Episode #37: Paul Mort’s Unbelievable Tricks to Writing Successful Daily Emails

by John McIntyre

Paul Mort is a huge proponent of daily email marketing.

Paul was out of shape and working at a factory…

…until he transformed his body, and his career, building a boot camp empire that spanned nine countries.

Paul got tired of swapping time for money, and decided to transform his life for a second time.  

Listen to Paul tell you, in his own words, how email marketing changed his life.

Paul’s secrets to creating dynamic daily emails are unquestionably effective

And… in this episode of the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast, Paul Mort will school you on how to become a daily email dynamo.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to utilize daily emails to create repeat business
  • how to turn survey results into CASH.
  • the importance of walking away when things aren’t going the right way and coming back at the right time.
  • the secret to perfecting the transition from your content to your sales pitch .
  • the right way to use your surveys to generate your content for you.
  • how to make yourself less accessible and still leave your audience wanting more.
  • four questions you can ask that will give you THE BLUEPRINT to understanding your audience. 
  • the secret to entertaining your audience, as well as pissing them off.
  • how Paul sold out a conference using only daily emails and a paypal account.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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