Episode 23 – Matthew Goldfarb on How To Become The “Bad Boy” (Or Gal) In Your Industry (how to crush the competition, attract clients you love and change the world)

by John McIntyre

TITLE - Email Marketing Podcast Episode 23

Today’s podcast is about how to become the “bad boy” (or gal) in your industry.

The world has enough nice guys and nice girls.

Fuck that.

The world needs men and women with… an EDGE.

…men and women who believe in something.

…men and women who stand for something.

…men and women who inject everything they do with their unique, powerful and beautiful identity (opinions of the masses be damned).

That’s what today’s podcast is about:

How to cut through the garbage, get to who you really are and use your REAL identity to crush the competition, attract customers and clients you love and be the change you want to see in the world.

As you’ll find out, there IS a way to achieve all these lofty goals with one simple strategy: be yourself

Just how the hell do you do that?

Listen to episode 23 of the Email Marketing Podcast to find out.

Matthew Goldfarb is the “head honcho” or “Chief Renegade Officer” at Corporate Renegade, a creative agency that creates breakthrough copy, messaging and strategy, with a simple end goal in mind… help people stand out.

Matthew’s goal with Corporate Renegade is to help people stand out, get noticed and ultimately, get paid.

He worked as a writer in the advertising industry for 12 years before setting off to blaze his own trail.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • why being the “nice guy” in the room is bad for business (and how to cast off your “nice guy” shoes and develop an edge that attracts)
  • how to escape the dreary dross of corporate servitude and forge your own path (to start with, you need to vanquish your corporate mindset – a problem common to many-an-entrepreneur)
  • how to turn your business into a rip-roaring, swashbuckling adventure (while boosting profits and increasing efficiency)
  • Matthew’s unconventional guide to standing out (it’s simple when you hear it)
  • why trying to look cool like everyone else is hurting you not helping you
  • the “Michelangelo Method” to creating unbeatable and impossible-to-imitate positioning (with a simple metaphor to make this lesson sink deep into your brain)
  • covert persuasion techniques uses by cults and religions to create mass movements (and how to use them to your advantage in your own business and life)
  • how do household brands like Starbucks build MASSIVE businesses and do it relatively easily?
  • why “looking for customers” is the WRONG mentality to have (and how you can start attracting clients to you, on autopilot, starting today)
  • burn your costume, quit acting and be yourself (how to overcome your fear of showing your true face and soak everything you do in integrity and authenticity)
  • how to create the mythology of YOU
  • how big players and earth shakers attract, cultivate and sell extremely large crowds of prospects

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Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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