Episode #100 – Ian Stanley Interviews Me on The McMethod Podcast’s Journey of 100 Episodes (discover the mindset & lessons I learned along the way)

by John McIntyre

A couple years ago Ian was living at his parents house trying to make his first dollars online.

Today Ian is not only successful,

He’s shot himself up the copywriter rankings and is kind of a big deal now.

Because of Ian’s success, and the fact that he’s got an email marketing course out right now,

He’s the perfect person to share the microphone and help me turn the tables for the big One Zero Zero podcast:

In this episode Ian interviews me on my journey way back from pre-McMethod days of misled youth,

..to finally discovering a purpose… and flat out going for it.

There are tangents. And stories. And tons of great advice and nuggets of wisdom.

This interview illustrates how sucking it up and moving forward with purpose in life is a transformational process.

How it completely transformed me..

It shows that when you want something in life,

You CAN attain it.

The McMethod Podcast is proof of this.

Ian’s journey is another wonderful example, and proof of this.

Because luck and opportunity don’t just fall on your lap.

Sometimes you have to power forward until you find those opportunities and force luck to find you.

This episode has a lot of mine and Ian’s thoughts on getting started, growing, and handling the inevitable ups and downs.

After hearing it,

You’ll be able to apply the same strategies,

And in the long run you’ll be on top..

You’ll benefit from now having the necessary mindset needed to keep yourself going until you succeed.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how success in internet marketing and business in general is 90% mental (master your thoughts and you’ll master life)
  • how I mastered the back and forth struggle of questioning and doubting this entrepreneurial path I’m on (never think that you can’t control your every action, because you can)
  • the origin-story behind my “The Autoresponder Guy” name (learn where it came from and why)
  • how to position yourself as an expert (in unique ways) to bolster to your credibility & grow your business faster
  • that getting it done is far more important than getting it perfect (this philosophy has carried me this far and will carry you too)
  • the extreme dangers of having a fear of failure (always welcome failure.. brush it off your shoulder every time if you truly want to be successful)
  • a mindset shifting tip that will jumpstart your entrepreneurship takeoff and reduce your business growing pains
  • how to choose your ideal identity, and then anchor that choice to all the actions you make in line with that person (put your actions in line with your business)
  • how I would go out there today with a clean slate (no resume, samples, or case studies) and find clients right away without doing advanced and daunting strategies like cold calls and email
  • the importance behind building a list as a freelance copywriter (make sure you do these things now so that a year later you can reap the benefits every day)
  • the mighty goals that The McMethod are reaching for today (learn what type of clients I want and how I plan on getting them)
  • the godsend metric that ROI is and how you can use it to catapult your asking rates
  • tricks of the trade that will turn your part time freelance income into a full time copywriting career

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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