How to Pitch in Every Email (and Get Away with It)

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:29 – a surprisingly honest confession I give opt-ins when they join my list
  • 00:45 – how to avoid prospects viewing you as a “library”
  • 01:51 – why SELLING makes the world go ’round
  • 02:14 – the responsibility you have to your prospects
  • 02:31 – my weird philosophy on folks who COMPLAIN
  • 03:27 – one sales framework that works every time if you have an email list




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It’s Johnny McIntyre here again the Autoresponder Guy here with another email marketing update from Today, in this video I want to talk about how to pitch in every single email without getting complaints, without getting many complaints. I think that’s the main thing here to understand here. Here’s what I do. Here’s what I do. Here’s what works at least why it works pretty well for me. When you sign up to my email, when you sign up to my autoresponder I make very clear that I’m going to send you daily email so if you sign up and you get the daily emails it all just makes sense. You’re not going to get upset or wonder what the hell I’m doing because I’ve told you up front that I’m going to send you daily emails.

He’s what I also do, on the thank you page when you sign up and then also in email number one I’m very up front I’m going to pitch you. I’m not a library, I’m not a charity, I’m not a free information business or anything like. I help people improve their email marketing and to stay in business I sell information, I sell coaching, I sell a number of different things and that means with my emails I will help you but I will also be selling you with stuff, if you are not okay with that here’s a link to unsubscribe. Every day I’m going to be sending you emails on how to improve your email marketing but along the way, I’m also going to be pitching in every single email.

You be free to either sign up or not sign up that’s up to you but just be aware that that’s how I roll, that’s how I do things. If you are not okay with that, you can get out. That’s how I started off. I don’t come out of the gate. I think a lot of the people make the mistakes especially marketers sometimes of trying to pretend that they are not marketing. It’s kind of, like they feel, they’ve never been able to get rid of that sleazy feeling that some people have about marketing and selling. It’s like they are afraid, definitely afraid of being perceived as a marketer or someone that sells something but I don’t think that’s very fair. I think marketing and sales is really what drives the world around.

The reason why is that people have problems out there. The reason they are haven’t out and found solutions to those problems is either because the products don’t exist yet or that they don’t trust the people that are selling the products that do exist. If the products don’t exist, well that’s one thing you can go out and create that stuff. That’s what entrepreneurship’s for but as for convincing them to step over that barrier and buy their product and get their solution. I think that we as people that sell products owe it to people with the problems that our products solve to it to them as best as we can otherwise they are never going to get the benefit of this product.

This is why I think there’s nothing to be afraid about pitching at every email, and yes some people won’t like it but that’s okay. The people that are ready to buy, that have the problem that you solve are really going to enjoy it. They are going to appreciate it because you finally pushed them over the edge. You finally broke through those limiting beliefs they have about it’s never going to work, I don’t trust guy, whatever. You have to be ethical about it. That’s the kicker but assuming you are ethical, you have a good product and good service and all that sort of stuff you are doing people a favor by pitching them as often as possible.

As for how to pitch there’s so much to talk about with email marketing. That’s going to have to be another email but how to pitch is a whole new ball game because there are ways to pitch without grading on people the way you think. I just wanted to get that clear. You can pitch every day and you can just follow what I did, how I explained to do it earlier in this video, you can do it every single day if you want. It depends on what you are comfortable with. It depends if you are ready for the sales torrent of sales, which will come afterwards. I don’t know.

It’s working for me. It works a whole lot of people, general thing is you want to make more money, and make more sales start sending more emails and start pitching more often. That’s the short side of it, okay.

I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy. I’ll see you next time with another email marketing update from

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