Episode #182 – Joe Kashurba On Charging What You’re Worth. How To Raise The Roof On Your Mind And Your Money.

by John McIntyre

Joe had a hilarious start into entrepreneurship.

He would videotape his friends…

who played in a band.

Then sell those tapes to a very hot market…

their parents.

He wanted to get into video production so to build a website he learned HTML.

Though no one took him up on his offer for video…

they did inquire about getting websites built.

So he pivoted.

After a failed start-up and moving back in with his parents, he had to make this web design business work.

So he started an Elance (now Upwork) posting habit.

Split-testing ways he was replying to jobs.

He read Dan Kennedy books.

The single thing that made the greatest impact for him caused such a response that in just four months using it…

he booked himself solid for a whole year.

Discover what Joe used and all his insights any freelancer can use to
raise your rates and get paid what you’re worth…

Then DO IT.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The one basic secret of Joe’s ads that delivered him clients he was dying to work with. (And filtering the ones he didn’t!).
  • How to spot the right potential team members by asking them this one casual question.
  • Why it’s important to change your mindset…and the one book he recommends to do it.
  • The honest, no “bull crap” habit Joe uses every day to keep him on the right path.
  • The real reason you aren’t charging more for your services. A simple way to level-up on your very next project.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 182


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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