Episode #41: Creating the Christmas Morning Effect with Jon Myers

by John McIntyre

Jon Myers is a designer and entrepreneur who has been making things look beautiful on the internet for fifteen years.

He has founded a number of successful start-ups utilizing awesome user experience design….

…when design is done right, the Jon Myers way, it can absolutely blow people away.

Jon believes in the power of empathy, and he really focuses on tapping into that with his design work. 

By getting inside his audience’s head, he can find out what they are feeling and what is holding them back. 

These same strategies can reveal the secrets to email marketing and copywriting.

And… in this episode of the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast, Jon Myers will share his techniques to connect with your audience with phenomenal design.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to create the “Christmas morning effect” by mastering ANTICIPATION and DESIRE.
  • what to do to ensure that your product lives up to the hype and delivers on it’s promise
  • how to help your clients envision a new future by addressing their needs before they even realize they exist.
  • the secret to surprising your clients with unexpected value.
  • how to motivate people to wait in line for a product that they have never even seen or touched
  • how a sparkling visual effect can create a sense of wonder and mystery of the unknown.
  • what you can do to add WOW factor to digital products by making intangible things feel like they have real value.
  • the power of immersing yourself in understanding and observation
  • how empathy can empower design and what you can do to use visuals to speak to your audience.

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