How to Bribe Your Customers

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:28 – how to find an opt-in bribe suited for YOUR audience
  • 00:41 – why the e-book “status quo” sucks
  • 00:53 – 2 bribe ideas you can implement in the next hour
  • 01:13 – the head-scratching reason the length of your bribe DOESN’T matter – and what to focus on instead
  • 01:20 – how most businesses “put the cart before the horse” in their funnel
  • 01:44 – a weird bribe that worked wonders for LeadPages
  • 02:26 – how to offer a bribe without creating ANYTHING new
  • 02:56 – an easy way to stand out from your competition



Download PDF transcript here.

John: Okay – it is John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy from for another email marketing update. Now, in this video, I am going to talk about bribes, marketing bribes. Some people will do e-books, you can do reports, you can do videos, you can do crash courses. Now, people ask me what is the best bribe? What is the best bribe I can offer to my list.

Unfortunately, the real answer, the good answer is that you have to test, okay. So, a different thing is going to work better for different people, but that is not what you want here. What you want is something you can get started with today. Now, I personally do not like ebooks, I think they take way too long to create, and most people do not even read them.

Some people will, but most people will not read them, okay. So, I would do a crash course. Which is basically my version of how to teach people how to do something, which does not give them so much that they do not need your help, but gives them enough so that they know that you are the expert. And how would you do that? With some sort of video or audio, okay, or a web sheet. Something that is really really quick and easy to create because what we really want right now is speed of execution. That matters a lot, okay.

So, where does this come from? Where do you get the idea for the bride? Okay, so … what you want to do is, if you have not done this already, or if you do not have a good understanding of your marketplace, send out a survey and find out what the previous most painful objects are in relation to your niche. Whether it is weight loss in your market, feeding, even how to swim, you know, out by the river here. And then, create a brand based on that.

So, I know I talked about Clay Collins of LeadPages and one of the webinars he has done. It was, I think, one of the best bribes you could do. It was the top five… It was like the top resources to help you do X. That is like a one-page PDF with five different things that probably linked to an Amazon buy-now page. It is such a simple thing to understand, that people will want to sign up for that.

So, there is no secret here. You really want to be solving a problem with your brand, and ideally you want to do it as fast as possible. I think it takes so much longer to write an e-book. You can do a video in two minutes. You can create a video on how to solve a problem that matters. Sign up now and I will send you a free video of me explaining how to solve X. What I do with my list is I do not give a bribe away at all.

I just tell them that I am going to send them daily email tips on how to do better recon marketing. Okay. That is what I do. You could do that as well. I am going to send you an email every three days. But you have to offer something. If they are going to give you their email address, what are you going to give them in exchange? That is all you need to think about. Based on understanding your market, and do it in a form that works for your personality.

If you are good on video, do it video. If you are good on audio, do it audio. If you are not true enough, do it on audio. I would avoid just doing the e-book. Just eliminate that. That is what everyone else is doing. Forget about the e-book. Do a one-page crypt sheet or a five-page guide. Something really simple and really easy to create or just send out emails. Just tell them you are going to send out emails to teach them how to do acts. Okay. I am John McIntyre, The Autoresponder Guy. You are watching another email market update from the

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