Not Everyone Gets Rich

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:30 – a mad frenzy in Australia with a lesson for entrepreneurs
  • 00:42 – the unfortunate truth about “gold rushes”
  • 01:02 – how you can (really) strike it rich in marketing today
  • 01:38 – one variable that separates the winners and losers online
  • 02:09 – how to “dig” for empathy
  • 02:41 – 4 places to discover common objections preventing customers from buying from you



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It’s Johnny McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy. I’m here with another email marketing update coming to you from Now today I wanted to talk about digging for gold. A couple of hundred years ago, I’m from Sydney, Australia. A couple of hundred years ago we had a bit of gold rush going on in Australia. People who came from I think all over the world with pick axes, and shovels and all sorts of stuff to go to Australia, I think it was in Victoria at the time to go and dig holes and look for gold.

We’ve had gold rushes all over the world and everyone flocks to it. It’s a mad frenzy and not everyone gets rich, that’s the problem. Of all the people who come to the gold rush, most people don’t get rich. There’s that old cliché that adage but there’s that old phrase that the people who make money in the gold rush are the people selling pick axes and shovels. That’s not the point of today’s story.

Today, what I wanted to talk about is when you go to a gold rush the way you find gold is you dig, and dig some more, and you keep digging, and you do some more digging. Maybe you take a nap, maybe you take night off, and you go out with the boys, have a few beers down at a local bar and then you dig some more. You might read a book, go for a bit of a travel, take a bit of a holiday, and then you come back and you dig some more. Then you dig some more and do this over, and over, and over in the hope that one day you find some gold and if you are the one who is digging like that you are probably more likely to find the gold. The people who dug the most, not always but the people who dug the most increase their chances of finding gold are probably the ones who found the most the gold. There’s some strategy to it. You see the basic idea. Worker hard, get more gold.

Within our marketing, it is no different. You have to dig. What to dig for? You have to dig to develop empathy, to develop customer insight, to really understand who your prospect is, what they need, what they want but the way to get this information is to dig. Digging with surveys, dig in with Amazon reviews, go in forums, do all these different things. This is how you dig deep for gold and I am telling you it is gold because when you have these insights, when you understand your prospects better than he understands himself you are going to make so much money because you are going to know exactly what solution to recommend. Exactly how to phrase everything and say everything when it comes to convincing him to buy because you are going to know, does he trust you? If he doesn’t trust you then all you have to do is bring in some trust factors, some testimonials.

If you know exactly why he’s not buying, if you know exactly what his objections are which is exactly what happens when you dig for gold and develop that empathy you are going to know exactly what you need to do to get him to buy. It’s that simple, okay. That’s what I wanted to talk to you today empathy and digging for gold. Go and dig for some gold today, go on Amazon, go read some reviews, go on a forum, do an interview, send a survey, something like that. Do it and do it now.

I’m John McIntyre the Autoresponder Guy coming to you from with an email marketing update.


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