How to Write the Most Important Email In Your Series

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:22 – the most important email in your series
  • 00:30 – if you screw this up – your prospects will DISMISS your emails
  • 00:51 – an easy subject line template you can swipe
  • 01:01 – 3 painstakingly-tested questions to ask your prospects that develop deep empathy
  • 01:34 – one key phrase to create a STRONG relationship with your list
  • 01:54 – why “planting seeds of curiosity” in your emails is a winning formula (here’s how you get started)
  • 03:06 – how to get customers INSPIRED about what’s to come in your sequence
  • 03:29 – a proven template for your first email (steal this now!)



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It’s Johnny McIntyre here the Autoresponder Guy here again with another McMethod email marketing update from Today this is a very important topic I want to about how to or the purpose, sorry, the purpose of email number in your auto responder. I would say, go as far as to say that this email is the most important email in your autoresponder sequence. The reason why is because it sets the stage of everything else to come. If you mess this up, I’ve seen this, open rates will often plummet after the first email. You get a higher open rate at first because people want the bribe, or the video or whatever you are offering for that but after that there’s no reason for them to open an email especially if you haven’t used email number one correctly.

Here’s what I do. My email number one is welcome to the family and then in brackets or parenthesis, please read. Someone opens that email and say, “Hey, it’s great to have you here. Welcome to the family. Really, really cool. Before we start, the first thing I want to ask you a couple of questions.” I then ask them a few questions usually related or always related to their problem. I might say up until now, what’s the biggest that you still haven’t answered in regards to email marketing, in regards to weight loss, in regards whatever? Then up until now, how difficult has it been for you to find a solution, an answer to this question?

Then number three I might say something like, what would it mean to you if you were to get a solution to this problem today? How would you feel? What would the result look like? Something like that. Then I usually, what I always as well, I read and reply to every email and you can reply to them yourself, you can get an assistant to do it. I strongly encourage you to do it because people will reply, and you are going to create this dynamic relationship with your list whether they know you and interact with you and they just have this feeling that you a person.

Start with that and then what I say after that is I go, here’s what’s coming up in this emails. Here’s what I’m going to do for you. You’ll discover and then I’ll give then like five or ten catchy curiosity inducing bullet points such as the seven-letter word that underlies all the effective marketing. I mentioned this in another video and a bunch of bullets like that that make them curious but they don’t give away the cake so they tease them.

Then I tell them I’m going to be sending you an email every day, in my case just like housekeeping stuff, email every day, 200 to 300 words. I pitch in every email. I usually say something like set up a custom label and call it MM for TheMcMethod and set it so my emails automatically get labeled with that when come, and when my emails come in, read it, take the lesson and the action item, do that and then archive it, something like that. That’s email number one.

The mail goal here, there’s two goals. The primary goal is to get someone to reply. I’ve spoken to some deliverability experts and according to them you get two replies from someone and you are skipping that Gmail promotion step. If someone replies to your email twice, Gmail Google will think that the person wants to receive your email and they are going to put you in the inbox. That’s extremely important especially if you are doing some big numbers. You want to get that reply in that first email and then you also want to set the stage for what’s to come. If you don’t tell them what’s coming, if you don’t get them excited about what’s coming up there’s no reason for them to open the rest of your emails.

That’s email number one. That’s how I do it. That’s what works for me. I strongly suggest you do something along those lines. If you want the template go sign up to my list at, right, see how I do it and go ahead and rip my email number one template, customize it for your own business and use that because it’s a great starting point.

I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy coming to you from the with another email marketing update beside the river.

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