Episode #83 – Daryl Urbanski on Notching Record Sales With Bulletproof 7 Figure Funnels

by John McIntyre

Daryl Urbanski has been there.

An entrepreneur since the teenage years,

It wasn’t always easy.

He fumbled his way through much of it,

..until one day he realized marketing is the key to success:

“Good marketing can sell a non-existent product, but bad marketing can’t sell free gold.”

That’s the quote he’s ran with ever since.

And now today..

Daryl is raking it in as the 7-Figure Funnel Master.

Not only does he smash out 7-figure numbers from his launches now,

..but he teaches others exactly how to do the same.

The results speak for themselves,

And that’s why he’s on the Email Marketing Podcast today.

Daryl dives deep into his 7 Figure Formula, the results that his students get from it,

And most importantly,

Actionable steps that will let you recreate his success in your own business.

Build yourself crazy-profitable sales funnels after today using Mr. Urbanski’s methods.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how non behavior-based email marketing will set you back with low conversions (and how to avoid this)
  • the absolutely most important decision you need to make before you put pen to paper on your sales letter or start your sales funnel mapping (this will save you tons of heartache in the future)
  • how Daryl made 1.4 million dollars with a launch this year having only a few staff
  • the most revolutionary thing to happen in marketing history (a skill that you might have and can definitely learn)
  • the scaling power behind multi-step marketing campaigns (the ultimate selling tool and how to use it)
  • 2 main staples to every funnel that are must-haves in order to scale to big-dog status
  • the Oprah Effect and it’s ultimate scaling meter (is your business ready for Oprah’s recommendation?)
  • how to avoid getting your reputation dinged when scaling your product to the masses
  • the first thing you need to do when you have a hot scalable product ready to hit the market (bust out the calculator, time to number crunch…)
  • that making too much money too fast can be a company killer (find out the safe way to avoid this… never be afraid to scale again)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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John McIntyre:

Okay, it’s John McIntyre here, the Autoresponder Guy,

and it’s time for episode 83, the McMethod Marketing

Podcast, where you’ll discover one simple thing, how to

make more… how, basically, how to get more customers.

Let me just break it down. It is about e-mail marketing. It

is about sales funnels, but, really, the secret to this

podcast is getting you more customers, making them

spend more money with you so you can work less and

spend more time with your family, your snowboarding, or

hey whatever you wanna do. Okay? Whatever that is.

Today, I’ll be talking to Darly Urbanski. Now, Daryl has a

thing called the 7-figure funnel formula. It’s pretty much Hey, I’m doing good John… doing good… glad to be here.

How’re you doin?

Good to have you on the show man; and we actually, it’s funny

coz we were both at Titans… the titans conference a couple

weeks back but we didn’t even meet at the conference. It was

funny when i got your email… I think from, i think it was Yes.

…and then I saw you floating around on facebook in the

Daryl Urbanski:

It is a small world, especially, I guess at the, at the, echelons, so people are really living and breathing it,

so… That event was so awesome… the caliber people So you were just tellin’ me about, uh, like, Ken Mccarthy and… and that we’re gonna get some of the other guys to, you know, some of the other gurus in the industry, although… although… though they are a part of a more well-known gurus in the internet industry to the conference, and then they ended up getting Ken Mccarthy who would… you’re saying he is really the guru behind the gurus, the guy that all the gurus that everyone knows go to; but, uh, no one knows who he is. Most people don’t know who he is.

Daryl Urbanski:

well, yeah, coz he, He’s kinda been out of the game. I mean, he was the first one… he was the godfather of

titan’s group, i was like, “ah, it’s just like a small world”.

John McIntyre:

internet marketing. He put on the first internet marketing Cool, man. Before we get into this 7-figure funnel formula

can you give the, uh, the listener just sort of a bit of a background on, uh, on who you are ‘coz I just met you…

David Urbanski:

Sure. Sure. Sure. Well, yes, so, I am a Canadian boy.

Uhm, I guess to start off, I mean, I… I’ve been trying to

succeed in business since I was seventeen… just

fumbling and figuring it out. Canada’s not as

entrepreneurial as the States. We are kinda on the walk Nice, man. You have a lot of stuff going on.

!Yeah. well, it’s just about the journey… I mean, you’re

talking about that when your big takeaways are just

people that have a mission and motivation; and reason to

get up and, you know, I set a goal that I wanna help

That’s the funny thing about thailand… man, it has just

got… On the one hand, you got guys hustling hard and

they really try like they’re here to build a business to Exactly. Yeah.

It’s an interest split.

John McIntyre

and they’re really both right… ‘coz i mean at the end of the day, all the pieces go back in the box, right? Uh, i mean. you can’t take it with you


That’s it. It doesn’t matter. You do whatever you want

here; but at the end of the day, it’s just about doing stuff

that fulfills you and that’s why I want to help

entrepreneurs who wanna change the world or solve That’s one of the funny things about it. It’s like you can… I

mean you could be a completely unethical, you know, person but like in business you’d be like a one hit wonder, you’d work once and as soon as…

…that one knows what it’s like

Yeah, so you could just take ethics out of it completely and you still have to play by the rules, like.. you still have to play as though you are an ethical person. It sounds a little bit sinister now. You still have, look yeah… like what I said, good business sense to do it regardless..

David Urbanski:


…what you agree or believe you’re the most ethical or moral person in the world… just makes good business sense
Yeah, and it’s really kinda disheartening when you see good marketers that sell empty boxes or do, you know, just, I don’t know – they just try to suck money out of people and places, and then it kinda disappears, it just… I don’t know, it’s just uh, different type of person, I guess.

Well, cool man. Let’s talk about this 7-figure funnel formula… what’s getting you all these results. Let’s, uh, let’s start with like a big pitch or overview over of what it is…


…and how does it work, and what’s the sort of thinking, I don’t know, if we could dive into some of the, uhm, big concepts of the nitty gritty stuff.

Sure. Sure. Sure. So yeah, I’m a, you know, fully

transparent here… I’ll give much content as I can with the

time we have.. so, I mean… one of those most

revolutionary things that happened to marketing was the Right.

So the real core of the 7-figure funnel formula is creating not even just… not even just like a sales letter ‘coz a

sales letter is just one step but multi-step marketing Okay, and how is it, I’m… I’m always curious, ‘coz

someone – like, I’m with a community and I teach people about, you know, bad e-mail marketing or bad sales funnels and that sort of thing on my end, and what I have noticed is that you sort of got, you probably see this as well, there’s a lot of marketers out there and everyone talks as though they have their own method so I guess…

John McIntyre:

…doing marketing, doing a sales funnel, doing that; but often I don’t know, what I have seen out there is you start to think that a lot of it is very similar. At the end of the day, it’s, you know, about someone and giving them some sort of pitch and then following up making sure you’ve got your, uh, your product dialed and what sort of… what makes your 7-figure funnel formula unique, what makes it unique. What do you think?

Sure. So yeah, and you’re right. It always has been the same, so the difference with our technology or with this

course is that it shows case studies and real life

David Urbanski:

Yeah. Absolutely man. I mean, one thing I’ve noticed

with… I mean, the… the tricky things are at, uhm, the

times of the response in comforters like that is… I think Yeah.

…and so that applies in any level like to make a million

dollars that’s a very different question, how to make a

hundred million which is different again from a hundred Yeah.

…so it’s sort of like actually finding my own life that it’s very… it’s actually quite helpful to start to think on that

scale that before you optimize any… before you write

lead but they’re making

David Urbanski:

Yeah… no, exactly. I mean, that’s something I picked up

from Michael Gerber, was the rule of ten thousand. He basically applied that everything… Michael Gerber, the e- methods is all about systemizing your business and Right, but one thing I’m curious about is some of the nitty gritty stuff of how this funnel of yours, like, plays out… so walk me through like a typical funnel.

sure, well of course in every funnel you’ve got traffic, and

you’ve got conversion, you got a conversion event

whether it’s your sales letter or whether it’s a webinar or Yeah.

So I mean the best situation is like with, again, with John, who is my client right now… they’re spending six dollars and eighty-seven cents to get a lead.

John McIntyre:

Okay. And so what do.. so let’s say you set up a funnel.. Is every funnel… does it follow the same form like in the

sense that you get cold traffic going to an opt-in page Well, that also depends on the market; so, for example, I

have a client that’s in aroma therapy and she… you know, I’m not gonna say her name but she’s gone through a couple of recent internet marketers funnels coz she has Yeah.

…and that can even be that you’re building the relationship or you’re solving the problems, that’s another

way to look at it but.. so that’s.. i mean, that’s as far… as I like that. That makes it really simple when you kinda…

you’re either building a relationship when you’re selling

them something.
Yeah, that’s it; and when you’re selling them something

but, that’s why I changed it because selling isn’t

supposed to be hurting the relationship at all, like that’s So that’s like golf-swing when you’re gonna take one

degree difference on the golf swing, it doesn’t make

much.. doesn’t look like anything when you’re hitting the Exactly, exactly, exactly… so I mean, a funnel is a funnel

and you can have seven upsells and downsells and the

front end, you can have five different webinars or five No, this is good. It’s interesting. it’s – it has end up being

quite a lot… like a conceptual or high level of chat

because I actually thought that there would be like

more… I suppose, uhm, nitty gritty. It’s funny too, like the

great thing about podcast is that I can get on and if some

of these questions are relevant to, uhm, the funnel I am

sort of running right now and I’ve got to improve it.. and

that’s why you know, I find it so interesting, but, uhm, i’ve

just always been curious like you know, that’s why I ask

the whole is there a set formula that you use with

everyone or does it vary? …and what I’ve gathered… I

Yeah, and I mean, really… to be really honest, i don’t

know if losing a money is… I know a lot of people do that

and if you got the money to afford that… I just think that Yeah..

but then once you’ve been cooking long enough and you’ve got enough experience, you can make your own recipes and make it happen and it’s, you know, someone

John McIntyre:

Go on man

…but that comes from a theory I have about learning, you

know, I never went to a university. I was accepted at the

school of commerce but I never went, I went to Japan

instead and i feel part of what has helped me be so

effective.. my learning is that there is a drive that hey if i

didn’t go to school i better keep up them so it actually

made very very studious but the other flipside is that Yeah, absolutely man.

John McIntyre:

Well, cool. This has been fantastic

man. We’re right on time though so before we go, can you give the.. uh, you know, where should someone go if they wanna learn more about the 7-figure funnel formula.

Sure. Sure. Sure. We got a webinar on it, and they can go to bestbusinesscoach.ca, there’ll always be a link to it there and of course, you can find me on Facebook or any of the social media sites you can reach me, I’m just another person so, just like you. Yeah, Cool. Cool. All of those links are at the mcmethod.com. Daryl, thanks for coming on the show man

Yeah, thanks for having me.

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  1. Daryl Urbanski is the real deal! I met Daryl at an Marketing Conference for mixed martial artists. ALL he could talk about at the time was Think and Grow Rich and the Robert Collier Letters book… one of the first direct sales copywriting books ever.

    I’m so proud to see Daryl to have come so far in his quest for lead generation and automation. 7 figures is certainly achievable with the laser-like focus he brings to his marketing.


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