Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft: How to Choose

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:40 – how you’re likely overcomplicating your marketing
  • 00:56 – one system you NEED to catch more qualified leads
  • 01:07 – the best email marketing client for payment processing
  • 01:20 – the one decision you need to stop putting off
  • 01:33 – how to easily back-track if you choose the wrong email software
  • 01:47 – what you SHOULD be focusing on in your biz
  • 01:55 – one action you must take within 15 minutes of watching this
  • 02:09 – the 2 EASIEST email clients if you’re just getting started with email marketing




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OK it’s John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy coming to you from with an email marketing update. Today I want to talk about software. Alright, Aweber, Office Autopilot, InfusionSoft (nicknamed Confusion Soft). There are so many software platforms for you to send email that some people get into this and they’re like “Alright, I get it John, email marketing is the business when it comes to marketing, but I just don’t know where to start. I mean, there’s so much software out there, where do I begin? I mean, I’m not even a technical guy. Or girl.” OK?

Now the thing is, most of the software will do what you need it to do, right? There are differences between them, but you can sign up to Aweber or MailChimp, and you’re going to get. Mostly, you’re going to have what you need to using my marketing to building your business.

That’s the thing, don’t complicate it. I could tell you that Aweber is better than MailChimp or MailChimp is better than Aweber, or Office Autopilot is better than confusion soft. It doesn’t really matter, OK? You need some software. All of these things will allow you to collect leads, send out autoresponders, and so on.

The only thing I would suggest, is if you want to do some advanced segmenting, maybe do payment processing, you want more of a CRM, go with Office Autopilot or InfusionSoft, because that’s what they’re more suited for. But if you just want to send emails, if you want a straight autoresponder, pick whatever looks good to you. Go to and sign up for MailChimp. Do it with Aweber.

Do it with one of these sites. Don’t confuse this. Just make a decision. Be a businessman and make that fast decision and just take action, OK? Far too many people get caught up thinking this is a major thing that they need to sort out. It’s not that big of a decision, OK? You can move your list around at a later date after you, you know, maybe you realize that you need more features.

Alright, so you might want a normal autoresponder today, but in 6 months’ time you want something more advanced. You can switch from a simple software to a more advanced software. None of that matters, OK? None of that- you shouldn’t be focusing on that. You should be focusing on taking action, moving forward. Because that’s really, that’s what’s going to get you the results when it comes to email marketing.

So, as a consequence of watching this video, go and sign up. Within 15 minutes of this video finishing, go and sign up to MailChimp if you haven’t already, or Aweber. Just pick one. If you haven’t started, I would go with one of those two just because they’re cheap and they’re really easy to get started. They make it very simple. Simple as that, OK?

I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy. You’re watching email marketing update.


4 thoughts on “Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft: How to Choose”

  1. I think that a look at GetResponse would be really worthwhile. I wish that you (or someone who has experience with all of them) would give a really good review of the features and benefits of one vs the other.

    I haven’t been to their site in years but I ended up there today and noticed that they’ve changed A LOT and have a lot of really cool features… It seems like they have a combo of infusionsoft marketing automation. They seem to have better landing pages (from what I’ve heard).

    I’m sure they’re missing some of the more advanced features (how else could infusionsoft justify the big dif. in cost) but to be honest, I’m not sure what they are or how much they matter to the average online business?

    Tracking and analytics maybe?

    They have a free woocommerce integration plugin which I think is really decent — most other email systems do not.

    • Hey Susanna –

      I’ve never used GetResponse, but all of them seem to be gradually stepping up their game by adding marketing automation features.

      Re. Infusionsoft, some people just like to pay more for products… the price is a benefit, in a way. Some love IF, some hate it.

  2. You might like to checkout ActiveCampaign too, it has a lot of the features of infusionsoft (without the ecommerce) and putting together a sequence of messages is an absolute breeze by comparison.


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