business? James gives two powerful reasons you can’t do without.
  • The game-changing effect James’ first book has had on his business.
  • Email secrets of the P.S. and Dean Jackson’s “super signature”. Are your offers converting?
  • The ways James is segmenting people entering his business. How he makes sure people see only what will help them now.
  • One big email metric James looks at which always leads to more sales month after month.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 200


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey, everybody we’re back for another edition of the podcast and today we have a very special guest, he’s actually been on two previous times – episodes number 4 and 47, he’s a fan favorite of our audience and I’m sure you’re going to like what he had to say today because we’re bringing it back full circle as he was last on the show quite a few years ago as it turns out and James Schramko is back! James, welcome to the show…

James Schramko: Hey, it’s really good to be back I was just catching up with John on my own podcast and we thought it would be fun to bridge our little five-year gap since the last time I was here or the time before that. Certainly a lot…

David Allan: Yeah…I think this is really going to be exciting today because we’re going to talk about…dun…dun…dunnnn…email marketing, which is what this podcast is really about and you’re going to share something you’re doing with your own business and we’re going to bring it down to the technical side, we’re going to bring it down to what the emails actually contain – if you will divulge – and we’re just going to get into this right away. If people want to learn more about James we’re going to provide that near the end of the show but if you go back to the two earlier episodes you will hear more of his life story and what he offers through his SuperFast Business…business. James… let’s talk some email. Where do you want to start? This about you and what you want to share with our audience so where do you want to start?

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