Episode #33 – How To Craft Tantalizing Emails Like One Of The Greatest Copywriters In The World, Bob Bly

by John McIntyre

After writing 80 books and spending 30 years in a business, you’d probably know your stuff too.

That’s Bob Bly. 

Bob has written copy for over 100 companies.

He’s seen every mistake in the copywriting world.

And chances are, you’re making most of them right now

And chances are, they’re costing you big

In fact, just one of these mistakes alone could be resulting in 50% of your unsubscribes.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • what one thing you actually need to do to be a killer copywriter
  • a fatal blunder causing most copywriters to lose (and you can fix it before the end of the episode)
  • how to discover the critical balance between content and sales
  • there’s one difference between email marketing and other forms of marketing that will destroy you if you don’t take advantage of it
  • how you can avoid forcing your readers to disconnect with you before they even read the second sentence.
  • the Earth shattering secret to eliminating 50% of your list (hint: you don’t want to be doing this, but you probably are right now)
  • what your audience actually wants from you and what they don’t (that will actually free up MORE of your time)
  • how to use one of the most valuable pieces of old school marketing advice to instantly get a leg up on your competition
  • finally, an inside view of what’s going on between your customers’ ears
  • where to go for the number one source of wisdom in successful marketing
  • one LIST DESTROYING phrase that you’re probably including in your email that you HAVE to eliminate TODAY
  • the super simple to use tool that immediately increases rapport with your audience (and it’s absolutely free!)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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