Steps to Build Your Email List Today

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:28 – the FIRST step to collect your prospects’ email addresses
  • 00:41 – how to set up your Aweber or MailChimp opt-in, even if you can’t code
  • 00:53 – where to place opt-in forms on your website
  • 01:14 – how the Tropical MBA DOUBLED their opt-ins by making it harder to opt in
  • 01:28 – should you collect names – or just email addresses?
  • 01:45 – one profit-killing mistake most businesses make with their opt-in forms
  • 02:00 – an easy template to design your offer
  • 02:08 – how often I split-test opt-ins on my site (the answer may surprise you)




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John: Okay, John McIntyre here again. The Autoresponder Guy here with another Email Marketing Update from Today, I want to talk about how to structure websites to get people on to your list. There are so many different ways to do this.

On my side, I have got several multiple ways for you to get on to my list. I have changed it all the time, and that’s something else. Do you know how many options are available? And, I find the easiest way for me to get started is setting up a pop-up.

Why? Because you put a pop-up into the corner of your website and it pops up automatically on every page of your website. That would be step one.

Step two would be to figure out what pages that people are going to, and then you can put an opt-in as a sidebar, that, with the menu. If you are going to need a menu, you can put an option at the top of the page, at the bottom. You can put… What I have done before is you can put a link in the sidebar saying sign up for the tropical MBA crash course.

They click that, and they get on to the other page, which is 500 words – sort of long format sales copy Basically, it pitches them on why they should join the website. Okay?

You just set up the pop up. Just like one little form. It is the whole thing. All right, so what you want to do … a way to structure this. I generally collect the email address. I do not worry about the name. I do not think it is that big of a deal. The quicker you are, you know I think it is the speed of execution that matters, it’s one of those kinds of things. Okay?

So, I just collect the email address. What you want to do is give people some clear indication of what they are going to get when they join that list, including their email address. That is by far the biggest mistake I see, is people do not articulate carefully what someone’s going to get out of it. What they are going to be given when they sign up to that list.

So, it might just say, we are the best industry SEO … sign up now. But, no one is going to sign up. What’s the point? Because they do not know what they are getting. Tell them what they can get. Sign up now to receive your free five-step guide to SEO. Something like that.

Tell them what they are going to receive; that is really the secret. Okay? Start with the pop up, and then get a sidebar, and then start optimizing your opt-ins. What I do is I try to run a test every week, every two weeks depending on how much traffic I am getting and see what optimum formats are going to get me the most optimum combination.

I am not using a pop-up right now. It’s more of a personal thing. You have to make that decision for yourself.

I am John McIntyre the Autoresponder Guy. You are watching another Email Marketing Update at

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