How to Build Momentum Into Your Emails

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:23 – the K.I.S.S. approach to writing email copy
  • 00:50 – what my typical autoresponder looks like (and when it’s OK to break the rules)
  • 00:58 – how to use SPEED as a weapon in your copy
  • 01:07 – one factor that nearly FORCES prospects to click your sales links
  • 01:15 – what “punch-y” copy can teach you about writing better blog posts
  • 01:33 – how to delight readers with this simple change in your emails



Download PDF transcript here.

It’s John McIntyre here again. The Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from with another email marketing update. Today I want to talk about how to format your emails. Specifically what I want to talk about is, when
you write your emails, some people have these huge, big, scary paragraphs.

Paragraphs that no one wants to read because, let’s face it, reading a big, scary paragraph that’s 5 or 10 lines long is just a pain in the arse. It’s really hard. It’s intimidating, especially when it’s in email. Here’s what I do. I do really short paragraphs. When I say “short,” I mean sometimes my paragraphs are as short as 1 word.

Sometimes 2 words. Sometimes 3. Of course I do have the occasional 2 line or 3 or 4 line paragraph, but the typical email here is just 1 really, really short paragraphs. All right? It’s really that simple. What this does is it makes your email easier to read. It makes it less intimidating and it means people scroll down the page faster, so it builds that momentum in terms of, they open that email and they have to keep scrolling down. This is good because it forces them to scroll down, and then they’re more likely to click on the link as well. Okay?

When you’re writing your emails you want to format them like this. Don’t have one big paragraph. Don’t have 3 big, scary paragraphs. This is important for blog posts as well. You want to do these short paragraphs. Really, really short paragraphs. Short, punchy, to the point.

In some of the other videos I’m going to talk about some of the other stuff you’re going to need to do with formatting your emails, but this is just a start. Try and do short paragraphs; make it really conversational, and it’s going to make people enjoy your emails a lot more. I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from with another email marketing update.

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