Episode #26 – Richard Geller on A Powerful Persuasion Technique That Shakes People To Their Core

by John McIntyre

Hands down, THIS is the most powerful persuasion technique of all time.

I ain’t exaggerating.

Religious leaders like Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad have used this persuasion technique to create movements that have swept across the world.

There are literally BILLIONS of believers in these religions… so you tell me:

Does this persuasion mechanism live up to the hype?

In episode #26 of the Email Marketing Podcast, you’ll discover how to put this powerful persuasion technique to work in your emails.

If you APPLY what you discover today, I promise you that you will transform your business over the next 6 months.

My guest, Richard Geller, came to me via Andre Chaperon.

We jumped on Skype for a chat about email marketing and I was blown away by Richard’s understand of marketing. This guy has CHOPS! He owns a business in the men’s relationships space, where they drive a TON of traffic to squeeze pages, then relentlessly follow up with their prospects via email.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • what people are REALLY looking for when they open your emails (it’s not how-to tips, crash courses or another “guide to getting _______”)
  • a powerful persuasion mechanism that has been used by influencers for thousands of years to get people to do what they want (ANYONE who has ANY POWER uses this mechanism… including religious leaders, politicians, sports superstars and of course, smart marketers)
  • how Richard uses this profound persuasion mechanism in the real estate market
  • a LIVE example by Richard of how he would write an email to sell a high-ticket product via email (to high-brow investment types)
  • how to execute Richard’s “natural slide” pitch technique in EVERY email (stop killing the moment with your lazy, lowbrow copywriting skillz and do it right)
  • how Richard adapts this technique to achieve different goals (there is nothing that works ALL the time)
  • how to use “the turn” to turn ordinary bland emails into sales-rocketing super-emails (marketing pros use “the turn” like it’s going out of fashion)
  • the single BIGGEST mistake you’re making with email (and how to correct it before it’s too late)
  • Richard’s timeless advice on how NOT to be boring (remember.. the cardinal rule of marketing is “don’t be boring)
  • how to have a call-to-action in EVERY email (without appearing like an annoying email spammer)
  • how to teach people something WITHOUT giving them ANY tips at all (in case you didn’t hear, I think content marketing is WAY overrated and unnecessary for most people… this is why)
  • the “great goal” of every email (without the right goal, you can’t “hit the mark”)
  • how to solve the “opportunity vs pain” dilemma (should you sell to “the pain” or “the opportunity”?)
  • how the brain’s happy chemical “dopamine” impacts conversion rates (and how to use this misunderstood ingredient of neuroscience to engage prospects, drive clicks and build sales)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


  • Want to get in touch with Richard? Email me at john (at) themcmethod.com
  • Andre Chaperon

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